Tournament 016 – Southern Ontario Open – Marc's Results with Cygnar

The dust has settled. The armies have been packed up. The tables are stacked away. The beer has finally been flushed from the collective systems of 200-odd WarMachine and Hordes players.

Southern Ontario Open 117
It is time for the post-Southern Ontario Open wrap up.

Throughout the pictures I took, you’re going to see some awesome zone-markers I bought in support of Team Canada (I bought 2 complete sets for running tournaments, and to help our boys get to Ireland). Please support Team Canada’s WTC funding efforts in your local area (assuming you can find somebody selling them! They’re awesome!).

My hope for the event was to finally hit something of “my stride” for WM/H… ideally, get a podium position, or at least damn close. I was enrolled for both the Masters and the Iron Gauntlet, and I was nervous (so much so that I had difficulty sleeping the night before, plus huge anxiety on my drive in) but as ready as I could be.

First up…

Iron Gauntlet

For this event, I was trying out 2 relatively new lists with 1 favourite.

Captain Victoria Haley (“pHaley”)
– Squire
– Stormwall
Storm Strider
Stormsmith Stormcaller x2
Taryn de la Rovissi
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers (“ATGM”)
– Officer (“The Dude”)
Tempest Blazers (max)
Journeywoman Warcaster

This is the same list I’ve been using for months, during the entire build-up to the Ontario Team Championships, and for numerous tournaments, with one swap: I replaced Anastasia di Braye with Taryn. Not the best swap, but most of my “power” solos are in my other lists. In retrospect… that slot is for Harlen next time. Not sure he wasn’t there THIS time… anyway. Solid list, infinite POW10s that are ridiculously accurate (with both Temporal Barrier AND Deadeye), strong against a solid chunk of the board.

Major “Siege” Brisbane
– Squire
– Stormwall
Greygore Boomhowler & Co (max)
ATGM Pistoleers
– Officer
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt (“A&H”)
Journeywoman Warcaster
Stormsmith Stormcaller

This list is unabashedly and happily stolen straight from Jay Larsen, with one change: he has the Black 13th where I have Aiyana and Holt. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure which is the better build… Ryan’s Magestorm shot can put out a TONNE of damage under Feat, and with the Stormpods for accuracy they can be put wherever you’d like, which is enormously powerful. The trade off is against higher ARM (and especially Shield Wall) units, A&H can be massive, and against Menoth or Cryx (where Magic Weapons may be needed) they can be clutch. I like the list, but I’m not married to it… I may try a “Full Larsen” before long.

Major Victoria Haley (“eHaley”)
– Squire
– Stormwall (bonded)
– Stormwall
Black 13th
Arlan Strangewayes
Anastasia di Braye
Gorman di Wulfe
Journeywoman Warcaster
Stormsmith Stormcaller x2

Ah, the double Stormwall list. “Unbeatable” for a short time before dropping out of favour with the majority of the WM/H community… and with good reason. With the current popularity of multiwound, high-ARM Reach weaponmasters, it is surprisingly difficult to get much work out of this list. In fact, I suspect that a lot of the reason that Fist and MMM are so popular now is a direct response to the threat of the double Stormwall. Still, I was excited to put it on the table, and against the right opponents (dude-swarm) with the right scenarios… oh, it was going to be interesting!

Round 1: Versus Circle Oroboros

My first round opponent is Greg from Party Foul, a great little WarMachine podcast/video channel from our area. Their podcast and ours have crossed swords on several occasions: I played Greg with my Menoth in a 35pt Hardcore tournament (I won against his Lucant), our Nick played their Nick in Ottawa (their Nick won with a bottom of 1 Assassination with the Witch Coven), and now… here we are again.

Greg’s three lists included eBaldur, eKrueger, and Bradigus… and hoping he would drop Bradigus against me (but knowing it was going to be Krueger), I reached for my Double Stormwall list.

Sure enough… eKrueger.

