Terraining Day 03 – The Mythical City Themed table Part 1

I’ve been working on doing a city themed table on and off for the better part of a year.  The only thing mythical about it is the myth that I might ever finish it.  Its a bit of a complicated undertaking so its hard to work on it continuously for long periods of time.

Lately I’ve been getting some motivation (and more importantly, HELP) from my good friend Aaron and we’re closer than ever to having this bad boy finished.  I posting here some of the WIP shots.

This table is modeled loosely on the Penny Arcade Corvis Table.  Which just means its a 4 x 4′ table made of re-configurable set of 2’x2′ boards with a mixture of permanent features and modular sections which can be set-up in various places to change the terrain and has a city theme.

I started off with 2×2′ sheets of 1/8″ thick MDF from HomeDepot. IMG_0753 The gaming surface with be 1″ thick high density insulation foam.  It is cut to size to match the MDF and holes are cut out for the modular sections.  The holes drilled in the MDF are vent holes to allow modules to slide in and out of the board easily.IMG_0754 I used some 1×3″ pieces on each board to provide stability.IMG_0755 These sections are ready to glue.IMG_0756 Gluing 2 at a time makes the process work much nicer.IMG_0757 These boards are glued and ready for detailing.IMG_0764

I’ll update this soon with more progress.

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