Youngbloods Tournament Battle Report – Scyrah’s Perspective

Last weekend we traveled down the road to Hamilton today to compete in the Youngbloods tournament taking place alongside the Southern Ontario Open Master’s tournament as you may have heard about in our last podcast.  Apparently this was the largest Warmachine tournament ever held in Canada at 88 participants.  Pretty impressive.IMG_3154

We, however were entered in the Youngbloods, which is a smaller scale 35 pt tournament targeted more at newer players, which may not accurately describe us but we are still bad enough that we fit in just fine. It was only 14 players which is significantly less than 88 but still the largest tournament I or any of the Combosmite crew have participated in. Continue reading

Southern Ontario Open Tournament Tomorrow!

To all our listeners, just a reminder that the Combo Smite team (at least 2/3rds of it, and hopefully the whole crew plus a couple of our mercenary co-hosts!) will be attending the “Southern Ontario Open” Tournament tomorrow! Granted, we’re only competing in the “Youngbloods” portion of the event, but still! It’ll be a tournament, and it’ll be fun!

If you happen to be in Hamilton and at the tournament, we’d love to meet ya! We’ll be the guys wearing “Combo Smite” baseball jerseys (and confused looks on our faces!).

Additionally, we’ll be recording a “Tournament Special” podcast to recount the efforts of the Combo Smite hosts at the tournament, to discuss things we learned and horrible mistakes we made (probably more of the latter than the former)… that will release on Wednesday of next week (May 28th) after the regularly scheduled Monday podcast!

Good luck to everyone at the tournaments on Saturday!