Tournament 005 – Meeplemart 50pt. SR – Nick’s Mercs Results

On Saturday Marc and I made the trek into Toronto to attend a 50pt Steamroller event at Meeplemart. Meeple has to be the nicest gaming store I have ever seen. Tons of stock, large play area with comfortable leather chairs and lots of very passable terrain.IMG_4424 copy

I was bringing my Mercs with a couple lists that I am practicing with for the Game Summit Masters tournament that we are attending next week.  The lists I brought were:

Max Forgeguard
Max Nyss Hunters
Aiyanna and Holt

This list was designed to threaten the assassination at all times and can be very potent in the right match-ups.

Max Boomholwers
Max Steelhead Halberdiers
Max Forgeguard
Max Forgeguard
Gun Mages + UA

This list was a Dude-swarm with a lot of hard hitting power.

Game 1 Vs. Cryx

My opponent was named Mark and he played a pSkarre dudespam list with about 56 infantry models and I played my Damiano list. My plan was to meet dude spam with dude spam and hopefully Tough and positioning would give me the edge in the attrition war.

His list had Raiders and Bloodgorgers with Slaughterborn, Min Bane Thralls, a bunch of Mechanithralls, Necrosurgeon, a Helldiver and one of the Bonejacks with a gun.

And Lots of Dudes!!

The scenario for the first round was Incoming. (2 horizontally oriented 12×6 rectangular zones with friendly and enemy Objective located on the vertical center line that gave boosted damage to light artillery when uncontested.)


Mark deploys the Raiders out front and everything else in single rows in behind in kind of a layered brick.IMG_4423 copy

I deploy my Boomholwers in a line out front with Steelheads behind them and Forge Guard on either flank.  The gun mages go on the right side. Rocinante and Damiano go in the middle with the support.IMG_4424 copy

IMG_4422 copy

Cryx Turn 1

He runs his Raiders as far as they can to flood the left zone.IMG_4425 copy

Everything else runs up in a line behind and his Arc Node runs up the right side. IMG_4426 copy

Mercs Turn 1

Damiano goes first and puts Sure Foot on Rocinante and Death March on the Boomhowlers and walks forward near the objective.

Boomhowlers run forward I get 3 of them in the left zone and 1 in the right and they get as far up as they can but I’m cautious to keep them out of the charge range of any Bloodgorgers.

Gun Mages run up the right flank.IMG_4429 copy

Forge Guard run up both flanks but the ones on the right have to go around the forest to the middle.

Steelheads run up behind the Boomhowlers and Rupert gives them Tough and Fearless.

IMG_4428 copy  Cryx Turn 2

He charges in with his Raiders and they are able to kill more Boomhowlers than I was happy about.  They used their mini-feat but were able to kill 2 of them in the left zone and 2 more in the middle.IMG_4432 copy

The Arc node moved up and shot at a Gun mage  and missed.IMG_4433 copy

Bloodgorgers run up and gets ready to do some damage next turn and the rest of the army just runs up behind.

IMG_4431 copy

Mercs Turn 2

Boomhowlers, left unit of Forge Guard and Steelheads charge in and take out all but 2 of the Raiders (who fail their command check) and kill a couple Bloodgorgers.IMG_4434 copy

Rocinante puts a shot into Slaughterborn and does 7 damage.

Deadeyed Gun Mages move up into the far right of the right zone and kill the War Witch Siren and do a big CRA on the Arc Node which cripples the Arc Node. Probably would have been better off doing a bunch of Brutal shots.IMG_4436 copy

2 more of the Right Forge Guard unit get charges on it but both miss.  The rest run to get into the zone and give defensive line.

IMG_4435 copy

Cryx Turn 3

Raiders rally.

Helldiver pops up and kills some stuff in the Left zone.

Bloodgorgers kill all of my stuff in the left zone except for 1 Boomhowler who toughs a couple times.IMG_4438 copy

He kills a couple Forge Guard on the right as well and puts a couple Banes and Mechanithralls in the zone.

Pistolwraiths both move up and try to Deathchill Rocinante but both of them miss one of their attacks (he is DEF14 with Surefoot on a hill)

IMG_4437 copy

Mercs Turn 3

Left Forge Guard kill the Helldiver and a bunch of Bloodgorgers in the left zone.IMG_4442 copy

Rocinante forces a tough check on Slaughterborn which he passes.

