Podcast 068 – Tournament 012 – Adepticon 2015, Part One!

So the boyz of Combo Smite (well, Nick, Aaron, and I) went on a 8 hour road trip down to Chicago for Adepticon 2015. Super-fun times… and while we were there, we recorded a podcast! Go us!


There will be another podcast out shortly (hopefully by Thursday) where we talk with our buddies over at 30mm about a game Nick and Onyx/Matt played, but for now, please enjoy 90% of what we did at Adepticon! And a few pictures I took (hopefully Nick and Aaron will toss their pictures in either here, or under their own posts, at some point).

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It all started relatively late on Wednesday afternoon (around 6pm, so maybe early evening? I dunno). The three of us bundled ourselves into Nick’s little Honda Civic (which was unhappy at the sudden additional 300lbs of humanity and 50lbs of gear over Nick’s usual mass) and hit the road to Chicago. It’s about 800km (600miles) between the two points, and Nick drove a rock-steady 70mph the whole way.


We arrived in Chicago, we crashed at the hotel, and Nick snored. Here we see Aaron’s well-practiced technique for dealing with mornings…
We breakfasted and were at the convention by 8am, and immediately got into the Vendor’s line… well, Aaron did, since Nick and I were registered for Masters.
(Aaron was 12th in line!)

Played a bunch of games in the Masters on Thursday… Nick scrubbed out first round and dropped to assemble his new shinies with Aaron.

IMG_20150319_144638 IMG_20150319_144647 IMG_20150319_144644

Devil Shadow Mutineers for Nick (which he then used ILLEGALLY in a Highborn list for a couple games that day… for shame, Nicholas! For shame!), and of course Ruin for Aaron.

Meanwhile, I lost my first round to a Legion player named Cordell (I dropped Siege, he dropped Lylyth, I moved up and sat in Foxhole while blasting Lylyth with eleaps, and he assassinated me… yay…).

Second round I dropped Siege again (my main goal after I lost was to try and make this mighty warcaster work for me… I just can’t quite figure him out!). My opponent (who’s name escapes me… sorry!) dropped a Rayvn list into me. On his Feat he killed 6 of the 7 Gunmages and 3 of the Tempest Blazers. My following turn I killed… 3 MHSF? Maybe? It takes him a couple turns to kill the Stormwall, but it’s outclassed and outgunned by his swarms of infantry and in the end he wins on Scenario.
IMG_20150319_130215 IMG_20150319_133915 IMG_20150319_133911

Round 3 I decide to go to Major Haley, and I’m paired up against a Convergence player who drops Syntherion into me. This makes me sorta happy: I don’t know which Convergence models do what, but I like armies with only a few things I need to TK out of zones to win. Which is exactly what happens… he contests with a few warjacks, I TK them out of the zone, dominate, and win.

IMG_20150319_154133 IMG_20150319_164547 IMG_20150319_164543

I can already tell that I’m going to REALLY like playing Major Haley… now if I could just get Siege to work… speaking of which, Round 4 i drop Siege again, this time against Mortenebra. Deathjack gets a bit too far forward (close enough I can *walk* the Stormwall up to him!), so I Feat and walk Stormwall up to Deathjack, needing 7s to hit.
I miss 4 times, and the one time I hit him (the Feat-damage roll) cripples nothing. On my opponent’s turn, a Spectral-Steel’d Deathjack walks up to Siege and punches him to death effortlessly.

IMG_20150319_180902 IMG_20150319_184245 IMG_20150319_181653

Okay… 1-3 for the con so far, but this is my first “Major Convention Tournament” ever, so I’m not THAT surprised. Plus, 2 new lists… can only expect so much. More importantly (to me), I went 0-3 with Siege… I decide at this point that my goal is just to figure him out.

I get a quick Iron Arena game in with Aaron at 50pts to try and earn some Skulls… my goal was to get 40 so I could claim a Jakes art print (which is stunning, and also the only one of the prizes that, as a Cygnar player, I cared about). I dropped Siege again, he dropped Butcher3… and the table we played on won me the game. Basically it had a huge fortification that my guns could shoot out from but that Aaron had great difficulty assailing (although his Widowmakers mowed down my troops like wheat!).
IMG_20150319_195615 IMG_20150319_195610

Anyway, silly game, so it doesn’t count. Was fun though!

On Friday we awoke, with Nick well rested and Aaron and I on the verge of murdering him (seriously folks… it’s like he’s practicing Klingon or the language of Mordor while he sleeps!).


Off to the Iron Gauntlet! Nick didn’t sign up in time to get in, so he and Aaron played 35pt Scrambles all day (which is a super-awesome idea, whoever came up with it! And a huge thank you to Ruxton for running them all Con!).

As for me? My three lists were SUPPOSED to be Haley1, Haley2, Nemo3, but after deciding that I needed to learn Siege, Nemo3 was out and Siege was back in. Besides, I couldn’t go winless with Siege ALL convention… could i?

While waiting for the Iron Gauntlet to start I got a super-quick 25 point game in with Ragna. He dropped Magnus, 2 Renegades and a Mule, and I dropped Siege and a Stormcaller (I think taking Reinholdt for that last point would’ve been impolite!). In standard form, Siege moves up, Feats, and half-scraps everything within his CTRL range… and then dies (in this case to a crippled Mule cannon and a non-Crippled Renegade rocket that hits and rolls absolute FIRE for damage).

But at least I got the loss out of the way… I should be in the clear now, right? That’s the way it works, right?