Krueger the Stormlord (“eKrueger”)
– Gorax
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Ghetorix
Druid Wilder
Una the Falconer
– Rotterhorn Griffon x2
Blood Weavers (min)
Sacral Vault
Shifting Stones
– Stonekeeper UA
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Gallows Grove
Objective: Fuel Cache (?)

The opening scenario was Two Fronts, and I won the roll to go first… and decided to go first! Greg wisely took the side of the table with the hill and trench, and we were off.

I deployed my Stormwalls centrally, with Haley between then, ready to commit either left or right (or contest both) as circumstances dictated. The B13 went close to a forest (it’s rare they get anything from their Prowl, and I like to use it when I can), with Gorman and Anastasia to the left.

Greg set up his Vault close to Anastasia and Gorman (it’s almost like it can ignore Stealth or something… but nah… that’s impossible…) with the Bloodweavers flanking hard left. Una and her birds went to the right opposite the B13 (I do not feel good about that matchup), and Krueger and his pets went smack in the middle.

Southern Ontario Open 011

Cygnar, Turn 1

In a surprise to nobody, I ran everything forward. My goal was to try and get the B13 to Snipe Una off the table (tricky, but not impossible) to free up that side, and failing that, to hopefully pump some damage into the Griffons with Brutal Shots. Other than that, try not to get Alpha’d too hard…
Arcane Shield went on one Stormwall, Deceleration went up, and stuff moved forwards.

Southern Ontario Open 012

Circle, Turn 1

Greg moved Una and her birds up onto the hill (damnations), while everything else moved forward. The Bloodweavers run forward and spread out, the Sacral Vault gets TK’d and hten rushes forward, and Krueger casts “Stormwall”. The stones shift around a bit (I can’t tell you how happy the “No More Double Teleport” makes me!). Lastly, the Gobbers move up and pop smoke near (maybe on?) Krueger.

Southern Ontario Open 014

Cygnar, Turn 2

Quick mental-math time… Krueger’s CTRL is 14″, SW reduces the range of my guns by 5″… can I get a Stormwall either out of Krueger’s CTRL, or close enough to the Vault, to pump some shots into it?
I think I can.
I give a bunch of Focus to the bonded Stormwall, and we being.
My B13 pump a Snipe shot into Una from Watts which misses, a Brutal shot into a Griffon from Lynch that does a little damage, and then a very unlucky scatter from Ryan puts her Magestorm out of range of anything and utterly useless. I move one of my Stormcallers up behind them so that after they die next turn, I can still try to Call Lightning down on Una.
Haley moves up aggressively and pops Feat. She casts “Temporal Acceleration” on the Bonded Stormwall (blue), and then stands, exposed, at the front of the army.
The Bonded Stormwall pumps 3 shots into the Sacral Vault, doing heavy damage… but not destroying it, due to missing one shot (snake-eyes), and flubbing 2 damage rolls. BOO. It drops Covering Fire.
The other Stormwall moves up and takes a few shots at Griffons, missing them on the hill. It also drops Covering Fire.
Anastasia and Gorman move towards the middle of the table, and we’re done.
Southern Ontario Open 015

Circle, Turn 2 (or Cygnar, Turn 2.5)

I activate all of Greg’s stuff as painfully as I can manage.
The Sacral Vault gets 3 shots and pumps all of them into Anastasia, boosting to hit each time (since it has Eyeless Sight and I stupidly ran her within 12″ of it). All three shots miss! Better lucky than good.
The Bloodweavers move up to be a nuissance, while everything else shuffles around.
Krueger TKs the Sacral Vault into the zone and then Feats, catching both my Stormwalls, Gorman, Anastasia, Ryan, and Haley. Not a bad turn, but he hasn’t killed anything on my side of the table, so I get another chance at this…
Southern Ontario Open 016

