Battle 012 – Menoth vs Skorne, Harbinger vs Makeda3: Menoth Protects!

With Nick playing Gaven for this week’s Podcast game (coming out on Monday!), I was left free to challenge Kassem. Kassem is also planning on attending the same tournament that Aaron, Nick, and I are planning to attend (as well as Adam, I believe!), so we were both rockin’ lists we wanted to test out for said tournament.

Kassem was actually trying to decide between 2 experimental lists for the event… two Skorne warlocks that he had “good feelings” about, but had never tested: Makeda3, and Mordikar.

As for me, I’m still pretty unfamiliar with both my lists and warcasters, although I’m certainly getting better. I figured another chance to get more comfortable with the Harbinger was more important than testing out my new eFeora build… which I hopefully will get done during my next games against Ozzie! Besides, taking Errants with Rhupert and a no-knockdown effect… too awesome to pass up!
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