No Podcast This Week!

Just a quick note that we won’t be recording or putting out a podcast this week due to Nick spending all weekend watching the WTC and Marc spending that time working.

Yay work. It’s… something.

Anyway! We’ll be back this week with new shinies! Sorry for the delay, hope everyone enjoyed the WTC, and obviously a huge congratulations to Australia for winning! Way to go, guys!
(We’re also extremely proud of all the Canadian teams, obviously!)

Podcast Recorded! Just a Little More Patience, Sorry!

We recorded a podcast! Yay!

Unfortunately, 1/3rd of the team hasn’t sent me the audio file. Not a big deal, since I’ve gotten everything else sorted/edited (I mean, as much editing as I do these days), but it means I’m going to have to ask everyone’s patience for one more day before the new episode comes out.

Thanks for your patience, gentle (and awesome!) listeners!

No Podcast This Week!

Hey listeners! Just a reminder that Marc is still away this week, so no podcast today.
We’ve got some interesting plans for episodes coming up (a team tournament and all the lists we’re considering, a few battle reports from Marc playing in local tournaments again, some discussion about the ATC, and lots of news and announcements about the Southern Ontario Open!), so we can only ask your continued forgiveness and patience.

Plus, maybe some new prizes for contests…? The idea appeals, but needs to pass through committee still… anyways! Lots of exciting stuff!

Thanks for your patience! See y’all next week!

No Podcast This Week!

Sorry folks. Marc lost his paying job on Wednesday (it was a stupid temp-job to pay for my writing expenses, so no great loss, but still a bit of an issue) so no podcast.

Nick is back in the country, and we’re all ready excited about upcoming tournaments and events, so expect some more tournament-analysis podcasts in the coming weeks!

Thanks for your patience, see everyone next week!

No Podcast This Week!

More delays this week, so we’re pushing back the next podcast to next week.

Sorry for being so inconsistent, but we’re locking down on some great ideas for upcoming episodes, and we’re all still committed to bringing you guys great content.

Coincidentally, if you haven’t dropped by the Combo Smite Store recently, I’ve added a new line of “#TeamName” shirts. These include #TeamDarrell, #TeamTodd, #TeamNick, and #TeamKassem shirts, all with the great Combo Smite logo on the front and your favourite host on the back! Do check ’em out (they make great winter-festival presents for yourself, or for your friends!).

Thanks folks! Talk to y’all next week!

We Are the Champions… Twice Removed…!

Hey folks. Life conspired to keep Nick and I from recording this weekend. We should be recording the Legion Faction review this week, though, so you can all look forward to that!

In other news: One of the Team Canadas came in 3rd at the WTC!

We play against (and with!) these guys all the time, so it really feels like a win for us (in a much less direct way than for the guys who actually worked and earned the win!). So congrats again to Chris, Bubba, Tim, David, and Chandler!

Podcast Delayed – Sorry!

Hey folks! Due to a convergence of several factors (including Nick attending his grandfather-in-law’s funeral and the WTC), this week’s podcast has been delayed.

My hope is to get it out by Wednesday, with my heartfelt apologies!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and congratulations to the WTC Champions for 2015: Finland! Fantastic job by them (and if you haven’t seen the absolutely stunning conclusion to their final series with Team Australia… a hell of an ending!) and all the WTC Teams. We here at Combo Smite are particularly proud of Team Canada (obviously) as Team Goose had an exceptional Day 1, and Team Moose did some phenomenal catch-up on Day 2.

Anyhoo! Sorry again! This week’s game will be between Skorne and Cygnar, so look forward to that!

Thanksgiving Delay

Hey Combo Smite fans! It just occurred to me that our international friends may not realize that it’s a holiday here in Canada. The Canadian Thanksgiving occurs in October (unlike our southern brothers in the USA, who have it in November), and this year it falls on today!

As a result, the podcast will be delayed until tomorrow (Tuesday)… an awesome battle between Nick’s Legion and Kassem’s Skorne! We’ll also be doing a post (and possibly a podcast… need to talk to Aaron and Nick) about the Painting Competition we just held on Saturday.

Thanks for your patience, and more great Combo Smite stuff coming soon!

Regarding Podcast 039 – Temporarily Delayed, Out Soon!

Hey Combo Smite fans… Aaron was out at a wedding all weekend, and since this is his week for the battle report game, we couldn’t really record without him! We’re going to record Monday night, and put it up live as soon as I can get it edited!

As a quick teaser, here’s an image from the game!


Thanks for your patience, folks, and we’ll get everything sorted out as quickly as possible!