The Quest for Mediocrity


     Greetings all!  My name is Darrell and I’m a new contributor to Combo Smite.  You may know me as Menoth Darrell on the PP forums, the guy that makes the Steamroller scenario cards every year, or “that guy Marc borrows Protectorate models from” on other posts and podcasts here at Combo Smite.  If I haven’t lost you already, we can continue on to the nitty gritty.

I play Protectorate of Menoth and Legion of Everblight primarily. I also own a fair number of Mercenaries and a smattering of Khador.  On top of that I play X-Wing miniatures, Star Trek Attack Wing, INFINITY and Malifaux.  Oh, and I also have a wife and two toddlers.  Needless to say, I’m a little busy.  A couple of months back I was lucky enough to be invited to come and game with the Combo Smite crew.  This was fortuitous for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, my own local meta was dying for reasons I’d rather not get into.  Secondly, the Combo Smite guys have a larger variety of forces then I was used to and more players with greater aspirations and abilities when it comes to WarmaHordes.  After a few games and joining them on a podcast, the Combo Smite guys decided to take a chance and let me contribute to the site.  Hopefully you’ll find my contributions worthwhile.  What I intend to do in my posts on Combo Smite is to share with you my achievements (however few) and my difficulties (however many), running the gamut of painting, list design and testing as well as any tournament experiences I have.  All of this will be from what I consider a “middle of the road perspective”.  In addition, I’d love to address any questions you, the reader have with respect to the game we all love and anything I share here on Combo Smite.  To try and organize it all, I’ll post them under the “The Quest for Mediocrity” heading so that you can read or avoid them as is your whim.

     Starting things off I’d like to share a current project with you.  Like most gamers, I have far more unpainted than painted models.  To help address this I’ve decided to get my two (current) tournament armies painted.  The lists I am using are both 50 pt Protectorate of Menoth forces designed for the 2014 Steamroller format.  They are:

Intercessor Kreoss (3Kreoss, Kr3oss, Kreoss3)

  • Heirophant
  • Reckoner
  • Reckoner

Initiate Tristan Durant

  • Redeemer

Vassal of Menoth


Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist

Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor

Choir of Menoth (minimum)

Exemplar Vengers (maximum)

Temple Flameguard with UA (maximum)

TOTAL: 50+5 pts

Reznik, Wrath of Ages (eReznik, Re2nik, Reznik2)

  • Hierophant
  • Devout
  • Reckoner
  • Reckoner

Covenant of Menoth


Vassal Mechanik

Choir of Menoth (minimum)

Exemplar Errant Seneshal

Exemplar Errants with UA (maximum)

Idrian Skirmishers with UA (maximum)

TOTAL: 50+4 pts

     These lists have worked pretty well for me in testing though eReznik has a bit of a learning curve with respect to his large base.  However, to address the stated purpose of this initial post let’s get chatting about the painting!  There is a bit of overlap with the two lists (double Reckoner, choir) but there are still a lot of individual models.  I’ve created a checklist to help motivate me and as I’ve said, I’ll post progress here on Combo Smite.  Hopefully those two things together will force me to get the armies painted.

     Like many gamers most of the models in my lists are at various stages of completeness when it comes to painting.  However, to finish off my inaugural post on Combo Smite I’ll share with you some of the units I have completed.  This will give you an idea of the quality of paint job I am going for, as well as my paint scheme.


Holy Zealots

 Zealots1 Zealots2  

Monolith Bearer

Monolith1 Monolith2



High Exemplar Kreoss

Kreoss1 Kreoss2

     I hope you enjoyed my first post and if so, know that there will be many more to come.  I welcome any comments, constructive criticism or questions below.


Until next time,



8 thoughts on “The Quest for Mediocrity

  1. I’m a new player of menoth and thus i’m more than happy to follow another player of menoth (other is Marx 😉 ).
    I’m waiting the delivery of my reznick2 so i’m interested in the development of your list. Seems so difficult to have good match with this beautiful caster due to its huge base …
    Keep it comin’ thanks

  2. Great first post Darrell! And your paint job is fantastic… although I do hate that it makes mine look so awful in comparison… that’s certainly not your fault!

  3. Very crisp looking paintjobs Darrell! Look forward to your contributions!

    Also question: do you feel like Reznik2 gets targeted a lot quickly? Can you play agressively with him or more of an army support ‘caster? I’m curious and excited to see more ppl use the huge based casters (and want to encourage it!). I also plan on picking up Xerxis2 in a month or so, want to get some opinions on the playability of huge bases and things to watch out for 🙂
    Lists look really solid, that Kreoss3 list scares me, and I’m curious to see Reznik2 on the table!

    • eReznik doesn’t often get targeted early. Firstly, I feel that this is because he’s usually camping at least 4. Add to that a Devout and an immunity to most ranged shenanigans (being pulled, knocked down etc) and most opponents will target the other elements in the list first to get ahead in attrition in anticipation of Reznik’s FEAT. Personally I think that eReznik is a mid-range support caster in the style of the Harbinger, just with a different approach. He has a lot of late game potential as well. Once players get the hang of huge based casters I think that eReznik will be a solid second or third list.

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