Tournament 010 – Store Wars 2 – Marc's Experience with Cygnar

Aww yeah. It feels good to be writing battle reports again… between life and work, I’ve had precious little time remaining for the important things: talking about glorious victories and ignoble defeats!

IMG_20150131_111507 copy

This set of 4 battle reports are from late January (yeah, I’m a little behind!) and will cover my results at the 2nd Store Wars tournament which happened at Black Knight Games in Hamilton.

We’ve already done the podcast for this (WEEKS ago), but if you’d like a more detailed blow-by-blow… read on!

Since we’re still locked into our OTC lists for the upcoming Team Tournament (this week! Oh my lords I can’t wait to be done with these lists!), I was dropping my usual pHaley – Kraye pairing:

Captain Victoria Haley
– Squire
– Stormwall
Storm Strider
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (ATGM)
– Officer
Tempest Blazers (max)
Anastasia di Braye
Stormsmith Stormcaller x2
Journeywoman Warcaster

Basically, this list is built on the concept of infinite POW10s. On Feat Turn, firing Electroleap shots from the Blazers, I can reliably get about 44 – 60 POW10 shots out onto the field (many of which auto-hit as long as they’re within 4″ of another target, and most lists I go up against have at least a few easy low-DEF models to ping). Remarkably effective at attrition, and as long as my opponent is dropping high-ARM skews… and sometimes even then… a very, very solid list. I love it, and I may even miss it a little when I switch to my new pairings in a week.

Captain Jeremiah Kraye
– Squire
– Minuteman
– Minuteman
– Stormclad
– Stormclad
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard
– Stormgunner
Cylena and the Nyss Hunters (max)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)
Rhupert, Piper of Ord

This Kraye list was crafted to deal with Bradigus, and since the nerf has lost much of its purpose. I mean, it’s still a solid Assassination list (17″ charging Stormclads with boosted melee attack rolls and electroleaps can catch a LOT of people off-guard!), and it pairs well with Haley since it’s a very powerful anti-ARM list. But, that stated, it needs some hit-fixers… Pendrake would be good, Gorman and/or Aiyana and Holt, even Ragman… but oh well. Next time! I still love the list, but I would certainly never drop it again without overhauling it!

Round 1:

My first opponent was Jeremy playing Legion… his two lists were an eAbby list, and the following Bethane list that he dropped against me:

Bethayne & Belphagor
– Nephlim Bolt Thrower
– Carnivean
– Raek
– Succubus
Ogryn Warspears
– UA
Hex Hunters (max)
– Hex Hunter Character UA
Spell Martyr x3
Blackfrost Shard

So, I’ve only played against Bethane once before, but I know her schtick is based around boosted Magic damage rolls (hence the Hex Hunters), and Haley… well, she tends to be pretty solid against magic-using opponents. So I dropped Haley (figuring that without a solid alpha-strike I’d be able to tear apart Abby’s fragile Legion warbeasts at range anyway!).

Anastasia’s +1 helps me go first, which I elect to do (gotta get the guns downfield to avoid losing by Scenario!).

I set my two huge bases in the middle of the table, with the Blazers to my right and the ATGM to my left. Anastasia stays in reserve for Ambushing later, and Haley and the Journeywoman go in the gap I leave between my huge bases.
IMG_20150131_110433 copy IMG_20150131_110437 copy

Jeremy drops his Warspears across the table from my ATGM, his Hex Hunters across from the Blazers (both good calls), and then his Raek and Carnivean opposite the Stormwall and the Bolt Thrower near Bethane and her pet in the middle. Spell Martyrs are sprinkled throughout.
The WarSpears “Prey” the Stormwall.

IMG_20150131_110748 copy IMG_20150131_110753 copy

Turn 1, Cygnar

Everything runs forward. As is tradition, I move my Blazers forward a bit TOO much (more on that in a moment), but I manage to spread out my ATGM pretty well onto a nearby hill. The huge bases both get Arcane Shields (Stormwall from Haley, Strider from Junior), and Haley moves up the middle.
IMG_20150131_111501 copy

Turn 1, Legion

Jeremy runs a Spell Martyr down the right flank at my Blazers (ruh-roh). Bethane arcs “Eruption of Spines” through it onto a Blazer, but only gets 1 additional target (phew!). She kills 1 Blazer and wounds the other. She puts Ashen Veil on the Warspears. She melds into Belphagor, who uses his Animus.
The Hex Hunters and Warspears run forward. The Shard move up behind the Warspears and go Stealth. The two remaining Spell Martyrs move up near the Warspears.
The Bolt Thrower moves up and takes a shot (out of range).
The Raek riles and runs to engage a Blazer, and the Carnivean moves up behind Jeremy’s friendly Objective.