Cygnar, Turn 3

The Black 13th continue to fail to kill Una (tragically), but do put some damage on the Griffons. The Stormcaller gets close enough to Surge on her and does, and she transfers the damage to one of the Griffons.
The white Stormwall walks up and destroys Greg’s objective, punching it to death.
The bonded Stormwall pumps 2 more shots into the Sacral Vault and takes it off the table. It then mops up a bunch of Bloodweavers with a pod. The remaining ones break.
Haley heads towards my friendly zone, but can’t get into it. I put “Arcane Shield” on Haley to keep her safe…r.
Score is 1-0 Cygnar.
Southern Ontario Open 018

Circle, Turn 3

Greg needs to put both the Stalker and Ghetorix on the white Stormwall to kill it (despite some CRANKED damage rolls), but he gets it done. The Griffons kill a few of the B13 and the Stormcaller. Krueger moves into his friendly zone and dominates.
Score is now 1-1.
(No picture… whoops)

Cygnar, Turn 4

I get my Stormwall with Temporal Acceleration to leisurely rip the Stalker limb-from-limb (don’t ask me why I didn’t kill Ghetorix instead… would’ve been MUCH smarter!). I do hit Ghetorix really, really hard and cripple his Mind.
I fumble with Gorman, forgetting that Krueger cast “Stormwall” again and his Grenade range is only 1″. It *is* possible to Blind Ghetorix in this situation: you have to drop a pod just under 1″ away from Ghetorix, and then put Gorman 1″ away from that pod. Gorman is out of Reach range, and the Pod is close enough to blind Ghetorix. I didn’t think of it at the time, and Gorman ends up doing nothing.
Anastasia moves towards Krueger, and Haley moves into my zone. I swap Arcane Shield onto my Stormwall.
Score is now 2-1 for Cygnar.
Southern Ontario Open 019

Circle, Turn 4

Ghetorix swings on my Stormwall but fails to kill it. Both of Greg’s Griffons frenzy, one killing Arlan, and the other a Stormcaller.
Other than that, Greg clears out the stormpod from his zone, runs his Gorax into my zone to contest, and scores another point (my Stormwall wasn’t *quite* in his zone).
Score goes to 2-2.
(no picture again)

Cygnar, Turn 5

Haley TKs the Gorax out of the zone, the Stormwall kills Ghetorix. I put Arcane Shield on Haley.
I score another point.
Score is 3-2 for Cygnar!Southern Ontario Open 020

Circle, Turn 5

Gorax Frenzies and eats the Shifting Stone Stonekeeper. Woo!
The Druid Wilder and a Shifting Stone get into the zone to contest, and again Krueger kills the Stormpod in the zone. A Griffon kills Gorman.
Score goes to 3-3.
Southern Ontario Open 022

Cygnar, Turn 6

Okay, enough silliness. The Stormwall finally gets into Greg’s zone and manages to kill Una with a boosted Stormpod.
Haley TKs the Druid Wilder away and damages the Shifting Stone.. The Journeywoman Warcaster manages to kill the Shifting Stone.
The score goes to 4-3 for Cygnar… and within striking distance of victory!

Southern Ontario Open 023

Circle, Turn 6

In an act of desperation, Krueger gets “Primal” on the Gorax, and it manages to get onto Haley and, with its LAST focus on its LAST attack… kills my warcaster.

Victory for Circle!

Southern Ontario Open 025

Gah! So close! Arcane Shield on Haley would’ve been the right call… or killing the Druid Wilder so that Krueger couldn’t get Primal on the Gorax for free. Or both!

Oh well! Pressure is off… now to see how I can do in the Awesome Bracket for the rest of the event!

Round 2: Versus Cygnar

My second round opponent (“Dave”, I believe) was playing Stryker3, Nemo3, and eHaley (I think… I don’t remember if it was eHaley or somebody else). Either way, pHaley has really solid game against Cygnar in general… a little less so against Nemo3 because of the electroleaps, but theoretically I can keep her safe from that.

In a surprise twist, Dave picks Stryker3… he told me after the game that he MEANT to pick Nemo3 but temporarily forgot which list was which (he put down a die to show his list with a “3” on it, thinking “Nemo3”, but his 3rd list was actually Stryker).

