Battle 027 – Menoth vs Mercenary, Amon vs eMagnus: Open Fire!

This week Nick was happily smashing MACBAIN!!! into Kassem’s Skorne, leaving me to once again have a more leisurely game.

Aaron got home a little late and asked if it was okay that we only put 35 points on the table. Fine by me… I had been looking for an excuse to try out a few of my new warcasters, and this provided me with a fantastic opportunity!


To my surprise, Aaron hauled out a Mercenary list instead of his usual Khador! Still, the list I crafted was designed to handle just about anything (aside from Assault Kommandoes), so I was confident we’d at least get a good game out of it! And the fates did not disappoint…
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Steelheads Prevail

I drank a bunch of Coke really late tonight. I don’t usually drink Coke period because my stomach hates it but drinking it late at night is even worse because I start feeling like my chest is trying to leave my body. “You can’t leave,” I say, “Everything is attached to you!” Begrudgingly my chest storms into its bedroom, slamming the door behind it and then blares Skrillex with the bass turned way up. Not literally, of course; it just feels that way. As such I couldn’t sleep so I ended up painting the rest of my Steelhead Riflemen and doing a little photo shoot with the entirety of my 35 pt merc list.

To date I’ve only played the list once and discovered that it’s not great for some scenarios or nearly as effective in general as I’d hoped it would be. Plus that one game was against Cryx so maybe I should take the loss with a grain of salt. I’ve since used the Halberdiers with Heavy Cavalry twice against Circle and they were effective so, if anything, it’s an indication that buying units simply because they had ‘Steelhead’ in their name wasn’t a complete waste of money.


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