Terraining Day 11 – Papercraft Prime

Nick has been on a bit of a MERCs kick recently… it’s a neat game, no question, and the models are pretty cool. One of the nicest things about it, though, is that it rewards “gobs-o-terrain” setups, which is brutally punishing to WarMachine, and so I have an excuse to make a bit more terrain!

Now, the real reason I’m making MERCs terrain first is that a good friend of mine (hi Bill!) gave me a stack of Worldworks Games papercraft terrain for WarMachine (specifically sewer stuff, which looks uber-awesome!), but I didn’t want to ruin the good stuff with my clumsy and clueless attempts, so he also gave me some leftover city-scape stuff he had from his Heroclicks terrain collection, which I think will work perfectly with MERCs *and* give me practice so that I when I tackle the sewer-stuff, it’ll look awesome!

That’s the plan, at least…

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Terraining Day 08 – Foam Core Terrain Take 1

Lately I’ve been craving a Skirmish level game.  I looked at Infinity and Malifaux and neither one appealed to me.  I stumbled upon MERCS right around the time their Kickstarter was ending and I ended up backing it because with all the stretch goals I was getting a shit ton of minis for free.


One thing led to another and this weekend I drew up some plans to make foam core buildings for MERCS.  I figure these can be used in Warmachine just as easily (if not with as much density) so I’ll put them up on the site. Continue reading

Terraining Day 06 – The Getting-Closer-To-Being-Finished Mythical City Themed Table Part 4

This update begins with the making of a module.

This piece was actually made by my significant other Heather but I insisted on taking some progress pics as she went.

It started with a cutout for an exposed sewer pipe trench.IMG_0873 She added tiles to the flat section of the module.

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Terraining Day 05 – The Actually-Becoming-Realistically-Finishable-Mythical City Themed Table Part 3

Some more progress on our slowly-moving table-building adventure,

Started putting down texture for quarter number 2. Used some bit from Pegasus Hobbies’ Chemical Factory Kit. This kit is full of wonderful little bits for steampunk buildings and terrain.  IMG_0838

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Terraining Day 04 – The Slightly-Less-Mythical-But-Still-Pretty-Mythical City Theme Table Part 2

Another update on the progress of this table.

The first quarter board started with gluing down paving tiles made of plywood rectangles.  These plywood rectangles and squares are from Michaels and are actually deceptively expensive.  A bag of them is about $5 and doesn’t cover as much as you think it will.IMG_0776Next I used beans to give a cobblestone texture.  I’m not sure what kind they were but I had to look around a lot before I found beans that were the right size.   Continue reading

Terraining Day 03 – The Mythical City Themed table Part 1

I’ve been working on doing a city themed table on and off for the better part of a year.  The only thing mythical about it is the myth that I might ever finish it.  Its a bit of a complicated undertaking so its hard to work on it continuously for long periods of time.

Lately I’ve been getting some motivation (and more importantly, HELP) from my good friend Aaron and we’re closer than ever to having this bad boy finished.  I posting here some of the WIP shots. Continue reading