Podcast 055 – What? How is 'podcast' underlined in red?

Seriously. Facebook is so entrenched in our vernacular that the program recognizes it as a word yet typing podcast deeply confuses it. This is why I have no fear of the Matrix ever happening. If a simple blog – blog also isn’t recognized, by the way – gets perplexed by words that have been around for years then there is no conceivable way towers of human batteries are in our future.

It just occurred to me now that every time a person got pregnant, the robots would have to build a new pod for that person to go into or at least have a vacant one for the new person to occupy. Because birthrates outweigh death rates, the robots would have to keep building new ones. I’m sure that would get really aggravating for the robot management. They’d be like, “Man, these humans would be a lot less of a strain on our raw materials and construction if they could just stop fucking.”

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