The Quest for Mediocrity: Time Flies


     Wow!  I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last graced these electronic pages with my ill informed rants.  Worry not though fair reader, for I’ve not been idle during that time.  Betwixt the maddening time spent working, time with children, time with wife, attending weddings, swim lessons and interpretive dance classes I have still managed to get some work done on my newly obtained Trollblood forces.

I’d like to start by saying I haven’t forgotten about my previous Protectorate projects, I’m just taking a break from the several metric tonnes of filigree that comes with painting up Exemplars to work on my Trolls.  I’m fairly certain I’ve stated before that the bulk of my new Trollblood forces were obtained used.  I don’t mind picking up used models so long as I’m able to strip the paint (so far that hasn’t been a problem) and my local gaming store isn’t carrying what I need.  I like to balance getting a good deal and supporting my FLGS as without them, the tournament scene gets a little thin.  As my FLGS was light on Trollblood models I picked up the used force and supplemented my new army with a couple of purchases from what my local store had in stock.


It took me a couple of weeks to get the trolls entirely stripped (there were a lot of them), washed and ready for re-assembly.  As the forces were metal aside from the Fennblades. I used lacquer thinner to strip the paint.  It takes about 5 seconds per model and aggressively removes all of the paint, glue and greenstuff.  Lacquer thinner is very caustic however, as it melts plastic and really irritates your skin.  If you decide to use it, take the proper precautions and dispose of it properly i.e. NOT down the drain.  At the time of this writing I’ve finished re-assembly and I’ve started on a couple of conversions to personalize my force a bit.  Both conversions are works in progress based upon other conversions I’ve seen on the PP forums, but I’ll hopefully have them finished soon.  Any feedback, tips or tricks to share to help me along are much appreciated.

The first is a Rok conversion, based on Mulg.


Thus far the conversion consists of sculpting the basic musculature of Rok’s back, along with some essential gap filling.  Still to follow is some hair on Rok’s arms and feet, along with an expansion to his mane.  To finish it off I’ll also add some more rocky outgrowths to the back areas I sculpted.  Additionally I’ll add some other minor details to differentiate the model further from Mulg and to cover up any horrible mistakes I’ve made.

Secondly is a Mulg conversion based upon the Extreme Mauler.


This conversion involved a lot of sawing and cutting of both the Mulg and Extreme Mauler kits.  Both of Mulg’s arms were cut off at the forearm and swapped with the Extreme Mauler’s and I smoothed the joins with green stuff.  As well, Mulg’s distinctive rocky outgrowths were attached to the Extreme Mauler’s back.  To smooth the transition I sculpted more outcroppings around the rune carved spires.  I’ve still got a few more to add on the rear of the model before I call that portion of the conversion complete.  Lastly, I cut a portion of Mulg’s head off (the distinctive outgrowths over his left eye), cut off part of the Extreme Mauler’s head and joined the two.  I sculpted more rocky protrusions to make the join look more natural and in keeping with Mulg’s standard appearance.  I still have a bit more to do, but this conversion is much closer to completion than my Rok one.

So these guys have been what’s occupied my free time (what little of it there has been) these past couple of weeks.  I’m nearing the home stretch now and soon I’ll be able to start painting the Trolls.  Any suggestions on paint schemes is apprectiated – traditional blue? second most popular green?

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3 thoughts on “The Quest for Mediocrity: Time Flies

  1. Green is best! Though it’s not easy being green.
    Great conversion work man! I love the Mulg conversion, now you don’t have to proxy him ALL the time when he’s mulching through heavies, infantry and colossals!

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