Podcast 035 – Menoth vs Cryx, pSeverius vs Gaspy3: Simply Outgasped

This week’s game it was my turn to throw myself in front of the speeding Mac truck that is Adam and his nigh-unstoppable Cryx…

Also in this week’s podcast, I manage to almost keep my bitching about Cryx to a minimum (almost), Adam slowly warms up to Cryxian cavalry, Aaron politely mutes his microphone for potentially nefarious reasons, and Nick manages to keep us moving along at a healthy clip!

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Battle 024 – Menoth vs Legion, pSeverius vs Saeryn: POW15 Grenades to the Rescue!

Many of you will remember my good friend Ozzie (real name “Nick”, but since he shares that particular name with MoFaux/Nick, we’re forced to stick with Ozzie), who plays Circle, Legion, and Retribution. In the few months that Ozzie’s been playing WarMachine, he’s basically bought 3 entire Factions and has been improving in leaps and bounds. Our first handful of games were cakewalks for me, but these days he wins as often as he loses and gives me a good run for my money at the worst of times!

Ozzie had taken some time off playing WarMachine (basically since the last time I played him!) to deal with some “Real Life” issues. He’s going to be moving to distant, frosty Barrie (north of Toronto and about as frosty as Montana), so our time together is more finite. All the more reason to get more games in!
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