The Quest for Mediocrity: Going Hardcore


     So as I’ve stated before, I’m working on getting my two 50 point Protectorate lists painted up.  If I can manage it between work, the wife and kids it will be the first time I’ll have fielded a fully painted force since I started WarmaHordes.

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Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Part 3

Over the weekend I attempted to finish my Judicator… sadly, she wasn’t quite done come Monday morning, but I will finish her by the time this post goes live on Thursday.

Here she is on Saturday afternoon…


At this point the Menoth White Base was almost finished (it looks better on film than it did in real life!), and I’m almost ready to start the highlights….

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Butch3r – He’s just really enthusiastic.

I picked up Butcher 3 the other day in an attempt to quell the notion that I don’t play good casters. I would have got him sooner or later because, my lanterns does he sound fun! He’d better be at $65 retail and a weight of pewter so great it required a pallet-jack to transport. I was going to wait until he was finished and also playing Marc before I debuted him – Marc doesn’t take shocks very well – but then I got too impatient.

Butch3r 2


I deviated a little from the original by attaching his left arm palm down. Palm up, the sculpt looked really awkward; it was a pose that didn’t look natural or comfortable. With the arm palm down, not only does it look better but it afforded me space to mold a disembodied spinal column using one of the heads that was suppose to be attached to Butch’s belt, a paper clip, drywall compound and little bit of airplane glue for the gore at the base of it. Ya know: for good measure. I feel like ripping out peoples spines is something he’d be into.

Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Part 2

So I’ve been plugging away at my Judicator (who I think I’m going to call “Dread of Law”)… basically, so far I’ve basically finished the silver sections on her.

Here we see her with the first coat of “Pig Iron”…


The next two pictures are gonna look kinda the same as that one, but I assure you… they are very different…
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Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Part 1

Last week I mentioned that I had started working on my Judicator… well, here she is!


Not much to look at yet… I’ve since started priming her (I’ve done… half of the first coat, and I suspect it’ll take 2 coats total, or 3 more priming-expeditions, before she’s got a nice, light, even coat). In a bout of insanity, I decided to prime her White… I don’t think I have enough “Menoth White Base” to paint all those surfaces 5 or 6 times if I primed her black, and I’m hoping she’s big enough that I can get my brush wherever I need it!

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Paintectorate of Menoth – Bastions Completed

As the title says, I’ve managed to finish my Bastions… here’s a picture of the sealed and finished product!


They’re not perfect… I could’ve spent a bit longer on some of the details, certainly… but I’m happy with how they look, and they were WAY faster and more enjoyable than the Exemplar Errants to paint.

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Painting ADD – Round 1

I’ve mention before my tendency toward crippling painting ADD Where I will have multiple units and solos and jacks and Casters in a semi-finished state for long periods of time.

I hate doing it.  I’ve been really good lately.  Finishing my Mage Hunter Strike Force and Destor Thane.  Then Completing my Earthbreaker in a little over a week.

Unfortunately its back.

There I was minding my own business when I look down at my desk and realize I’m not painting my 80% complete Vyros2 like I said I was going to do. Instead I see this:

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