Lord General Stryker (“Stryker3″)
– Squire
– Ol’ Rowdy
Journeyman Warcaster
Stormlances (max)
Trencher Commandos (max)
Captain Maxwell Finn
Cylena and the Nyss Hunters (max)
– Jonas Murdoch
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Objective: Effigy of Valour

Needless to say, this was going to be an uphill battle against Cygnar… sure, the Nyss with Jonas are *probably* able to outshoot the ATGM (who can’t ignore Cover from Jonas’s mini-Feat), but by the same token… I have a LOT of electroleaps… and Deadeye… and can just remove Charges as a thing all game.

Scenario was Recon (central 12×6″ zone with objectives on the closer, narrow side, and 2 flags 12” from the edge of the table). Perhaps most significantly, there was a lake (shallow water) exactly between the two objectives, dominating the middle of the zone. Good news for me, bad news for poor Stryker3 (especially without Stormblade Captains!).

I won initiative and elected to go first, and Dave picked the side of the table with a forest and trench.


Forgot to take pictures of the deployment, but it was pretty standard. My Stormwall and Strider went central, flanking my Objective, with Haley and her cadre in between. The ATGM went to the left, and the Blazers to the right.

Dave set up his Trencher Commandos near the middle (in a Trench, natch), with his Stormlances and Rowdy opposite my Blazers, Stryker in the middle, and the Nyss opposite my ATGM.
Southern Ontario Open 027
(I’ve started my turn here, but you get the idea)

Haley, Turn 1

1 Focus to each of my huge bases, they both get Arcane Shield (on the Strider from Junior, on the Stormwall from Haley). They both run forward.
Haley charges up the middle of the table, followed by her Squire and Taryn.
The Blazers flank hard right, spreading out, while the ATGM run forward on the left (trying to cover the distance without getting TOO close to the Nyss, who can just hid behind the forest and shoot out all game).
Stormcallers run up the flanks.

Southern Ontario Open 029

Stryker, Turn 1

Dave puts Arcane Shield on the Stormlances. The Commandos run forward and spread out, while the Lances move up behind them. Stryker goes into the Trench with Rowdy B2B with him and the Squire and Junior behind him.
The Nyss move up cautiously, all behind the forest (and NOT toeing in, so I can’t get LoS to any). Rhupert makes them Tough.
Southern Ontario Open 031

Haley, Turn 2

Unquestionably Feat turn. I decide not to try for the assassination, and just kill as much of his stuff as possible. 2 Focus to the Stormwall, and we’re off.
Haley moves up, casts Temporal Barrier, and Feats. She shoots a Lance, but it bounces off his thick ARM.
The Stormwall strides forward. It drops a pod behind a bunch of Commandos, vapourizing a few. The 3 Big Gun shots go into Stormlances, killing 2. It drops Covering Fire to make Dave’s life more miserable.
The Strider walks up and opens fire on Rowdy. First shot hits, does moderate damate to him, and gets 3 electroleaps: Stryker (immune), the Squire (2 points of damage), and Junior (3 points of damage). If I can do that again… second shot hits, but only gets 1 Leap (Stryker, immune), but puts more damage on Rowdy. And the 3rd shot… misses on snake-eyes. Boo!
Blazers all aim and fire electroleap shots into the nearest Commandos, wiping out almost all the unit. They Light Cav move away from the Lances and behind the forest, with one going forward just as a speed bump.
The Stormcallers activate. One surges a couple more Commandos to death, leaving 1. The other tries to hit Rhupert, but is out of range.
The ATGM move up and drop a couple Nyss at extreme range, and kill Finn.
Southern Ontario Open 033

Stryker, Turn 2

Well, the worst of it is over for Dave… right?
Arcane Shield is upkept on the remaining Lances.
The three of them move towards the middle of the table. They open fire on my Objective… I’ve left Haley and both of my huge bases B2B with it! The shots all electroleap into either my Stormwall or Strider, though, leaving Haley safe.
The Nyss move up and shoot a couple ATGM very dead, but get too close to my Stormcaller and so can’t shoot him.
Stryker moves forward and casts Chain Blast on my Objective: I Arcane Vortex it away. He camps the rest of his Focus, and Rowdy moves up nearby for potential countercharges.
The last Trencher Commando moves towards my Stormcaller and lobs a grenade at him. It can’t scatter off him, but it then fails to wound.
His Junior drops Arcane Shield from the Stormlances, and puts it on Stryker.

