Podcast 038 – Menoth Vs. Mercs – Harby Vs. Gorten – Hardcore is like Camping

In a few weeks, a couple of the Combo Smite hosts (myself included) are heading down to Burlington, Ontario for a 50pt Hardcore tournament. As a result, I was happy to get some practice in with Nick for this unique (and fascinating!) format!title

This is Nick’s first time playing a Hardcore game, *and* his first time trying out this particular list… this is my 2nd attempt at Hardcore, but the 3rd time I’ve used this list (or one similar to it, at least!)… sad that numbers like those make me the most experienced out of our group! The game was a little bit gong-showy, but as a practice game it was pretty solid, and I think there’s unquestionably a lot to learn from our attempts!

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Painting Short – Earthbreaker Part 2

I’m wrapping up the finishing touches on my Earthbreaker Colossal.


I using the same construction site yellow with black caution hashes scheme that I used for my Rhulic heavy and light jacks.  If you haven’t seen my scheme before (assuming you give a shit) check it out here.IMG_1919This is the finished base.  I magnetized his feet to the base so I can use it as a wreck marker if he dies. You can see how big this monster model is because the magnets can barely fit on the base.  They are actually hanging over the edge a bit an I used greenstuff to provide a little extra support.

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Painting Short – Earthbreaker Repose

I know I said last week that I was working on painting eVyros but that was before Marc surprised me with a month-late birthday present of an Earthbreaker that fell off the back of a truck or some such thing.


I love everything about the Earthbreaker except for his monstrously long forearms so I set about searching the forums to see what other people had done about them.  Some have gone more overboard modding the poor guy than others but I wanted something simple just to make him look a little less front heavy.

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