Podcast 065 – Cygnar vs Mercenaries, Kraye vs Ossrum: BIG Guns Comin' Through!

This week we roped a special co-host into helping us out… Bubba Dalton has had a meteoric rise through the WarMachine Meta, and if you listen to Chain Attack, you’ve already heard about his game against Trevor Christensen in the WarMachine Weekend “Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)”.

Yes. THAT Bubba Dalton!

IMG_20150224_185823 copy

Bubba decided to turn the Jenk-factor up to at least 11 for our game together, which resulted in a very amusing game and an even more amusing podcast!

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Podcast 030 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Gorten Vs. eMorvahna – Assassination Walk

This week on the podcast we have my forces of Mercenaries going up against Gaven’s forces of Circle. Can the deceptively tall forces of Gorten Grundback take on the annoying tree hunger activists of Morvahna the Dawnshadow? IMG_3406

Find out on this Episode of Combo Smite!

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Podcast 018 – Mercenaries Vs. Menoth – Analysis of the Effect of Altitude on Flamability

For this week’s report, it was my turn to tangle with Nick. My noble co-host was uncertain about whether he wanted to play Mercenary or Retribution… so he just made one of each list and went from there! As for my part, I kinda wanted to give Nick a chance to take a swing at my tournament lists from last week (the same ones from the “Tournament 002” report we did!), just to see if he would’ve fared any better than the rest of my opponents did. We were also doing 10 Minute Timed Turns for the first time, and I figured using a list I was at least somewhat familiar with would be wiser than starting something from scratch!

After looking at Nick’s two lists, both with colossus and both having some rather strong assassination vectors, I decided to go with my eFeora list. Nick, for his part, decided that taking the slightly-less flammable Gorten was probably wiser than going with the very flammable Issyria.
IMG_2655 copy
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Paintribution of Scyrah – Phoenix and Basher

As I’ve been saying for the past few weeks on the podcast, my phoenix has been in a state of near completion for a while now. This weekend I put enough finishing touches on it that I was ready to call it done.IMG_2394 copyIn addition to finishing off my Phoenix I also had a chance to paint my Basher to completion. Not bad.

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Podcast 008 – Mercenaries Vs. Khador, Gorten Vs. pIrusk

Welcome back for another Combo Smite battle report.  This week we have a battle between My mercenary army and Aaron’s forces of Khador.


I’ve claimed to be a dwarf player during our podcast introductions so I fugured its about time I actually do a podcast game with my Dwarves!

(Note from Marc: Just a quick apology: we had some technical issues with the recording for the first 10 minutes or so: Aaron sounds like he’s a computer… underwater… with a head cold. Thankfully we got it all sorted out before the start of the battle report itself! But I do apologize!)

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Painting Short – Earthbreaker Part 2

I’m wrapping up the finishing touches on my Earthbreaker Colossal.


I using the same construction site yellow with black caution hashes scheme that I used for my Rhulic heavy and light jacks.  If you haven’t seen my scheme before (assuming you give a shit) check it out here.IMG_1919This is the finished base.  I magnetized his feet to the base so I can use it as a wreck marker if he dies. You can see how big this monster model is because the magnets can barely fit on the base.  They are actually hanging over the edge a bit an I used greenstuff to provide a little extra support.

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