Terraining Day 02 – Trees and Forests

I am working on building up a stock pile of terrain to host some gaming nights at my place.  Today I am working on some trees and forests.

IMG_1979Here is a brief tutorial.

I start with some decorative trees from the dollar store.  Some of these were 2 for $2 and other were 3 for $2.  But all of them are brightly coloured and covered in glitter.IMG_1935First step is to cut off any extraneous accessories like stars and spray the whole thing black.  It usually requires a couple coats because the glitter resists being covered somehow.IMG_1936I use a couple different colours of green craft paint also from the dollar store and liberally drybrush it onto the trees.IMG_1937The bases are drybrushed brown and flocked with a mixture of Woodland Scenics static grass.The easiest way to apply this is to brush on some watered down white glue then sprinkle with static grass to your taste.IMG_1978

Now that the trees are done it’s time to make the forrst template for them to sit on.  I start with 1/4″ cork sheets that are also from the dollar store and rip them up into shapes that strike my fancy.  For texture the easiest way I’ve found to do it is to liberally spray some clear coat on the cork (in this case I was using Rustoleum matte sealant but I don’t think it matters.  Wouldn’t recommend glossy) then i sprinkle a small amount of larger (for minis) gravel then cover the rest with fine sand.  Let it stand for a few seconds then shake off the excess lightly.  Don’t invert it.  Then spray it with another coat of matte sealant and when it dries the sand will be securely in pace.

IMG_1938When dry, I give it a heavy drybrush with dark brown, then a light drybrush with tan craft paint.IMG_1972Finally I flock the base. For this I’ve also found the easiest way is to spray the surface with a bit of matte sealant then sprinkle on the mix of static grass to your preference and hit it with the matte sealant (lightly) again to finish it off.IMG_1977The trees should also be sprayed with matte sealant to prevent the grass from coming off with use.

Voila!!! A couple hours work and about $10 worth of materials and I;ve got some pretty sweet looking forests ready to play.

IMG_1979         .

2 thoughts on “Terraining Day 02 – Trees and Forests

  1. Wow, that really DOES look fantastic! Need to mount that cork on something so it doesn’t get damaged during play though, I think.

    But I am absolutely impressed! Very nice work… can’t wait to use ’em!

    • They are surprisingly stiff after a couple layers of paint and sealant. I’ll probably just see how they fare against our abuse since I can make more in minutes if I have to.

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