IMG_20150131_113256 copy IMG_20150131_113300 copy

Turn 2, Cygnar

Well, that could’ve been much worse. And it’s pretty obvious that poor Jeremy isn’t well versed against Cygnar… time for a somewhat harsh lesson. I deploy Anastasia on the right side of the table, close to my lines.
Both Arcane Shields are upkept, and Haley pulls from the Squire and camps everything.
Haley goes first, moving up and popping her Feat. She casts Temporal Barrier, takes a shot at a Warspear (which flies wide), casts “Deadeye” on the ATGM, and ends her turn.
The Blazers go next. The one engaged by the Raek is out of Feat range and pumps a single Brutal Damage shot into it, while the rest move up and uses Electroleaps to wipe out all the Hex Hunters save 2. They Light-Cav forward to tie up Jeremy’s stuff.
The Stormwall walks forward, dropping a Lightning Pod near the middle of the table (and just outside Belphagor’s Animus-cloud). It pumps 2 shots into the Carnivean for light damage,a nd 1 shot into the Bolt Thrower for heavy damage. It drops Covering Fire.
The Strider goes next, moving up and firing into the Pod three times. Between all the electroleaps, I clear out a handful of Warspears, the Shepherd, the Sucubus, and a Spell Martyr.
The ATGM move forward and pump Thunderbolt rounds into the Warspears, killing a few (and notably the officer) and dropping the last Spell Martyr. They then take every member of the Blackfrost Shard off the table (ah Snipe with Deadeye… what a wonderful pairing!).

IMG_20150131_115636 copy IMG_20150131_115851 copy

Turn 2, Legion

Jeremy is a little shell-shocked (and with good reason!), but is determined to soldier on!
Bethane/Belphagor ends up cutting for a few Fury (Raek was out of CTRL range with the loss of the Shepherd), but the Raek doesn’t Frenzy.
The Warspears move up and throw pointy sticks at my ATGM futily. The Bolt Thrower pumps a round into the Storm Strider for a few points of damage.
Belphagor moves up to get the Raek back in CTRL (just) and pops Feat. She then casts “Eruption of Spines” at the Stormwall. I Arcane Vortex it with Haley, so he casts it again (Haley is out of Focus at this point). The spell gets 3 additional targets, hitting Haley, the Strider, and a Blazer. He inflicts 7 points on Haley (OUCH!), a few on the Strider, and kills the Blazer.
The remaining Hex Hunters cast spells at the Stormwall for a few points of damage.
The Raek Leaps away from my Blazer to engage Anastasia, but sadly (for Jeremy) Leaps out of CTRL range and so can’t boost to hit her. It misses.
Lastly, the Carnivean repositions behind the Objective.
IMG_20150131_121628 copy

Turn 3, Cygnar

So far, so good! Upkeep both Arcane Shields, pull from the Squire.
Haley goes first, moving to toe into the zone further from the Stormwall (but keeping it within 3″, just in case).
The Strider goes next and vapourizes the last few Hex Hunters and pumps a shot into the Carnivean for light damage.
The Stormwall goes next, drops a pod, and puts more shots into the Carnivean.
My remaining Blazer moves back towards the Raek and misses it again.
Anastasia moves up the table towards Belphagor.
The ATGM aim and pump Thunderbolt shots into the remaining Warspears, killing 2 and pushing 1 out of the Zone.
Haley dominates her zone for 1CP.

