Battle 038 – Cygnar vs Trollbloods, pHaley vs Grim Angus: Like Falling off a Temporal Barrier’d Bicycle

So I decided it was time to move back towards the warm embrace of Cygnar. Not that I have anything against Menoth… I’ve been having fun, and I still have about 500 points of models that aren’t assembled or painted… but after the last tournament, I realized that I really missed my boys in blue. Time to get ’em back on the table!
DSC_0173 copy

I’ve also realized that I’m very, very weak with very strong warcasters… specifically, I’m not very good with either Haley. And that’s tragic. My weakest matchups have always been against Cryx, and the Haleys are probably the strongest anti-Cryx drops in the game… so it was time to change that.
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