Paintectorate of Menoth – Errants DONE! And on to the Bastions…

I know! I KNOW! “Only” two and a half months after starting, my Errants are finally finished!

Be still, my beating heart!


That picture is from last night… fully painted, but not fully based. Which, according to Nick, doesn’t count as fully painted… but THANKFULLY this morning I managed to finish basing them!

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Paintectorate of Menoth – The Day of the Errants…

So I have a day off today (WOO!), so I’m going to spend the entire freakin’ day painting my Errants from the level they are now (about 60% done) to completed.

I’m just finishing off the whites now, which is to be followed by the maroons (shading, then highlights), and then the metals (again, shading and highlights) and lastly the browns (scabbards, mostly).

I’m thinking I can get them probably done today. Probably. Anyway, pictures from the course of the day will be posted here between coats!

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Paintectorate of Menoth – Further Work on the Errants

I’ve continued to plug away at both my warjacks and Errants… hoping to get everything finished (or at least MOSTLY finished) in time for the tournament next weekend, and DEFINITELY finished in time for Adepticon in a few weeks.

Here’s my progress so far today:
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Battle 010 – Menoth vs Circle, Harbinger vs eBaldur: Burning Stones

For my game this week, I was lucky enough to be paired off with our resident Circle player, Gaven. Thus far, Gaven is the only member of our plucky band of WarMachinists who is still a purist… he plays Circle, and only Circle. There’s a lot to be said for that kind of dedication!

He’s also in 2nd place in our local totem, having to his credit 5 wins and 2 losses… a perfect counterpoint to my 2 wins and 5 losses so far! Would the gap between us continue to grow, or would the force of the Protectorate stand triumphant over the burning husks of the Circle?

Only one way to find out!

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