IMG_20150131_123116 copy

Turn 3, Legion

The war grinds on…
The Carnivean moves up and sprays the Stormwall for a few points of damage.
The Raek swings at my Blazer, missing. It does manage to bite and kill Anastasia, though.
Belphagor casts a few Eruptions of Spines at the Stormwall, but they’re all Arcane Vortex’d away.
The last Warspear moves to engage some ATGM.
I score another CP, bringing me to 2-0.
IMG_20150131_124141 copy

Cygnar, Turn 4

I still got this… as long as Haley doesn’t die… 2 Focus to the Stormwall, last Focus from the Squire, Junior drops Arcane Shield from the Strider but Haley upkeeps it on the Stormwall.
Haley goes first, casting Temporal Barrier again and moving to the furthest corner of the zone.
Strider is next, pumping shots into the Bolt Thrower and doing heavy damage. Electroleaps go into Belphagor, who is immune.
The Stormwall goes next, walking towards Belphagor and the Carnivean: can’t quite get Reach on the warlock, so I drop a Pod behind the Bolt Thrower and punch the Carnivean to death, Marxing 1 Focus.
The Blazer again misses the Raek.
ATGM activate and blast the last Warspear off the table.
My Journeywoman moves up and puts Arcane Shield on Haley.
Lastly, I crowd my Stormcallers as close to the Strider as I can, to reduce the odds of Haley getting Eruption’d again.
I score again, bringing me to 3CPs.
IMG_20150131_124657 copy IMG_20150131_124702 copy

Legion, Turn 4

Jeremy has one faint chance remaining. Cuts for a few more Fury, and we’re off.
Bolt Thrower moves over and takes a shot at the Strider: hits, inflicts a few points.
Belphagor activates and moves up to my Stormwall. He/she casts Erruption on my Strider: I Vortex it. He casts again, hitting, and getting 3 additional targets: My Stormcaller, an ATGM… and Haley. Jeremy boosts damage, needing a 16 to kill her… and rolls a 14.
Jeremy tries to kill my Blazer with the last Hex Hunter (misses), the Raek walks towards my Stormwall, and he ends his turn, giving me my 4th CP.
IMG_20150131_125436 copy

Cygnar, Turn 5

I could just end my turn, but it’s a tournament and I want a few more points (quickly, no point in spiking the ball). 3 Focus to the Stormwall, drop everything.
Haley goes first and casts Temporal Barrier again.
Stormwall turns to face Belphagor and punches him in the face until he stops twitching.
Victory for Cygnar!
IMG_20150131_125651 copy

Post Game Analysis:

Okay… camping more than 1 Focus a turn is apparently a good idea against Bethayne! Still, I had a list tailor-made to rip his to shreds, and then did so. Good on Jeremy for continuing to try… and that one damage roll could’ve gone his way!

Round 2: Khador

My second round opponent is named Richard (“Rich”), and was playing Butcher3 and the following Butcher1 Tier list:

The Butcher of Khador
– Wardog
– Juggernaut
– Juggernaut
Black Fang Pikemen (max, “IFPs”)
– Officer and Stanard
Black Fang Pikemen (max)
– Officer and Standard
Black Fang Pikemen (max)
– Officer and Standard
Greatbears of the Gallowswood
Manhunter x2
Iron Fang Kovnik x2

Hmmm. That’s a lot of going-to-be ARM22 to deal with… but it’s a LOT of them, which means Kraye (with his more-limited number of attacks) is probably not a great drop? Plus, a few charging IFPs will wreck my warjacks effortlessly. I decide Haley is the better answer.

I win initiative and go first.

Rich takes up his entire side of the table with IFPs, all Base to Base (who then all get Advanced Moves). He puts 1 Juggernaut near the middle, the other on my right, and everything else goes behind the IFPs.

IMG_20150131_134222 copy
Here is Rich’s deployment AFTER all the Advanced moves…
IMG_20150131_134352 copy

As for my deployment: exactly the same as last time, with the ATGM on the left and the Blazers on the right. Bring it on, Butcher… bring it on…
IMG_20150131_134218 copy

Cygnar, Turn 1

Everything runs forward. Same as last time, I move the Blazers up too far (why, oh why, do I keep thinking that they’re “safe” if they’re outside of Charge range, but forget that my enemies can just run to engage them!?), put Arcane Shield on both of my huge bases, and move Haley up the middle. Anastasia moves aggressively towards the Butcher.

