Legion of Everpaint – State of the Legion

This summer, I decided to dust off my Legion models which had been collecting dust for 2 years.  I finally got them on the table about a month ago and have been having a great time.IMG_4779 (Large) copy

I’ve been painting up a storm. Here is an update of how it’s been going. Continue reading

Legion of Everpaint – Naga, Raek, Scythean

So I’ve mentioned a few times on the podcast how I am a closet Legion player (i.e. I have a bunch of Legion models collecting dust in my closet.)  I thought it was about time that I dusted them off and tried my hand at some painting.IMG_3239

After pouring over the painting forum for a while looking at all the awesome schemes out there I decided I wanted to try something red. So this is what I came up with. Continue reading