Podcast 007 – Retribution vs Cygnar, Garryth vs Kara Sloan

After a long (LONG long) hiatus, we’re finally back! With apologies for the delay (due to power outages, a massive bout of flu which floored 1/3rd of our hosts, and invasions of family!), we’re proud to offer a new battle report!
BR007-16-Cygnar Turn 2

In a small  break from tradition, I threw this podcast up BEFORE I finished writing the battle report itself (gasp of indignation!). But now I’ve gone through and finished the write-up, so if you didn’t see it before, you would never know it wasn’t a complete Battle Report at the time! Ah, temporal mechanics… anyway! Listen, read, enjoy!

This week’s battle report saw my noble forces of Cygnar against the fanatical forces of Nick’s Retribution. Nick is still trying to come to grips with Garryth, and I wanted a nice, fun game that I wouldn’t beat myself up too much if I lost, so I went with one of my favourite warcasters, the beautiful Kara Sloan. I love her, but I knew that she’s not a great match-up against a lot of Retribution… but that awesome rifle of hers can get work done, so I was happy to throw her on the table!

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