IMG_20150131_135147 copy IMG_20150131_135155 copy

Khador, Turn 1

Rich gives out 1 Focus to each Juggernaut, and we’re off.
The IFPs on the right flank pop Mini-Feat and run to engage my Blazers. The ones in the middle get “Shield March” from the Kovnik and then pop Mini-Feat while marching up the middle of the table. The last unit on the right elect not to pop Mini-Feat but do Shieldwall up the table.
The Butcher activates, backs away from Anastasia, and puts “Iron Flesh” on himself (wise).
The Juggernauts both run forward into a zone.
The Manhunters both move forward to threaten my models next turn.
The Greatbears move up the middle of the table, and we’re done.
IMG_20150131_140052 copy

Cygnar, Turn 2

This is what we would like to call a “taget rich environment”. Of course, much of it is ARM18 or 22… but I can hopefully deal with that. Upkeep both Arcane Shields, pull from the Squire.
Haley goes first. She moves directly behind the Effigy of Valour on my side of the table, pops her Feat, and casts Temporal Barrier. She shoots an IFP, boosts damage, and kills him.
The Stormwall moves up next to Haley, lobs a Pod next to a Manhunter, and dumps it’s 3 big guns into Juggernauts for light damage. It drops Covering Fire between itself and the closest IFPs.
The Strider is next. It moves up as well and dumps 3 shots into the Juggernaut on the left: no love on the Crit: Disruption, but it does do hefty damage and clear out masses of IFPs (in the back-arc, so no Shieldwall) and the Manhunter (by shooting into the pod).
Blazers shuffle around a little bit, moving up to engage the IFPs at Gunfighter range, and pump Brutal shots into IFPs, killing about half the unit. I do miss the Manhunter, though.
Stormcallers go next, calling down thunder and killing a few unlucky IFPs engaging my Blazers.
Lastly, the ATGM move up and fire Thunderbolt rounds into the closest IFPs. Because the Push happens on HIT, I manage to peel away most of the unit from their protective Shieldwall and kill them, including the Officer and Standard, leaving the unit at 4 men… who break.
Anastasia runs to the far right corner of the friendly zone, just to make sure that Rich won’t be able to Control it on his turn.

IMG_20150131_142404 copy IMG_20150131_142411 copy

Khador, Turn 2

Well, that was FAR more effective than I expected! I think Rich was also a little surprised by how many IFPs I managed to chew through… only downside? It took up a fair chunk of my clock (there were, after all, a LOT of hit and damage rolls!). Butcher upkeeps Iron Flesh and camps everything else.
The IFPs engaging my Blazers manage to kill one with CMAs. The Manhunter on that side misses.
The center unit of IFPs (the least damaged of the bunch) move up around the Covering Fire in Shieldwall again, engaging a few ATGM and my Strider.
An IFP Kovnik walks up and swings at Anastasia, but misses.
The less-damaged Juggernaut (on the left) moves towards my Stormwall. The other (crippled Cortex, as memory serves) walks towards the middle as well.
The Butcher walks away from Anastasia (to the opposite side of his Objective).
Lastly, the Greatbears move up a little to threaten the middle of the board.
IMG_20150131_143743 copy

Cygnar, Turn 3

Just gotta keep clearing away chaffe… gosh there’s a lot of chaffe… upkeep Arcane Shields, and we’re off!
Haley goes first, putting up Temporal Barrier again.
Blazers go next, clearing out the Manhunter and all the IFPs on that side save a few.
ATGM go next, killing more IFPs from their side.
Strider goes, moves up, and kills a bunch of other IFPs.
Stormwall drops a pod and pumps more shots into the Juggernaut on the left, wrecking it with some lucky rolls. It fires the little guns into the Greatbears, wiping them out to a man.

Khador, Turn 3

Rich basically just jams everything forward, finally killing Anastasia and all my Blazers save 1.

Cygnar, Turn 4

Okay, I’ve got this… except that I have only minutes left on my clock! I need to get Rich’s zone cleared and get Haley in there to start scoring CPs!
The last Blazer kills a few more IFPs. The Stormcallers wipe out yet more. Haley starts moving towards Rich’s zone (still contested by 2 models!).

IMG_20150131_150807 copy

Khador, Turn 3

Rich at this point has decided he’s going to clock me… which is a very viable thing to do! He doesn’t even bother taking attacks… he spreads out his IFP to the far corners of his zone, camps Focus, pass the clock back!

