Tournament Video – Ontario Team Championship

Last weekend the Combo Smite crew headed down to Burlington, Ontario to compete in Canada’s first WTC style team tournament, the Ontario Team Championship.OTC The event was run by Scott Talarico from Party Foul and a huge thanks go out to him and all his volunteers for putting on such an huge and successful Warmachine event. Team Combo Smite consisted of: Marc (Cygnar), Nick (legion), Kassem (Skorne), Adam (Cryx) and Darrell (Menoth). We made a good showing and our team went 3-1 and took 5th place. Most importantly we brought the camera down with us to record some games. Continue reading

Paintectorate of Menoth – Basically Basing

Due to having an extra day off today for Canada Day (sort of like Independence Day, but more Canadian), I decided to finish up a few of my models that were basically done, and just needed bases.

First, the finished models:
Finally finished with pFeora! I love this model, both rules and aesthetically… I just wish my paintjob could do it justice!
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Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters and Solos, Oh My!

Having “finished” my Judicator (the air-quotes required due to the fact that she’s not based, but I hope to get that done tomorrow), I’m now on to smaller, faster things. And of the swarms of models I have yet to paint, I figured my warcasters should take priority… I may not always use a unit of Knight Exemplar, but I will always use a warcaster! As a result, I assembled, primed, and put on the painting table every Menoth warcaster I own that is not yet painted.


Here we can see the whole lot of ’em… starting from the back left: Vindictus, Kreoss2, Thyra, Reznik, and then in the front row, Kreoss1, pFeora, the High Reclaimer, Amon Ad-Raza, eSeverius… and then Nicia and the last Paladin of the Wall sculpt (giving me all 3).
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Podcast 027 – Menoth vs Trolls, pKreoss vs Borka: Weaponmaster Mosh Pit…

For the first time ever on Combo Smite, we managed to get a game against Trolls! Woo!


Todd, a recent addition to our local weekly game nights and a Press Ganger for the London Area (“Gingerstein” on the PP Forums), is a Retribution and Circle player by choice, but he’s dabbled in several other factions… and for this week, he decided to try out Trolls for the first time! Sweet! I jumped on the opportunity to play against trolls… I was trying out two new warcasters in Menoth, and out of all the Factions, I have the *least* practice against Trollbloods, and I suspect that they’re one of the hardest match ups for Protectorate, and the only way to get better against a Faction? Practice!

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Podcast 010 – Legion vs Retribution, Cygnar vs Protectorate, Listen to 1 Get 1 Free!

This week on the podcast we’re doing something different. Instead of facing off against each other Marc and I went down to the local game store in London Ontario, Game Chamber, and decided we would play some randoms. We are each going to give an abbreviated battle report and then rate our performances.

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here or on iTunes! If you’re listening on iTunes and have a minute to toss a quick review on there for us, we’d all be very grateful… we need a certain minimum number of reviews before they’ll show a score for us, and I’ve already asked my entire extended family to review us, so now it’s down to our actual listener(s)!

First Battle – Retribution Vs. Legion – Ossyan V.s Rhyas.

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