Podcast 179 – Lael Resists!

Hey folks! This week, Jeremy, Nick, and I sit down to discuss the Laelese theme force for Mercenaries. The guys bring a couple lists to the party, and before that we discuss casters, and potential synergies with various Cygnar and Menoth units!


Give it a listen, let us know what you think!

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On the Subject of Pain(t)

So since – I don’t know… the spring? – I’ve been working on the Skorne colossal, the Mammoth. If any of you out there are considering playing or already play Skorne and have thoughts of picking up the Mammoth, may I suggest these very simple steps for painting it: 1) immediately regret it. 2) cry. 3) more regret. It’s not that the model is bad or poorly sculpted, in this particular instance I offered to paint the model; one which I could not actually play as it’s a different faction. The owner of said Mammoth, the infamous Kassem, even offered to pay for the paint which I would use but I refused; a decision I would later realise was the only thing that would have kept me in the green.

I liken painting the Mammoth to offering to take a cursed monkey’s hand off a friend: they would obviously agree but when they try to explain the curse, you dismiss them waving your hand saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what a cursed monkey’s hand is.” But oh no. No you don’t. Not yet.


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Kingdom of Paintnar – All Hail Haley!

Okay, so she’s not done yet, but she IS coming along nicely…


Here she is (laying down due to the way the lighting in my painting room works) after the silvers and whites, but before the golds. More pictures after a short message from our sponsors!
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Battle 037 – Gorten Vs. Butcher3 – And Yer’ Little Dog Too!!

This is a battle report from a few weeks ago.  Things have been busy and I haven;t had a chance to finish this guy until now.IMG_4525 copy

At the time I was trying out 2 of the lists I was building for the upcoming Game Summit Masters.
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Tournament 005 – Meeplemart 50pt. SR – Nick’s Mercs Results

On Saturday Marc and I made the trek into Toronto to attend a 50pt Steamroller event at Meeplemart. Meeple has to be the nicest gaming store I have ever seen. Tons of stock, large play area with comfortable leather chairs and lots of very passable terrain.IMG_4424 copy

I was bringing my Mercs with a couple lists that I am practicing with for the Game Summit Masters tournament that we are attending next week.  The lists I brought were: Continue reading

Podcast 043 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Fiona Vs. Kreoss3: The Truncated Charge of the Exemplar Brigade

You guys are probably getting sick of hearing about my games all the time but once again this week I am matched up against Darrell and his Menoth.
(Marc: This is partially my fault, and partially Gaven’s fault… I had to stay home and take care of a sick girlfriend, and Gaven’s wife just autogenerated his first child, a daughter… so we had to go with our fall-back game, Nick and Darrell. Sorry!
Also, turns out Nick can’t spell “Kreoss”. I apologize for all the typos in the report… I corrected it in the Title, but the rest of it is Nick’s responsibility!)
IMG_4401 copy

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Paint for Hire – Mulemad

The first human non-Rhulic warjack I bought for my Mercs was Rocinante, a while ago. While building Rocinante I was conflicted and thought about magnetizing him so I could use him for some of the non-character jacks.  I just though the abilities on the 3 jacks that come in the plastic kit were pretty cool.IMG_4338 copy

Fast forward and I end up picking up an old metal Mule on sale and so I decide I am going to magnetize the sucker so I can use it as a Nomad or as a Mule.

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Tournament 004 – Nick and Aaron’s Experiences

Last weekend I ran a 50 point Steamroller event that Nick and Aaron attended. It was a tonne of fun, and Nick’s already posted his written batreps, but here’s the podcast we recorded shortly afterwards and I FINALLY managed to finish editing!

The regular weekly podcast will drop in a couple hours (9am EST), so check back for that too! Lots of content these days!

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