Podcast 107 – Ontario Team Championship Analysis: Studying Is Fun!

Combo Smite has 2 full teams attending the Ontario Team Championships, a local version of the World Team Championships. This year, 24 teams from Ontario, Quebec, and the Northeastern United States will be attending the event, and the hosts have collected and tabulated the lists. This week, we’re going to dive into the numbers and talk a bit about the WarMachine and Hordes meta!

Link to the Party Foul numbers themselves! Just as a head’s up, after recording we studied a few of the lists, and there seems to be some errors (Nick found at least 3 pXerxis “Fist of Halaak” tiers, for example, and Marc found at least 1 eVyros tier), but we’re still very grateful that they crunched the numbers as much as they did!

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