Podcast 093 – Cygnar (Kraye) vs Skorne (pXerxis) – Those Really Bug Me…

With the recent change to Haley2, it’s become more critical than ever to consider Cygnar’s list pairing options… which is wonderful, because it opens up a lot of space for warcasters like Kraye!

Picture 041 copy

Of course, just because you have opened new space, doesn’t automatically mean you will design anything *good*… let’s see what happens when my ARM-cracking Kraye list runs into Kassem fielding his new Bugs of Terror!

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Tournament 014 – Store Wars 4 – Cygnar vs Everyone! Again!

Finally starting to catch up on all the tournaments I’ve been to… this one occurred back in March the week before the Ontario Team Championships, but I was finally freed from the oppression of my own awful list!
IMG_20150228_114939 copy

Well, *mostly* freed… turns out I’m not exactly super-awesome at making on-the-spot tournament lists either… but we’ll get to that, friends… we’ll get to that!
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Podcast 071 – Cygnar (Siege) vs Retribution (Ravyn Tier1): Our Arrows Will Blot Out the Sun

Ah, Ravyn Tier 1. Basically an excuse to run 2 full units of MHSF with their incredible UA. But will it be enough against the 2nd tankiest warcaster in Cygnar?
IMG_20150408_201820 copy
I mean, Nick has a chart of how many MHSF are needed to kill warcasters as a function of their DEF/ARM… can Siege stand up to 22 boosted attack roll POW10s? Only one way to find out, folks… listen to the ‘cast!

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Podcast 069 – Cygnar vs Circle, eHaley vs eMorvahna: Valuable Lessons in Punching Goats

Many valuable lessons in today’s game as we smash two titanic warcasters, and their corresponding giant constructs, into each other!


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Podcast 065 – Cygnar vs Mercenaries, Kraye vs Ossrum: BIG Guns Comin' Through!

This week we roped a special co-host into helping us out… Bubba Dalton has had a meteoric rise through the WarMachine Meta, and if you listen to Chain Attack, you’ve already heard about his game against Trevor Christensen in the WarMachine Weekend “Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)”.

Yes. THAT Bubba Dalton!

IMG_20150224_185823 copy

Bubba decided to turn the Jenk-factor up to at least 11 for our game together, which resulted in a very amusing game and an even more amusing podcast!

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The Big Move! AKA: My Work In Progress Box…

So everything has been packed up, but I wanted to take a quick moment to show you all a moment of pride and shame… my packed box of models I own but have not yet even unboxed:


That is a “Frogbox”, for those of you curious, and it measures a mere 24x20x12″ (about 70L, or 2.4 cubic feet)… and it’s packed exclusively with WarMachine models (oh, and 2 MERCs models and 2 Malifaux models for mods I’m going to make for the B13). Two Stormwalls, a Vessel of Judgement, a Stormstrider, Stryker3, blister after blister of troops, warjacks, and bits from Khador, Cygnar, and Menoth (I haven’t collected any Khador since 2012, but I haven’t painted almost any of the stuff I have either!).

I’m going to do my damnedest to get more of this stuff painted before I buy NEW stuff… but we’ll see how that goes!