Cygnar, Turn 4

3 Focus to the Stormwall, upkeep the Arcane Shields… down to minutes on the clock… go!
The Blazer aims and kills one of the 3 remaining IFPs.
Stormcaller kills another!
The Stormwall walks towards the last Pikeman (the Standard, of all things!) and boosts to hit… Misses! I pick up my dice… and I run out of time.

IMG_20150131_151905 copy IMG_20150131_151901 copy

Post Game Analysis

Okay, that Pikemen dies? Haley is in the zone with Temporal Barrier up, Rich can’t get anything into the zone to contest: I score my 5CPs without interuption. So close! Great game, though, and Rich was a pleasure to play against!

Round 3: Menoth

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve played against the holy forces of the God of Man… let’s see how I do on the other side of the table from them! My opponent, named Alex, had a Kreoss2 list, and the following eSeverius list:

Hiearch Severius
– Hierophant
– Blessing of Vengeance
– Reckoner
– Reckoner
– Redeemer
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
Rhoven & Co.
Covenant of Menoth
Holy Zealots of Menoth (max)
– Monolith Bearer UA
Choir of Menoth (min)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)
Gorman di Wulfe

That’s a lot of guns… which I respect! My Kraye list has no magic shooting, though, and, in general, I hated not being able to charge in Menoth (they lose a lot if they get alpha’d first!), so… Haley again! Which, it turns out, is a *HUGE* mistake… but we’ll get to that.

We rolled for initiative, which I again won and elected to go first.


Alex placed his two Reckoners near the middle of the table to my left while the Redeemer and Blessing went more to the right. The Zealots went to the right in a clump, while Aiyana and Holt went to to the left. Support staff were sprinkled throughout.
IMG_20150131_155405 copy

As for my deployment… Blazers left, ATGM right, and Anastasia far-right. It’s almost subconscious at this point.
IMG_20150131_155055 copy

Cygnar, Turn 1

Arcane Shields, running, move the Blazers up too far. You know the drill.

IMG_20150131_155823 copy

Menoth, Turn 1

Alex loads up his Redeemer, gives 1 to his Reckoners, and we’re off.
The Choir sings “Battle” on his warjacks. The Reckoners Assault my Blazers, killing 1 each.
Aiyana and Holt move up onto a hill. Aiyana gives herself Stealth.
Holy Zealots pop their mini-Feat and run forward, spreading out. Blessing moves up behind them.
Severius puts “Holy Ward” on the Zealots and stays back.
The Redeemer moves forward and pumps its rocket shots into my ATGM. The scatters kill 2.
Eiryss runs up behind Alex’s Objective, the Book and Rhoven move forwards.
Gorman moves forward and pops Smoke between Sevy and my Stormwall.

IMG_20150131_160911 copy

Cygnar, Turn 2

Feat time! Upkeep the Arcane Shields, pull from the Squire, and we’re off!
Haley goes first, moving up into the forest and popping her Feat. She can’t see out of the forest, so she ends her activation.
The Stormwall goes next, moving up in front of Haley and dropping a pod behind Eiryss. The elven mercenary dies. The big gun shots into Blessing of Vengence twice, kill Rhoven’s closest Honour Guard, and drops Covering Fire.
My ATGM move up and pump Brutal Shots into Blessing and a few Snipe Shots into the Book.
The 3 remaining Blazers move up and do Electroleap shots off the Reckoners to kill Aiyana, Holt, and a few Choir. They do their Light-Cav move to tie up the Reckoners.
The Strider activates and pumps a couple shots into the Stormpod: the electroleaps kill Gorman and lightly damage the Redeemer. Nothing gets to Severius, though (boo).
Stormcallers move up, but have nothing within range.
Anastasia goes last and runs to the other side of the table.

IMG_20150131_162217 copy
IMG_20150131_162225 copy

Menoth, Turn 2

Alex has an evil grin. I don’t like it. He allocates 2 to each Reckoner, 3 to the Redeemer, and then smiles again.
“Are you upkeeping Holy Ward?” I ask.
“Hmmm? Oh, I guess so!” Alex responds, removing Severius’s last Focus.

