Tournament 014 – Store Wars 4 – Cygnar vs Everyone! Again!

Finally starting to catch up on all the tournaments I’ve been to… this one occurred back in March the week before the Ontario Team Championships, but I was finally freed from the oppression of my own awful list!
IMG_20150228_114939 copy

Well, *mostly* freed… turns out I’m not exactly super-awesome at making on-the-spot tournament lists either… but we’ll get to that, friends… we’ll get to that!

As the last tournament before the OTC, this would be the last time I was “forced” to pair pHaley with Kraye. Which is a blessing and a curse… I am now (in my humble opinion) one of the best pHaley players in the local meta, possibly in all of Southern Ontario.

I am also the *only* pHaley player on a tournament level in Southern Ontario. But that’s beside the point. It still makes me the best at it!

My pHaley list is (one more time):

Captain Victoria Haley
– Squire
– Stormwall
Storm Strider
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers (“ATGM”)
– Officer (“The Dude”)
Tempest Blazers (max)
Journeywoman Warcaster
Stormsmith Stormcaller x2
Anastasia di Braye

I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but folks, this list can effortlessly pump out 40 POW10s on Feat turn, and on a good day that number creeps up to 60-70 POW10s, of which 30-40 of them don’t require hit-rolls. They just hit. Pop Feat and watch enemy armies vapourize.

Now, my usual Kraye list to pair with that requires a unit of Nyss Hunters, which I am somewhat ashamed to admit I do not own… all this time I’ve been borrowing Nicks (and continue to do so currently!). For this tournament, Nick was originally expecting to make the trip, but had to cancel at the last minute… which was great news! I do *not* like the Kraye list I was using, and so a golden ray of sunshine appeared, allowing me to make a new, BETTER Kraye list!

Of course, I had a minute to do it in… but that’s okay! Here’s what I came up with from the models in my bag:

Captain Jeremiah Kraye
– Squire
– Stormclad
– Dynamo
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
Sword Knights (max)
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Stndard
– Stormgunner Weapon Attachment x2
Stormblade Captain
Journeywoman Warcaster
Viktor Pendrake
Rhupert Carvolo
Gorman di Wulfe

Is this a great list? NO! But it is a damn sight better than my other one! The Stormclad and Dynamo are both face-wreckers in melee with Dynamo having a pretty solid ranged threat under “Guided Fire”, the Sword Knights get Arcane Shield and Tough to become ARM19 tarpits while my Stormblades are hitting DEF17 warbeasts with Pendrake. And since this was designed as primarily a Troll/Skorne/Legion drop… yay!

I lament the loss of both Minutemen, but I was really excited to get this list on the table and see how it would do.

The tournament was at the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington, a quick jaunt down the highway, and I was super excited to be there. Great store, everyone in the area should check ’em out (and they, in turn, should pay Combo Smite advertising revenue because my Tesla isn’t going to buy itself!).

As per last time, this are going to be more “snapshot” reports than full-blown batreps as I only took 1 or 2 pictures per game to avoid Deathclocking myself… or at least to REDUCE the odds of that happening!

Round 1: Versus Cryx

There’s a short story that goes along with this round. I show up to the event, a little frazzled, having to make a new Kraye list on the spot, and I start chatting with a buddy named Mike who’s already there. A Cryx player, and a stronger member of the Southern Ontario meta, I’ve seen Mike at about 6 or 7 tournaments but we’ve never played. I jokingly tell him that as long as I don’t see him 1st round, I’d be happy to get a game in this tournament.

Of course I get him first round.

Mike was bringing (I believe) a pDenny list, and the following Goreshade3:

Goreshade, Lord of Ruin (“Goreshade3, Horseshade”)
– Bonejack arcnode of some variety
Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls
Bane Riders (max)
Blackbanes Ghost Raiders (max)
Satyxis Blood Witches (max)
– Blood Hag
Wrong Eye
– Snapjaw
Madelynn Corbeau
Machine Wraith
Withershadow Combine

Seeing Cryx made my decision easy (“Hmmm, do I take Kraye, who’s pretty good in general, or the single strongest anti-Cryx warcaster in the entire game bar-none? Hmmm…”).

The scenario was Destruction. I forget what Mike’s objective was (probably Arcane Wonder), but mine was Effigy of Valour (because fearless ATGM are good ATGM).

