Painting for Hire – Ashlynn D’Elyse

Ashlynn was actually the first human Merc caster I bought.  Last year I posted pics of the kit bash I did with her original and alternate sculpts because I hated the original sculpt but also hated the massive flag she was carrying around.


Finally justice to Llael!! I have finally finished her off.

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The Big Move! AKA: My Work In Progress Box…

So everything has been packed up, but I wanted to take a quick moment to show you all a moment of pride and shame… my packed box of models I own but have not yet even unboxed:


That is a “Frogbox”, for those of you curious, and it measures a mere 24x20x12″ (about 70L, or 2.4 cubic feet)… and it’s packed exclusively with WarMachine models (oh, and 2 MERCs models and 2 Malifaux models for mods I’m going to make for the B13). Two Stormwalls, a Vessel of Judgement, a Stormstrider, Stryker3, blister after blister of troops, warjacks, and bits from Khador, Cygnar, and Menoth (I haven’t collected any Khador since 2012, but I haven’t painted almost any of the stuff I have either!).

I’m going to do my damnedest to get more of this stuff painted before I buy NEW stuff… but we’ll see how that goes!

Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters, Ho!

Having finished basing my Judicator, it’s time to move on to my next project… all the warcasters I own for the Protectorate but have no yet painted. There’s only 4 of those, so I threw in the Journeyman Warcaster (Tristan Durant) as well, just to give me the same number as I worked on last time.

Here we can see them all primed and with their first touches of colour on them…
From left to right: Tristan, Thyra, Reznik, Vindictus, and eKreoss.

I am super excited to get all of them on the table, which means I’d really like to have them all finished in the next 2 weeks or so. The trouble (as always) is trying to decide what colours go where!
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Oh Look! A Penny!

So I got a whole crap ton of Convergence stuff for cheap – some from a guy on Kijiji, some from a store closing and some from a Gypsy who gave it to me for free in exchange for my mortal soul but joke’s on her, I already sold it for a Klondike Bar – and that was the first time I ate a whole large Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Wait… what was I talking about? Shit. Okay. I had this great idea to once again change paint styles thereby differentiating between two factions and a new one… so don’t know how to end that sentence either.

I’m a big fan of the Borderland’s games. For example, when Nick – Nick of this very podcast fame, friends since childhood – introduced it to me, we played it for 10 hours straight. Later we played it for a few hours gay but being so fabulous is exhausting so we switched back. In Borderlands there are several gun manufacturers such as Tediore, Daul, Hyperion and each have there own colour scheme. One of them is called Maliwan (“Get a Maliwan and light some people on fire!” – Marcus) which uses a great scheme of dark blue, dark gray, orange and white which looks amazing. I decided that it would look great on my newly acquired Convergence models.


It didn’t look bad but it also didn’t look great. I wasn’t happy.
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Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters and Solos, Oh My!

Having “finished” my Judicator (the air-quotes required due to the fact that she’s not based, but I hope to get that done tomorrow), I’m now on to smaller, faster things. And of the swarms of models I have yet to paint, I figured my warcasters should take priority… I may not always use a unit of Knight Exemplar, but I will always use a warcaster! As a result, I assembled, primed, and put on the painting table every Menoth warcaster I own that is not yet painted.


Here we can see the whole lot of ’em… starting from the back left: Vindictus, Kreoss2, Thyra, Reznik, and then in the front row, Kreoss1, pFeora, the High Reclaimer, Amon Ad-Raza, eSeverius… and then Nicia and the last Paladin of the Wall sculpt (giving me all 3).
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Butch3r – He’s just really enthusiastic.

I picked up Butcher 3 the other day in an attempt to quell the notion that I don’t play good casters. I would have got him sooner or later because, my lanterns does he sound fun! He’d better be at $65 retail and a weight of pewter so great it required a pallet-jack to transport. I was going to wait until he was finished and also playing Marc before I debuted him – Marc doesn’t take shocks very well – but then I got too impatient.

Butch3r 2


I deviated a little from the original by attaching his left arm palm down. Palm up, the sculpt looked really awkward; it was a pose that didn’t look natural or comfortable. With the arm palm down, not only does it look better but it afforded me space to mold a disembodied spinal column using one of the heads that was suppose to be attached to Butch’s belt, a paper clip, drywall compound and little bit of airplane glue for the gore at the base of it. Ya know: for good measure. I feel like ripping out peoples spines is something he’d be into.

Painting for Hire – Boomhowler and Co.

So I’ve been working on Boomhowler and Co this week and just kind of powered through them..  I was kind of surprised when I looked down and saw they were all done.IMG_3325

Here is Boomhowler himself in all his glory.  See the full post for a couple shots of some Grunts and one of my upcoming projects. Continue reading

Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Part 2

So I’ve been plugging away at my Judicator (who I think I’m going to call “Dread of Law”)… basically, so far I’ve basically finished the silver sections on her.

Here we see her with the first coat of “Pig Iron”…


The next two pictures are gonna look kinda the same as that one, but I assure you… they are very different…
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