2 Steelheads also charge him and they both miss. The rest kill 1 more Bloodgorger.IMG_4441 copy

Forge Guard on the left get Death March and kill the Nightwretch and everything else in the right zone except 1 Bane Thrall and a McThrall.

IMG_4440 copy

Cryx Turn 4

Bane Thralls run to toe the zone just getting into the fight.

He can’t clean out very many of the Forge Guard that I’ve rammed in the left zone.

Back line of Mechanithralls is starting to move up now. IMG_4444 copy

Mercs Turn 4

This turn I’m able to finally clear the right zone and I run Damiano over there camping 3 to dominate for 2 points.

Cryx Turn 5

On his turn Mark tries to clear out the left zone and times out.

Victory to Mercs!

Thoughts on the game:

-This a was a major slog.  We both brought a massive dude swarm and eventually lack of time cost my opponent the game

-I did a better job of clearing the zone in the later rounds and scoring some control points while making sure I was contesting his zone.

-If he had not timed out that round I was still very close to a scenario victory.  I just needed to get his objective dead and clear out whatever he would have thrown in my zone to contest.

Game 2 Vs. Circle

I knew my next opponent was going to drop eKrueger and for some reason I decided to drop Ossrum.  I don’t know what I was thinking and the game ends up going about as you would expect.

The scenario is Fire Support.  (2 flags on the horizontal centerline with an enemy or friendly objective within contesting range that gives boosted damage for light artillery)


I actually win the roll this time and choose to go first. The Earthbreaker went just to the right of my friendly objective with the Nyss on the left flank, Forgeguard in the middle, Taryn and Eiryss AD up front and Ossrum and his support staff in the back.

Krueger and his beasts set-up in the middle with his Druids in front and Lord of the Feast on the left flank.

IMG_4445 copy  IMG_4447 copy

Mercs Turn 1

Everything runs forward.  Nyss spread out so they can’t be mulched by LotF and Forgeguard spread out as well.

IMG_4448 copy IMG_4449 copy

Circle Turn 1

His line advances slowly forward and puts up clouds to block LoS. Stormwall goes up and Krueger casts it every round.

IMG_4451 copy

Mercs Turn 2

Earthbreaker kills 3 Druids and damages the Tree.

Nyss walk forward and 1 ties to shoot LotF and is just out of stealth range.

Everything else runs forward.

IMG_4453 copy IMG_4454 copy

Circle Turn 2

LotF walks up and kills a Nyss and shoots a Forgeguard (they break) and kills him.

Stalker get ported forward B2B with the flag and takes out 2 Forgeguard.

Druids puts up clouds.

Krueger moves behind the clouds and feats pushing my stuff away.

He scores 1 CP.

IMG_4455 copy

Mercs Turn 3

Forge Guard get out of the Earthbreaker’s way and rally.

Nyss Hunters walk forward and 3-man CRA the LotF and don’t kill.  The rest kill the Tree.

Aiyanna tries to Kiss Megalith and misses. Holt can’t shoot anything because of Stormwall.

Eathbreaker walks forward his 2″ and puts all his shots into Megalith leaving him at about 5 boxes.

Eiryss and Taryn both walk up but can’t shoot anything because of Stormwall.

Ossrum feats defensively for the ARM boost.

He Scores 1 CP on my turn because I can’t move anything close enough. (well I could have moved Eiryss or Taryn up there but I forgot.)

IMG_4457 copy

Circle Turn 3

Megalith goes after my Nyss, LotF swings on a Forgeguard and rolls snake-eyes.

Stalker gets Primaled and charges the Earthbreaker. He is 3 boxes short of taking out the right side.

Pureblood gets Primaled and ported into melee with the Earthbreaker and goes to won on it but leaves it on about 15 boxes.

Druids move up and pop clouds again.

Krueger moves to the flag and goes up to 4 CPs.

IMG_4459 copy IMG_4460 copy IMG_4461 copy

Mercs Turn 4

My feat unquestionably saved my Earthbreaker but both of his arms were crippled so it was still bad.

To make matters worse the Tinker fails his repair check for the 7th time in last 2 games.

So I opt to repair with Thor and I roll boxcars. *Sad Trombone*

Aiyanna kisses Megalith and Holt shoots at Krueger a couple times.

4 Forge guard charge the Stalker and do lots of damage and 1 charges Krueger and misses.

Earthbreaker finishes off the Stalker

IMG_4462 copy IMG_4463 copy

Circle Turn 4

-Gorax gets ported behind the Forge Guard contesting the flag and killed him, then Krueger killed Holt for the win.

