Terraining Day 08 – Foam Core Terrain Take 1

Lately I’ve been craving a Skirmish level game.  I looked at Infinity and Malifaux and neither one appealed to me.  I stumbled upon MERCS right around the time their Kickstarter was ending and I ended up backing it because with all the stretch goals I was getting a shit ton of minis for free.


One thing led to another and this weekend I drew up some plans to make foam core buildings for MERCS.  I figure these can be used in Warmachine just as easily (if not with as much density) so I’ll put them up on the site.

You can download a PDF templates for this building here: FCB1-Assembly





12 thoughts on “Terraining Day 08 – Foam Core Terrain Take 1

  1. Putting your engineering education to good use! I’m jealous… my education in Physics is really pretty useless when it comes to wargaming!

    Also, those houses look SWEET! I can’t wait to make a few of my own… I’m not sure how I’m going to paint them, but I suspect it’ll be good!

  2. What do you use to cut your foamboard? i know this probably seems obvious, but when I tried with an xacto and a box cutter, both didn’t give me smooth cuts at all! :/

    • I use a box cutter and a metal ruler for all the straight edges.
      There are some secrets I can share:
      -Make sure the blade is really sharp. I change the blade before every new project.
      -Use multiple passes to cut through the foam board.
      -Press lightly and let the blade do the work.
      -First cut should just cut through the top layer of paper on the foam board.
      -Most of my cuts take 2 or 3 passes to cut all the way through it depends on how sharp your blade is.
      -Again, press lightly and let the blade do the work.

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