Round 1 my opponent was Cordell… the same Legion player I faced Round 1 at the Masters (!!). Okay… I can handle this… his three lists are eVayl, Lylyth2, and eAbby. I decide to drop eHaley into the game, and things go *okay*… I pull both of his Angelius in closer and turn them around with TKs, pump shots into them but fail to kill either (BOO!) and then Feat after I clear the zone, destroy Cordell’s objective, and dominate for a total of 3 points, but sadly even with the Feat up, Cordell manages to get Haley dead (in reality she was basically vapourized the moment I forgot that Vayl can arc through anything she shoots… with her Feat I think she can get 3 Obliterations out? Yeah, that’d do it). As it is, the Seraph, needing 13s to hit, hits Haley 3 times out of 3 shots, leaving her on 2 boxes, which the Ravagore (also needing a 13) hits directly and kills her. Oops.

IMG_20150320_110107 IMG_20150320_115605

Round 2 I’m up against Legion again, and I’m dropping pHaley this time (I’m convinced she’s a really strong Legion drop… as long as it’s not an eLylyth 3-Ravagore list. She can’t deal with that, but to be honest, I don’t know how Cygnar DOES deal with that aside from really, REALLY good eHaley play…). My opponent, Terrence, is a really nice guy but also very new to the game (only about 6 months experience). As a result he doesn’t cast Shadow Pack and, despite failing to kill Lylyth on Feat Turn (7 electroleaps from Blazers, 4 shots from Sniped ATGM, 3 electroleaps from the Strider, and 3 boosted cannons from the Stormwall), he decides not to cast it next turn either and correspondingly I shoot her to death. Hopefully not too rude of an experience for him… the first time you play against pHaley is always rough.


My round 3 opponent was named Felix and he was playing Trolls… he dropped eMadrak into me, and I dropped Siege… say it with me folks… “Siege walks up, Feats, kills a bunch of stuff, and then dies.”

Actually, that didn’t happen this time… Felix cleared out the 3 flags for Incursion and scored 3 CPs. My plan was to trample the Stormwall over the Burrowers in his way to land between the two flags and contest the closer one… but a Stormwall Trample is only 3″ of “empty space” (between where he starts and where the back of his base ends), and 1 of the Burrowers was inside that landing zone and so the Stormwall went nowhere. Gorman contested one flag, Pendrake the other: Janissa pushed Gorman away, and then Madrak charge Pendrake (who Toughed 3 times like a champ!) to finish him off and win the game.

IMG_20150320_164421 IMG_20150320_164417

So still a loss, but at least Siege wasn’t killed? I guess?

Anyway, last round was against a Circle player named Jonathan dropping eBaldur, and I decided to play Siege again (hey, practice makes every-so-slightly-less-imperfect!). I go first, run forward, Baldur runs up and dumps all his Fury… I realize I’m JUST at the edge of Feat range on him… and after agonizing for minutes over the decision (every time! EVERY TIME I move up, Feat, and then die!), I decide to try for it. Baldur is behind a wall but I manage to run a Ranger up so I “only” need 10s to hit with Siege… Siege gets Reloaded, moves up, pops Feat, and then hits Baldur with his first shot for 16 points of damage and finishes him off with his second shot.

IMG_20150321_111709 IMG_20150321_111713 IMG_20150320_181119 IMG_20150320_181125

I won one! With Siege! Woo!
Ended up going 2-2, which I’m happy about. After the tournament I played a Scramble with Nick and Aaron (went 0-3 with Nemo), and then got a bunch of free stuff from the super-awesome PP-staff.

What did Nick and Aaron do while I was at the tournament? They napped.


They’re so cute together… anyway.
Last day of the con we played one more scramble (I went 0-3 with Nemo3… 1 really solid assassination run on Saeryn went south for no reason other than AWFUL dice, and then a 50/50 assassination run on eAbby (against Cordell… AGAIN… that guy, I tell ya…) went south after my last ditch effort (since all my other shots had hit but done almost no damage due to horrible rolls… again…) Dynamo moved up to shoot Abby only to realize that she was in Cover and engaged in melee (DEF24)… needing boxcars to hit, I nail the first one but fail to hit after that (no suprise). Last round I played pSevy who pounded Nemo with Judicator rockets.

After that, Nick got in a game against Matt from 30mm, which we’ll record for a second podcast later this week… beautiful, but difficult to use, table.

IMG_20150321_172721 IMG_20150321_173409

And then Saturday night, with no tournaments for any of us to attend on Sunday… we decided to head back to Canada! We left Chicago at around 7, stopped an an IHOP in Michigan (a post-con tradition now), and were back in London by 4am for Nick. I then had the joys of staying awake until I could take a train back to Kitchener at 7am, and finally got home around 9:30.

At which point I finally went to sleep without Nick snoring like a drunken bear with a serious nasal issue.

Thanks for reading! And a huge thank you for Glasskin for stopping by and saying hello (Hello!), and for all our opponents!

Another huge thank you to the brave Press Gang who volunteered their time for judging, running events, managing the Scramble, handling the Iron Arena software, and all that jazz, and to the convention organizers! Enormously fun time! Hopefully next year I can make a better showing for myself!

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  1. Hello!

    Can’t believe I missed this when you posted it. I had a blast at Adepticon, but I’m definitely going to do more scrambles next year.

    • Better late than never! Next year my goal is to place Top 8 in at least 1 of the two major tournaments (Masters and Iron Gauntlet). Since I finished 17th this year… that will probably take some work.

      Of course, we may not go to Adepticon next year… but finances providing, I would like to!

      I hope you get good mileage out of your custom die!

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