The Journey to Painting: A Noob’s Quest pt 2 and 3

So between last night and today I did a couple of things. First of all, I painted the areas I wanted to do the fire effect from in a brightish yellow. My reasoning behind this is it’ll make color pop through the glue I’m going to use, making my fire more realistic and vibrant. A common misconception, or rather, a painting error I commonly see is that people make their fire dark red at the bottom and lighten it on the way up. Real fires start bright at the source and get darker. I applied three coats and let it set for the night.

image image_1

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Paintectorate of Menoth – Custom Avatar Part 4

She’s done! Well, for the tournament at least…

It’s actually coming along really well… the fire-portion of her shield and shoulders looks pretty good, actually (and it’ll look better when I start layering in the yellows!), and she’s not nearly so yellow in person… and once I do the white highlights, I think it’ll look pretty boss!

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