Battle 017 – Menoth vs Khador, eFeora vs pButcher: Here There Be Proxies…

First, let me apologize to anyone who got notification of a new post on Combo Smite when this originally went live (well, the skeleton of this NPR went live, at least) on Thursday. Apaprently I can’t count and thought that the 8th was Friday when, in fact, it was definitely Thursday. There was only a picture and the framework of this report at that time, and I apologize for that!

Anyway, moving on!

This week, Nick was playing Kassem for the podcast that will go live on Monday, so that left Aaron and I to play a nice, light game of WarMachine where we both brought gentle, forgiving… by Menoth, did he bring the Butcher!?


Huh. Well, so much for playing nice!

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