Southern Ontario Open 034

Haley, Turn 3

I decide not to assassinate Stryker this turn, but will attempt to get some damage on him, just to keep him honest. A couple Focus go on the Stormwall.
Haley casts Temporal Barrier again and backs up so she is no longer B2B with the objective.
Strider pounds Rowdy once and misses its second shot (snake-eyes again!), doing more damage.
Stormwall pumps 2 big gun shots into Stryker: first hits and does light damage, and the second flies wide. Not good with the hit rolls today… I roll for the Metal Storm shots and only get 2 (boo!), and both of them miss the Stormlances. I drop a pod.
The Blazers move up. One shoots the last Commando, another misses Dave’s Journeyman, and the rest pump ineffective Brutal Shots into his Stormlances, failing to kill any! They Light-Cav move around to tie up some of his troops and keep others safe.
Lastly, my final ATGM aims and kills a Nyss. It fails its Tough.

Wow… that was a disappointing turn!

Southern Ontario Open 035

Styrker, Turn 3

Still unable to Charge with anything besides his Nyss, Dave seriously considers Feating this turn… but then elects against it. He does upkeep Arcane Shield on Stryker.
The Stormlances walk up to my Stormwall and Blazers. The swing on the Stormwall fails to wound, but he does manage to kill a few Blazers.
The Nyss walk forward and kill my last ATGM. They also ping the Stormwall for a few damage.
Stryker pulls back and Rowdy moves forward.

Southern Ontario Open 037

Haley, Turn 4

Well, let’s see if we can do better than LAST turn…
3 Focus to the Stormwall.
Haley activates and casts Temporal Barrier.
The Stormwall pumps a big gun shot into Stryker, boosting to hit… hits! Boosts damage, and cranks it! Second shot I boost to hit, hit, and kill Stryker with the damage roll.

Victory to (my) Cygnar!

Southern Ontario Open 038

As much as Dave did his best to keep this live, he was unquestionably facing a HUGE uphill. Stryker3 isn’t “bad”, but he is extremely matchup dependent, and Haley has his number all day, every day.
Nemo3 would’ve been a very interesting game… I’d have to keep Haley further back to protect against electroleaps, but at the same time Nemo is super-squishy and a couple Deadeye’d Blazers will ruin his day but quick. Either way, a win is a win, and I moved on to…

Round 3: Versus Khador

Ah, Khador. My noble opponent, the always-awesome Kevin, was rocking Vlad1, Butcher1, and Butcher3… and it doesn’t matter which of those he drops, the correct answer is Siege.
(Note: It could be argued, very effectively, that Haley2 is a better response to that list, but I didn’t want to be list-locked and wasn’t confident about my ability to keep my Stormwalls far enough away from each other that the Butcher couldn’t kill both in a single activation!).

Against my Siege, Kevin zigged into Vlad1. Not a bad choice… and Signs and Portents would make this an interesting game, at the very least!

Vlad, the Dark Prince of Umbrey (“pVlad”)
– War Dog
– Drago
Greylord Outriders (max)
Greylord Ternion
Ironfang Pikemen (max)
– Officer and Standard (Black Fang)
Cylena and the Nyss Hutners (max)
– Valachev UA
IFP Kovnik
Kayazy Eliminators
Objective: Effigy of Valour

An interesting list… Nyss with Valachev are terrifying (and FAST), and Signs and Portents… well, it’s super-good. Just plain awesome.

Scenario was Destruction (central 12×6″ zone horizontally with Objectives on opposite corners. Killbox is Yes).

We rolled for initiative, which I won and elected to go first. Kevin wisely elected to take the side of the table with the hill.


