Battle 033: Menoth vs Retribution, Vindictus vs Issyria: Turians vs Asari!

Okay, so *maybe* I just bought Mass Effect 3 and have been playing it for the first time… great game (much tighter than 1, way less restrictive than 2), and despite knowing how awful (AWFUL-awful) the ending is, I’m enjoying it so far! And both the names “Vindictus” and “Issyria” sound like they were snipped straight from the game… but I digress!

At the behest of the greater Combo Smite community, Ozzie has decided to pull out his Retribution again so that we can get a batrep with the angry elves in it! He’s a trooper.

Also, he really wanted to play Issyria because she came out after he switched over to Legion. So there was that too.
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