Victory to Circle.

Thoughts on the game:

-I lost this one in list selection.  I have no excuse for my choice other than brain fart.  I don’t know if I would have won with my Damiano list but at least it would have been a fight.

Game 3 Vs. Menoth

My opponent, David, was playing a Vindictus Tier list which was problematic because he could counter deploy most of his army against me and then also go first with it.

It had 3 Reckoners, 2 Units of Errants with UAs, Zealots and Choir.

The scenario was Outflank (Two 12″ circular zones) and I lost the starting die roll which is really bad for me against this tier list.


I felt like I had to pick a side with the Earthbreaker because of the central forest that was going to problematic for my LoS. I put the Nyss in the middle since they were going to ignore the forest anyway.

Because of the tier list, most of his army was advanced deploy so he got to put all his jacks in the opposite zone away from my Earthbreaker.

IMG_4464 copy IMG_4466 copy

Menoth Turn 1

Everything ran forward.  The Jacks ran up into the left zone and the 2 units of Errants spread out across the middle of the table to the edge of the right zone. Choir an Zealots came in behind.

IMG_4469 copy IMG_4470 copy

Mercs Turn 1

I was a bit taken aback by how far across the board his whole army was able to get. I had to make a decision if I was going to just run forward to avoid getting jammed out of the scenario or if I would hang back and try to kill all the things.

I opted, of course, to kill all the things.

I was able to take out about 10 Errants all told with shots from my Nyss and Earthbreaker and Jonne.

But I ended up having only 2 models contesting the left zone and nothing in the right.

IMG_4471 copy

Menoth Turn 2

On his turn 2 of his Reckoners charge in and kill 3 Forge Guard and 1 Nyss and 1 of them kills Taryn. His Errants walk up and are able to kill about 4 Nyss.

Zealots run forward and mini-feat.

IMG_4474 copy IMG_4475 copy

Mercs Turn 2

Earthbreaker moves forward but I brain fart again and don’t move him far enough to get into the right zone.  I had the distance but I was focused on my targets instead.  He fires a Knock down torpedo into the closest Reckoner and knocks it down and 2 nearby Zealots. He also kills a bunch more Errants with nipple gun shots.

Eiryss disrupts the non-knocked down Reconker.

The Forge Guard charge in a wreck the knocked-down Reckoner and do lots of Damage to the disrupted one.

I end my turn and David scores a point for the right zone which I have failed to contest.

IMG_4476 copy IMG_4477 copy

Menoth Turn 3

This turn David is able to easily clear out the 2 Forge Guard that I had put in the left zone. He also killed Herne and Jonne with Charging Errants on the right flank and was able to kill a couple more Forge Guard with his Reckoners.

He score 2 more points on this turn.

IMG_4478 copy IMG_4479 copy IMG_4480 copy

Mercs Turn 3

I know the game is over at this point because I don’t have enough stuff to keep him from winning on his turn but I don’t relent.

His feat is up so my Forge Guard just run into the zone instead of attacking. My Earthbreaker walks to contest the right zone and is unable to fire at much because to forest was in the way of everything.

I am able to kill all of the Errants on the right except for the officer.

I end my turn and score a point.

IMG_4481 copy IMG_4482 copy IMG_4483 copy

Menoth Turn 4

On his turn he kills the contesting Forge Guard and dominates the zone for the win.

IMG_4484 copy IMG_4485 copy

Victory to Menoth

Thoughts on the game:

-Losing the die roll really hurt my chances in this game. If I’d recognized the scenario peril I was in it might have helped but it was going to be an uphill battle regardless.

-The terrain on this table really screwed this list hard. The large central forest really took away the major threat of the assassination in my list.

Game 4 Vs. Trolls

Final round I am paired up against a newer Trolls player. He dropped a Borka list with some heavy hitting in the form of an Earthborn, Mauler, Axer and Slag Troll accompanied by some Burrowers, Runeshapers, Champions, a Hero and Fellcaller and Janissa.

I dropped my Damiano list because it was the only one with the power to grind through all that meat.


I deploy similar to last time with Boomhowlers central and Steelheads in behind and Forge Guard on the flanks to do a pincer type maneuver whenever they end up making it to the fight.

He deploys in a bit of a brick with the Champions central with the Heavies in behind and Burrowers and Runeshapers on the hill.

