Paintectorate of Menoth

So I attempted to unleash some of my new Protectorate models on our Cryx player on Wednesday… my only condition is that he couldn’t play Gaspy2 against me (since I have no screening infantry, Gaspy2’s Feat is basically a hard-counter and instant game winner against my current Menoth army). Adam wasn’t having any of that, so I didn’t end up being able to play my Menoth. 🙁

But! On the flip side, now I can show everyone else what I’ve been working on!


Here we see a group shot of much of my Menoth: 2 Reckoners (in the back), 2 magnetized warjack kits currently outfitted as Vanquishers, 2 Vassals of Menoth, Vilmon, a Hierophant, the Covenant, and 3 Wracks.

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Paintectorate of Menoth – Wracked!

So now that I have finished my Harbinger (so… pretty…), it’s time to buckle down and get the 55 points of Menoth I need to get her on the table painted!

I’ve got a butt-tonne of warjacks that are primed or being stripped at the moment (3 fully magnetized heavy kits, 3-4 Crusaders, 2 Reckoners, 2-3 Revengers, a Devout, 2 Vanquishers), and a considerable number of support models and solos (Choir, Covenant, Vilmon, Allegiant of the Fist, Hierophant, Gravus, etc…), but no infantry. Well, not “no” infantry… I have 2 units of Knight Exemplars, 2 units of Cinerators, and a minimum unit of Deliverers… but nothing I actually want to field at the moment. No Errants, no Bastions, no Zealots, and no Flameguard.
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