The Thrilling Conclusion of Our First Contest

A few weeks ago we had our first ever giveaway contest here on Combo Smite… it was silly but fun, and we got a fair number of people who put in guesses.

But in the end, one of our long-time listeners, Bennep, managed to win the prize… a small-based solo of his choice. Benoit (as he is named in real life) chose Sylys, an excellent option, and we here at Combo Smite happily sent him the model.

I asked Benoit to send me a picture of his Sylys when it arrived, and just this weekend he sent me the following two pictures, which I am happy to share with the Combo Smite community:

Bennep also wanted to show off his Ashlynn, even though we didn’t send her to him… and since he did such a great job painting her and Sylys up, I’m happy to oblige!

Although the sign does say he likes Adam the best… which makes me less happy… ^_^

One more picture from our contest winner:

So, there ya have it. I think we’re going to be running another contest before long, although I will need to discuss the details with my co-hosts about how it’s going to go down… but stay tuned for more information!

Also, a happy note to everyone who comes by and checks out our humble little podcast: In May we had as many visitors to Combo Smite as we did in November, December, and January combined! We’re still small, but we’re growing, and all of us are extremely grateful for those of you who listen to the podcast, take the time to comment here (or over on the PP Forums, if that’s your preference), and help make Combo Smite more than just three weird guys talking to ourselves over the interweb!

2 thoughts on “The Thrilling Conclusion of Our First Contest

  1. Thanks for the compliments on the painting, still learning the ropes but getting a bit better every time I finish a model!
    Also:already spreadin’ the word hereabouts about the ‘cast ^^

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