The Choir go first and sing Battle again.
Sevy goes next. He moves forward and pops his Feat. There are only a handful of targetable models within range, but 2 of them are the Blazers engaging his Reckoners: He has them walk away and kill the other Blazer with their activations, freeing up his Reckoners. He uses the rest of his Feat activations (2?) to make my ATGM shoot a few others to death.
He then looks down, laughs loudly, and curses. I ask what’s up and he hands me Severius’s card, informing me that I should read “Awareness”… for those unaware (like me!), Awareness is a Cost 2 spell that allows Sevy’s warjacks to ignore intervening models and Forests when declaring targets! If he had remembered to keep a Focus on Sevy and activate the Hierophant first, Haley would be super-dead right now… Assault shots from the Reckoners first, then rockets from the Redeemer until toasty! But instead, nothing happens…
He runs Rhoven and Co up to block Severius and then fires the Redeemer at the Stormwall, hoping for a miracle… but the rockets do basically nothing, and we both know it’s basically over. His Zealots wipe out a few of my ATGM (and a few of his own Zealots, as is tradition), and that’s it.

IMG_20150131_163753 copy IMG_20150131_163813 copy

Cygnar, Turn 3

Well, a lesson was learned! 3 Focus to the Stormwall, upkeep spells (pull from the Squire) and we’re off.
Haley moves up to make sure Sevy is in Temporal Barrier range (he is) and casts it.
The Stormwall moves forward and drops Severius with its first big gun shot (boosting damage).

Victory to Cygnar!

IMG_20150131_164149 copy IMG_20150131_164154 copy

Post Game Analysis

You know, I played Menoth for a year, but I never touched eSeverius… I hated his Feat too much to really give him a chance (plus, Eye of Menoth is everything I ever wanted in a buff spell!). I didn’t deserve that win, but I learned something very valuable in the process!

Round 4: Trolls

My final round I was up against Chadi (who, during the podcast for these games, I call “Chad” at least 6 times… sorry dude!). He had just lost to the same Rich that had beaten me in round 2… and I was locked into Kraye, so I was super happy to be going up against a Faction that would actually use heavy ARM!

He ended up chosing his Doomshaper list:

Hoaluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls (pDoomy)
– Mulg
– Earthborn Dire Troll
– Dire Troll Mauler
– Troll Axer
Rune Shapers
Rune Shapers
Rune Shapers
Rune Shapers
Krielstone Bearer (max)
– Stonescribe Elder

As I mentioned, I was very happy to drop Kraye into this… it’s not a good Haley drop (POW10s will only get you so far!), and I was pretty sure it would be a close fight, at least! And it’s been a LONG time since I’ve played against Trolls… I could certainly use the practice!

We rolled for initiative, which I again managed to win and elected to go first (woo!).


My Kraye list deploys differently than my Haley list (finally!): Kraye and his 2 Stormclads go in the middle of the table, with the Stormblades flanking immediately to the Stormclad’s left. The Nyss Hunters went slightly to the right, with Rhupert between the two. The Minute Men and Eiryss would be Advanced Deployed, both MM within 6″ of Kraye (so I can get “Full Tilt” on either if needed).

Chadi set up two units of Runeshapers on the left iwth the Earthborn and Mulg closer to the middle. The Krielstone and the Mauler went smack in the middle along with Doomy, and then the last unit of Runeshapers went to the right.

IMG_20150131_181735 copy

Cygnar, Turn 1

Well, let’s get this party started… Kraye camps his full stack, and we’re off.
Kraye goes first, moving up and putting Full Tilt on the right Minuteman. It then activates and walks across the river in the middle of the table.
The other Minuteman runs (for free) up to the forest on the left.
Both Stormclads activate and gain their free Focus from the Stormblades, running forward ahead of Kraye. The Stormblades run forward around the Stormclads.
Rhupert moves up and gives the Stormblades “Tough”.
The Nyss run forward and spread out, with Eiryss flanking hard right.IMG_20150131_182344 copy