IMG_4486 copy

Mercs Turn 1

I run everything forward. Boomhowlers take the middle of the Board. Forge Guard run up the flanls, Gun Mages run through the forest etc. Sure Foot goes on Rocinante and Death March goes on the Boomhowers.

IMG_4487 copy

Trolls Turn 1

My opponent is a bit timid with his turn and mostly walks his stuff all forward. Jannissa puts a wall up in front of the Champions.

IMG_4488 copy IMG_4489 copy

Mercs Turn 2

I run forward again since there is still nothing in threat range. My Steelheads are crouded around the flag and are Tough from Rupert. My Boohowlers are clogging the center and are 4+ tough. Gun mages just advanced and took a couple shots at rune shapers doing a few points to 1 of them. Rocinante does some damage to the Slag troll.

IMG_4490 copy

Trolls Turn 2

He finally commits some of his troops.

Champions charge forward and take out a couple Steelheads.  The Hero takes out one.

Slag troll takes a shot at Rocinante but is out of range then shoots a Boomhowler and forces a tough roll, I pass but am corroded. Axer and Earthborn move up the right side.

Runeshapers fire some shots into my Gun Mages.

Burrowers Burrow.

IMG_4491 copy

Mercs Turn 3

Damiano moves up and pops his feat for the +3 Strength and ARM.

My Forge Guard on the right charge in and kill the Earthborn but don’t manage to get much done to the Axer. They also kill 1 of the Runeshapers.

Boomholwers charge in and kill another Runeshaper and only kill 1 Champion.

Steelheads charge in and kill Janissa but fail to kill the Hero and Fellcaller.

Rocinante puts another shot into the Slag troll.

IMG_4492 copy

Trolls Turn 3

This turn he is able to kill way more than he had any right too.  Especially because it was Damiano’s feat turn.  I guess Weaponmasters don;t really care too much about 3 points of armour.

His Champions kill basically all but 2 of my Boomhowlers. Tough rolls really failed me this turn.

His Hero and Fellcaller take out about 4 Stealheads.

I have left a very convenient semi circle of low defence Forge Guard surround the Axer who I have just discovered has Thresher. I loose 4 of the 6 forge guard to his 1 attack and 1 more after the Burrowers pop up and start firing at stuff.  They also take out 1 of my 3 remaining gun mages.

IMG_4494 copy IMG_4495 copy

Mercs Turn 4

Wow that was bloody.

This turn I want revenge.

Gun mages go an do an AoE attack on the Burrowers killing 2 of them.

The last Forge Guard does a tether-ball charge on the Axer and does some damage but not enough to matter.

Steelheads are broken from last turn but they rally.

Forge guard on the left charge in and make up for lat time by killing all but 1 of the Champions.

Boomhowler charges in and finishes him with Ragman’s help and calls Rage Howl to protect against his beasts.

Rocinante puts another shot into the Slag troll.

Damiano starts moving toward the center of the table because the right flank isn’t looking so good anymore.

IMG_4496 copy IMG_4497 copy

Trolls Turn 4

He doesn’t get much done this turn.

His Hero kills a forgeguard. Fell caller moves over but engages himself so he can’t shoot.

Slag troll fires at Rocinante and misses and tries again and hits, doing light damage and corroding him.

Mauler charges Rocinante but fails due to bases being in the way.

Burrowers move in to attack Gun Mages and can’t hit them.


IMG_4498 copy

Mercs Turn 5

Steelhead kill his Hero

Rag moves up to Death Field where he will catch the Mauler and the Slag troll.

Rocinante pound the mauler into a blue pulp.

Forge guard charge in and kill the slag troll and the Fellcaller.

Damiano runs for the flah to score 2 CPs.

IMG_4500 copy IMG_4501 copy IMG_4502 copy

Trolls Turn 5

On his turn his tries ineffectually to kill more of my stuff and fails to get anything into contesting range of my flag so at the end of his turn I go up to 4 CPs and immediately end my turn for the win.

Victory to Mercs!!

Thoughts on the game:

-My opponent was pretty new to the game but it was a really fun game and a major slog though all his tough Trolls.

Thoughts on the Tournament:

-Meeplemart has an amazing facility.  Its located in Toronto’s Chinatown near Dundas/Spadina and if you live nearby I highly recommend checking it out.  So much stuff there and a great gaming area.

-All the peopl I played against were really friendly and except for 1 notable rage quit I think everyone was there for a good time and a good time was had by all.

-Big thanks to Chris and Brian for running the tourney.  20 sweaty Nerds in a basement can be a lot to handle and you did a great job.

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