Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters, Ho! Part 2

Trying to get the finishing touches on my warcasters before I pack up my paints for the big move…


Tristan Durant, Thyra, eKreoss, and Vindictus… at this point I have come to several conclusions:
1. eKreoss really is an awful, hideous model… I’m glad I have this one for tournaments, but I am absolutely going to mod a Bastion Seneschal for “house league” games.
2. Thyra is a stunning model, and my paint job is not doing it nearly justice. I’m almost embarassed!

Anyway, here you can see my finished models below…
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Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters, Ho!

Having finished basing my Judicator, it’s time to move on to my next project… all the warcasters I own for the Protectorate but have no yet painted. There’s only 4 of those, so I threw in the Journeyman Warcaster (Tristan Durant) as well, just to give me the same number as I worked on last time.

Here we can see them all primed and with their first touches of colour on them…
From left to right: Tristan, Thyra, Reznik, Vindictus, and eKreoss.

I am super excited to get all of them on the table, which means I’d really like to have them all finished in the next 2 weeks or so. The trouble (as always) is trying to decide what colours go where!
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Battle 026 – Menoth vs Skorne, eKreoss vs Rasheth: BEEFCAKE!

Let me start by saying that I’m always conflicted on whether Rasheth is more Cartman (“You will respect mah authoritay!”) or Baron Harkonnen. I keep leaning towards the Baron, honestly, since I love the Dune universe so dearly, but for this report I shall stick with the better known comparison…$_35.JPG?w=584

Rasheth is nothing if not inspirational.

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