Legion of Everpaint – State of the Legion

This summer, I decided to dust off my Legion models which had been collecting dust for 2 years.  I finally got them on the table about a month ago and have been having a great time.IMG_4779 (Large) copy

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Podcast 015 – Menoth vs Legion, Harbinger vs eLylyth. Welcome to CS, Ozzie!

So for the podcast report this week, I figured it was about time to get my friend Ozzie on the air… Ozzie was the first person I ever played WarMachine with out of our local group of friends (Nick, Aaron, Adam, Kassem, and Gaven)… he basically sent me an e-mail on the PP Forums one day saying that he lived and gamed around Kitchener, and would I like to have a game sometime. We set it up, he was a neat guy, and we’ve been playing pretty consistently since then!

Ozzie started out playing Retribution, and has recently switched over to Legion, which works fine by me (I play a LOT of Retribution these days… Nick and Kassem both play him, plus most of the random games I get in these days seem to be against pointy-eared maniacs), since nobody else plays Legion and I need practice against them!

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here, or on iTunes… and you can now download the podcast straight to your own computer for leisurely listening at your… leisure.

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