Trolls, Turn 1

First, an apology: I don’t have much experience against Trolls (a total of 7 games, including this one!)
Chadi starts by dumping Fury onto his Krielstone from Doomshaper, who moves up a little. He also puts “Fortune” and the Earthborn’s Animus on Mulg.
Janissa moves up and puts a wall down between the two Tier walls already on the table, and then the Heavies run up behind walls
The Krielstone moves up and pops ARM and Strength.
Lastly, the 4 units of Runeshapers move up in 3 man pods.
IMG_20150131_183005 copy

Cygnar, Turn 2

I’d really like to get Mulg dead before he can cause too much havoc… I have 2 heavies to Chadi’s 3, so I have to start the trade favourably. With that in mind, 2 Focus to the closest Stormclad, 2 to the closest Minuteman, drop Full Tilt, pull from the Squire, and we’re off!
The Minuteman goes first, moving up and pumping two shots into Mulg for light damage.
Eiryss goes next, moves up, and shoots Mulg: Hitting, she drops off the Animus and upkeeps from him.
Kraye goes next, declares a Ride By attack, moves up and pops his Feat. He swaps “Full Tilt” to the closer Stormclad and casts “Easy Rider”, and then moves back to the edge of the killbox.
That Stormclad activates and charges Mulg, easily getting distance (albeit over a wall). Burning through my full stack of Focus, however, I leave the ancient Troll on a handful of boxes  with 2 aspects crippled.
The Nyss go next. I move them up towards Doomshaper, and fire a big CRA into the Troll warlock… hitting, I inflict more damage, leaving him on 5 boxes. Mulg moves up into the midsts of the Nyss.
The other Stormclad moves between Mulg and Kraye. The Stormblades run forward and spread out. Rhupert gives the Stormblades “Tough”.

IMG_20150131_184813 copy IMG_20150131_184824 copyIMG_20150131_184817 copy

Trolls, Turn 2

Sadly, Mulg has survived. I doubt the same can be said about my poor Stormclad…
Doomshaper pulls in his Fury.
The Earthborn moves up and scraps my Stormclad, going through much of its Fury to do so. It fails to hit my Minuteman, though.
Janissa moves up and uses her ability to push my Minuteman out of the way.
Doomshaper moves up aggressively and pops his Feat. He heals both crippled aspects on Mulg, and puts Fortune back on the huge Troll.
Mulg then tramples towards Kraye, taking 1 free strike on the way. He kills 2 Nyss (snacking as he does so) and then I *crank* the damage roll against him and cripple his Mind. He gets distance to Kraye, though… but after burning through his remaining Fury, Kraye still stands! On 2 boxes, but stands!
A unit of Runeshapers swing at and miss Eiryss, while the two units on the left take shots at my Minuteman for light damage.

IMG_20150131_191814 copy IMG_20150131_191818 copy

Cygnar, Turn 3

Okay, okay… still kicking, albeit not by much! Can’t risk casting anything within Doomshaper’s CTRL (which, conveniently, is exactly Kraye’s CTRL) or Kraye will super-die. 2 Focus to the Stormclad, and we’re off.
Stormclad activates, moves to the edge of Mulg’s Reach, and beats the troll until it stops twitching. Takes 1d6 damage from the Feat.
Kryae moves out of Doomshaper’s CTRL and casts “Easy Rider”. I leave him outside the Killbox (oops).
Stormblades Assault forward, damaging the Earthborn and killing a handful of Runeshapers.
Remaining Nyss Charge Doomshaper. I get 3 on him… he has no Transfers… first 2 attacks both miss, and the last one only does a few points of damage. Boo! One tied up by a Runeshaper kills it.
Eiryss flails pointlessly at a Runeshaper for a few points of damage.
The Minuteman walks forward and Flak Fields a couple trolls to death, and then punches one a couple times but it keeps Toughing.
Rhupert gives the Stormblades “Tough”.
Chadi gest 2CPs for me Killboxing Kraye…
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Trolls, Turn 3

Chadi, somewhat frustrated that Kraye isn’t dead yet, decides he wants to close this out.
Earthborn gets “Fortune” from Doomshaper, who kills a couple Nyss.
Mauler moves up and kills more Nyss, leaving me with 1.
One of the Runeshapers manages to kill Eiryss.
Earthborn Tramples up to my Stormclad, getting distance and putting a fair chunk of damage on it (but not wrecking it, and leaving Sword and Cortex intact!). Takes a Free Strike from my Minuteman on the way that pings off its ARM.
Stones move up and say ARM and Strength.
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Cygnar, Turn 4