I managed to win the roll to go first. I move up my stuff, Mike moves up HIS stuff…

IMG_20150228_111032 copy
IMG_20150228_111227 copy
IMG_20150228_112230 copy

I pop my Feat and my Blazers, bless their souls, fail to wipe out the Raiders (leaving 2 on the table). I kill MOST of the Stitch Thralls and the Necrosurgeon, and almost manage to kill Wrongeye… some clever tech here. Basically, Mike submerged both Wrongeye and Snapjaw, but left Madelynn too close to Wrongeye… I shot her, and the shots (due to “Sucker!”) went straight into the warlock! They then ALSO electrolept into the warlock (using the Storm Strider)… but I fumbled the damage rolls, which unquestionably should’ve vapourized him, but left him on 1 box instead. Boo.
IMG_20150228_114946 copy
Mike keeps Goreshade behind a forest all game, just spamming out Bane Riders with “Mockery of Life” all game, and they slowly but effectively chew through my Blazers. He jams me out of the zone with incorporeal Blackbanes, and his Mechanithralls get just bonkers attack rolls (needing 10s!) and kill all my ATGM.

In the end, I can’t chew through his army fast enough, and his Blackbanes start walking through my Stormwall and Strider and get some hits on Haley (again, needing 9s and 10s to hit… ridiculous). But I probably (PROBABLY) still could’ve gotten through eventually, but I run out of time and Mike takes the victory on Deathclock.

Victory to Cryx!
IMG_20150228_114939 copyIMG_20150228_122834 copy
Solid and educational game! Afterwards, Mike pointed out that I should’ve been far more aggressive with the Stormwall after killing Admonina (Mike forget her ability is “within 5 inches”, not within 6″, and therefore missed taking off Arcane Shield, and I vapourized her next turn). Probably the most fun I’ve had playing against Cryx in a very long time, and a very satisfying experience despite the loss!

On to Round 2!

Round 2: Versus

For this game I was playing against a guy I know who’s face I know and who’s name I completely forget right now. Matt, I think… anyway, great guy! He was playing Circle for this game and went with pMorvahna.

Morvahna the Dawnblade (I think? Either way, Not-the-goat-one)
– Wold Wrath
– Wold Watcher
Blood Trackers (max)
– Nuala the Huntress
Gallows Grove x2
Shifting Stones
– Stonekeeper
Skinwalkers (max)
– Skinwalker Alpha
Blackclad Wayfarer
Witch Doc Croc

Since neither of his lists were Krueger (which would force me to drop my Kraye list *just in case*) or Bradigus (ditto), I decided to sink Haley into this. She’s better at eliminating full units, anyway.

He moves up, I move up and Feat (stupid, stupid, stupid… you should almost NEVER Feat bottom of 1) and manage to kill, like… 5 things with Blazers, forgetting that I can’t ignore Stealth on the Blood Trackers. Worthless.

IMG_20150228_134148 copy IMG_20150228_135427 copy IMG_20150228_135431 copy

I manage to battle back from my mistake, though, and almost kill Morvahna with electroleaps when she elects to stand a little too close to the Objective. Sadly, I leave her on 4 boxes, and my noble opponent doesn’t repeat the mistake.

In the end I’m able to crunch through a lot of his army with the Stormwall (even though he keeps Regrowing Blood Trackers… I must’ve killed at least 25 of them this game), and he clocks himself trying to assassinate Haley (comes damn close a few times, but never closes the deal).

Victory to Cygnar!

IMG_20150228_142254 copy

Ah, the sweet smell of victory… which that this point in the day mostly smells like Monster Energy Drinks and sweat. But still! Victory!

Round 3: Versus Retribution

My third opponent (who’s name I also forget because I’m a horrible person and not smart enough to take notes!) was playing Retribution and I decided to go with Kraye (I think his 2nd list was eVyros, and unquestionably Kraye is a better ARM-cracker than Haley is).

He ended up putting Kaelyssa’s “Force Wall” tier on the table…

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper
– Manticore
– Manticore
– Manticore
– Phoenix
– Phoenix
Battle Mages
Battle Mage Artificer
Arcanist x5

Using Kaelyssa’s tier advantages and her Feat to good effect, my opponent is able to blunt my initial press forward, Dynamo gets charged by a Phoenix that flubs its damage rolls and leaves his Cortex and gun operational. In return I Feat and send my Stormclad into a Manticore, scrapping it, and then take out the Phoenix with Dynamo’s crippled Spear (with the boosted attack rolls from the Feat) and some help from some Sword Knights. Stormblades scrap another Phoenix and a Manticore, and the last Manticore scraps my Stormclad.

Kraye moves up and starts scoring on Kaelyssa’s Flag, and I’m able to keep him away long enough that I pull out the victory.

