Terraining Day 04 – The Slightly-Less-Mythical-But-Still-Pretty-Mythical City Theme Table Part 2

Another update on the progress of this table.

The first quarter board started with gluing down paving tiles made of plywood rectangles.  These plywood rectangles and squares are from Michaels and are actually deceptively expensive.  A bag of them is about $5 and doesn’t cover as much as you think it will.IMG_0776Next I used beans to give a cobblestone texture.  I’m not sure what kind they were but I had to look around a lot before I found beans that were the right size.  

Most beans are too big and lentils are too small.IMG_0777Here is the board with texturing completed.IMG_0781_zps78ecf057

Here is the board with texture done and basecoated. I did a few coats with thinned down paint in order to get into all the nooks and crannies on the board.IMG_0839Next I set to working on one of the modular sections for the board. The base is the 8″ x 8″ x 1″ thick foam plug that was cut out of the table when the holes were made.  I glued a flange made of thin aluminum sheet metal to the edges to allow for some overhang that would not give to much extra thickness.IMG_0841The detail pieces on this module are plywood rectangle from Michaels.  I also made a cutout showing some underground pipework.IMG_0842Here is the module after basecoating.IMG_0870This is the board quarter with module basecoated. Just 3 more of these to go and we’re almost there.

IMG_0871The board is still a long way from completed so don’t anybody hold their breath.

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