I think I can still do this… probably? Maybe? 2 Focus to the Stormclad, and we’re off.
Stormclad goes first, swinging at the Earthborn, but fails to connect a couple times.
Stormblades Charge it and do heavy damage, but leave it on a few boxes.
Rhupert gives them Tough and Fearless again.
Kraye moves into the Killbox (no point in making this EASIER for him!) and shoots a couple Runeshapers off the table.
Minuteman fires a couple shots into Krielstone Bearers, killing 2.
Score stays 2-0 for Chadi and his Troll warriors! Also of note, I am down to about… 45 seconds on my clock.

Trolls, Turn 4

Chadi moves Doomshaper to the right flag to dominate it, killing the last Nyss on his way.
The Earthborn does a 2-hand Throw, lobbing my Stormclad at Kraye. He hits! He does 1 point of damage! Kraye survives!
The Mauler and the Krielstone Bearers try to beat up the Minuteman, but most of his attacks miss. He does kill a few Stormblades, though.
Runs his remaining Runeshapers between Doomy and Kraye and my Stormclad
Dominates the flag for 2CPs, bringing the score to 4-0!

Cygnar, Turn 5

I look at the game state, the time left on my clock, and call it a day.

Victory to Trolls!

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Post Game Analysis:

Man, I have got to stop taking pictures on my Deathclock time… two games I lost this tournament were both clock-losses. And in both cases, given a few more minutes I could’ve absolutely pulled out a win… this one would’ve been tricky, but I think I could’ve gotten it done. Probably?
Either way, Chadi played a great game, used his army effectively, and it was a joy overall!

Post Tournament Analysis:

So I ended my day 2-2, which is *okay*. I was hoping for 3-1, but these things happen. Still, got some great games in, had a TONNE of fun, and learned some really useful things about my lists (like Kraye is actually a relatively good Runes of War drop, surprisingly!).

Thanks for reading, and my next battle report is from February, so I’m only a month behind! Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome!

0 thoughts on “Tournament 010 – Store Wars 2 – Marc's Experience with Cygnar

  1. Nice games, clocked basicly twice then? Need to work on your time management there, Marc. Especially Haleys feat is time consuming of course so will be good for you to get some other casters in your pairing 😉

    • Excellent points, Sjur! One thing I’ve been forced to do is stop taking pictures at tournaments… the Deathclock is a cruel mistress, and I lost a couple games by a minute, which is more-or-less the amount of time required over 5 turns to take “quick” pictures. So my future tournament reports you will notice that there’s only 1 or 2 pictures per pairing, rather than multiple shots per game.

      On the plus side, I’ve learned that I’m really pretty good with pHaley, and she’s a lot stronger than most people realize.

      More battle reports incoming! Hopefully this week… I’m working on a Kraye-eMorghoul one right now.

    • You know… that’s actually not a bad idea. Preset up the camera with one of those little button-things to just automatically take pictures… man, that’s brilliant! If I have an extra few hundred laying around at some point, I will totally do that! Thanks for the suggestion!

      And yes, pHaley can be unfun to play against. eHaley is awful to play against for 1 turn, but pHaley is pretty bad EVERY TURN. But I still love her… and I’ve played her long enough that I think all my friends will be HAPPY that I switch to eHaley! ^_^

      • I do prefer to play against (and with) eHaley to pHaley. At least it’s a puzzle with eHaley, that can be interesting to try and think your way out of.

        I do agree that pHaley is really strong too though, but I have to admit back when I played Cygnar she never really made that cut as I never found her that fun to play with. That actually makes me wonder how fun I’ll find pSevarius once I get that all-in-one box, but we will see.

      • I really enjoyed pSevy when I got him on the table (the few times)… he plays exactly the kind of warcaster I like: stays safely away from the front lines, buffs his army like nobody’s business, and can contribute in meaningful and interesting ways. Plus, he can run a big battle group very effectively.

        That stated, I also like playing pHaley, but she directly contributes to the fight much, much less. She basically has 2-3 Focus every turn, and MOST games you want/need to camp at least 1-2 of those. Which means she basically casts Temporal Barrier and hides every turn.

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