Victory to Cygnar!

IMG_20150228_163554 copy

Dynamo is a BEAST with Kraye. Just as a warning to everyone… half-dead and he was pumping shots out all game. You know what else he needs in order to be perfect?


Round 4: Versus Legion

Okay, last round of the event, and I’m 2-1 so far… would be nice to finish 3-1, so let’s finish strong! My opponent’s name was Jamie (don’t ask me why I remember his name and not the last 2… I’m probably remembering it wrong!), and he decides to drop pThags. I decide to go with pHaley because, honestly, against Legion warbeasts… POW10s are often enough!

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (“pThags”)
– Scythean
– Angelius
– Inflictor x2
Blighted Ogryn Warspears (max) x2
– War Chieftan (x2)
Blighted Ogryn War Monger (x2)
Spawning Vessel

I get to go first, moving up aggressively. My opponent has a MASSIVE hill on his side that basically keeps him in the game (my army struggles the whole time to land shots on his +2 to +5DEF army due to Fog of War, Tenacity, and Elevation). I kill the Angelius with the Strider and the Pasta Pot with the Stormwall under Feat and use my ATGM and Blazers to kill the War Chieftans. Jamie in return uses an Inflictor to turn a Blazer into an Incubi which walks over and (SOMEHOW) manages to kill 2 other Blazers. Ridiculous! He sends the Scythean into my Stormwall and bangs it up a bunch, I kill the Scythean and Thags brings it back and scraps my Stormwall.

At this point I rush everything hard towards his flag (we’re playing “Close Quarters”) and use my ATGM and Anastasia round after round to Thunderbolt his army away from the flag. With TB up, he can’t run in to tie up my ATGM (and I’m putting Deadeye on them just to be cautious), and I end up winning on Scenario after a few rounds.

Victory to Cygnar!

IMG_20150228_185022 copy IMG_20150228_185024 copy

Post Tournament Analysis:

Well, I only dropped Kraye the one time (again), but considering how much I like my Haley list, that shouldn’t really come as a surprise! Still, I was happy with how it performed, and Dynamo is an excellent addition to the Cygnar stable of warjacks. I can’t wait to try him out with the Nemos…

Other than that, I walked away 3-1, and my only loss against the guy that ended up winning the tournament, so I can’t complain! Educational, fun, and hopefully useful to our readers!

Thanks for reading the reports, and I’m always happy to answer questions, comments, criticisms, or outright mockery!

0 thoughts on “Tournament 014 – Store Wars 4 – Cygnar vs Everyone! Again!

  1. The phenomenon that you often remember the first and last things, but not those in the middle, is often referred to as the “bathtub syndrome”, at least among linguists, and I don’t know whether that’s a scientific term.

    Probably less than “Duning-Kruger-Effect”.

    • “Bathtub Syndrome”. Learn something new every day!

      Thanks baziron! And thanks for both reading and commenting! I’m writing up the last tournament report I have in the backlog, and I was wise enough to take pictures of my opponent’s lists at least half the time, and that’s helping!

  2. M-hm bathroom syndrome, you remember getting in the tub, and getting out but not what you were doing in there…?

    Neat writeups, and being the best pHaley player in the region, not bad! Haha. Dynamo is a nice monster, but still… Minuteman, where are’t thou?

    • Yeah, I agree it’s a funny thing to call it, but still a useful lesson!

      I suspect that I am also the worst pHaley player competitively (read: I am currently the ONLY pHaley player competitively).

      And yes, Kraye without Minutemen is a little tragic. Although the next list I want to run with him will be Kraye and 4 Hunters… I think it’ll be fun… but that won’t be until I figure out Siege, sadly. Gotta get the big guy with the Rocket Cannon to click for me first!

        • Probably? It depends on who you pair her with. She’s very, very unhappy against Legion/Lylyth and suffers against heavy Range-Denial warcasters and armies (so Cryx is a big no)… and getting 1 warcaster to cover all the matchups she’s weak against would basically nullify the need to play Sloan… if, however, Sloan could crack ARM as well as (or close!) to Stryker or Siege, then she’s unquestionably a good pairing for eHaley, pHaley, or our other solid scenario/board control warcasters.

          As it is… I don’t know who you would pair her with.

    • eStryker and Sloan is probably about as good as you’re going get these days. Our other melee warjacks (pStryker, Constance, Darius, Kraye) don’t hit as hard.

      Still, it would struggle against Cryx, Circle, and heavy control warcasters… but it might work.

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