Podcast 068 – Tournament 012 – Adepticon 2015, Part One!

So the boyz of Combo Smite (well, Nick, Aaron, and I) went on a 8 hour road trip down to Chicago for Adepticon 2015. Super-fun times… and while we were there, we recorded a podcast! Go us!


There will be another podcast out shortly (hopefully by Thursday) where we talk with our buddies over at 30mm about a game Nick and Onyx/Matt played, but for now, please enjoy 90% of what we did at Adepticon! And a few pictures I took (hopefully Nick and Aaron will toss their pictures in either here, or under their own posts, at some point).

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Podcast 061 – The Adam O Invitational Tournament: Khador, Legion, and Cygnar!

So last week I finally finished my write up for the Adam O Invitational… and we decided to do a podcast on Aaron and Nick’s results!


Come listen to us discuss playing against Bradigus (2 of the 3 hosts had to play Gaven testing out his Bradigus list!), find out how my noble cohosts did, and learn Aaron’s newest ability in real life!

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Podcast 057 – Miscellaneous Debris – Chatting About 2015!

No Battle Report this week… instead, the three of us sat down to talk about some of our upcoming plans for 2015, some lists we’re thinking about running for upcoming tournaments, and some things coming down the pipes that we’re super excited about!


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Tournament 007 – Marc's Results with Cygnar at the Hobby Kingdom 50pt Steamroller

I said this would go up Wednesday… it goes up Friday… which is a little like Wednesday in that they both involve the word “day”! So… better late than never?

So on Saturday, the Combo Smite crew made the field trip down to Hobby Kingdom in Burlington, Ontario. This was my second time in the venue (the last time for my foray into “Hardcore” with Menoth, which was completely enjoyable if somewhat unsuccessful!), but the first time for Nick, Aaron, Darrell, and Kassem. Great venue, tonnes of fun… and a solid 27 players that showed up!

Nick is writing up his own reports from the event, but I do so love writing battle reports, and hopefully my (mis)adventures can help other Cygnar players!

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Tournament Podcast 002 – First Tournament with Protectorate: Will Everything Burn?

So on Saturday, Aaron, Nick, Adam, Kassem, and I attended a tournament.

Well… actually, Aaron had to cancel to keep an eye on his sister while his parents are vacationing. So Nick, Adam, Kassem, and I attended the tournament.

Well… actually, Nick’s girlfriend had to go in for surgery on Friday, so he was at the hospital being a good partner. So Adam, Kassem, and I attended the tournament.

Well, actually, Adam had plans that afternoon and was worried that the tournament would run past 4pm. Which left Kassem and I attending the tournament.

But the two of us did! And it was awesome! And now you can read about my exploits and laugh at my misadventures!

We decided to throw together a quick “Tournament Podcast”, which you can listen to! It’s basically just Kassem and I regaling Nick and Aaron with our tournament stories, and Nick and Aaron mocking the SNOT out of both of us for it!

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