I put the Stormwall right in the middle, with Siege and his crew nearby. Boomhowler and Co go to the right and in front of the Stormwall, while the ATGM go to the left. Rangers get Advanced Deployed close to a friendly Trench, while Eiryss goes far right (opposite Kevin’s Outriders).

Kevin puts his Nyss and Widowmakers opposite my ATGM and Rangers, the IFP in the middle of the table opposite Stormwall, Drago and Vlad slightly to the right (near the hill), and the Outriders flanking right (opposite my Boomhowlers).

Southern Ontario Open 040

Cygnar, Turn 1

Arcane Shield on the Stormwall, Super-Tough on the Boomhowlers, Foxhole for Aiyana and Holt, and everything runs.
Drop mic.

Southern Ontario Open 042

Khador, Turn 1

Kevin decides to commit to wiping out my Rangers (wise move). 3 of them are in a Trench, making them a humble DEF20 against ranged… except against the Nyss, who with Valachev are going to be in range. But knowing this, I’ve kept 3 Rangers further back, safely WELL out of the range of the Nyss.
The IFP Kovnik moves up and gives “Shield March” to the IFP. They march forward in Shieldwall.
Vlad moves up and casts Signs and Portents (“S&P”). Drago runs up nearby.
The Outriders move up the flank, cautiously towards Eiryss (who I desperately want them to try and spray… it won’t hurt them, but it will be fun!).
The Widowmakers move up at the edge of Vlad’s CTRL. They open fire at the back-rank of my Rangers, just getting range, and easily drop all 3 (ruh-roh).
The Nyss move forward and then Zephyr further forward, easily getting range on my remaining 3 Rangers in the Trench, and effortlessly take them off the table.
Ternion move up and pop Clouds on a bunch of IFP.
Southern Ontario Open 045

Cygnar, Turn 2

Man, if there is one thing about my own play that grinds my gears, its when I lose all my Rangers Turn 1. Damnit! Oh well. Upkeep Foxhole and Arcane Shield.
Boomhowlers Super-Tough and run forward, flooding the zone.
The Stormwall moves up and pumps 2 shots into Drago at extreme range, hitting and doing moderate damage (crippling an arm!).
Eiryss moves up towards the Outriders threateningly.
My ATGM have some aim, some move up. They pump Snipe shots into Nyss and Widowmakers, killing all the Widowmakers and a few Nyss in the process. Not a bad trade for my Rangers, but I think Kevin is still up on that exchange.
Siege and Aiyana and Holt hang back, waiting for the opportune moment.

Southern Ontario Open 046

Khador, Turn 2

Kevin camps all his Focus and we begin.
Vlad moves up cautiously and casts S&P.
The Outriders move up. 2 engage Eiryss and swing at her with their axes (curses!), but miss. The rest spray Boomhowlers, but all of them Tough like champs.
The IFPs Shieldwall forward and mini-Feat. They take attacks on more of Boomhowler’s company, but again, the Tough dice say thee nay. I lose maybe 2 and make about 7 or 8 Tough checks.
The Nyss move up and kill all my ATGM that were in the Trench.
Drago moves up and tries to Axe-to-face a Boomhowler. He hits, I tough, and we repeat that two more times.
Ternions put out more clouds, and Kevin is done.

Southern Ontario Open 047

Cygnar, Turn 3

I do believe it is Feat turn… look at all those gloriously clumped up IFPs…
Reinholdt hands Siege a second shot.
Siege moves up and pops Feat. He drops a Groundpounder into Kevin’s IFPs… they’re ARM10 against the POW12, and so I wipe out 6 or 7 with the single blow. Siege’s 2nd shot goes into Drago, inflicting massive damage.
A&H activate, with Holt aiming and killing 2 Nyss.
The remaining ATGM activate and aim, killing more Nyss and a couple Ternion that were a touch too close.
Eiryss swings at an Outrider, but sadly is outside Feat and so fails to kill.
The Stormwall pumps shots into Drago, crippling his Cortex but nothing else. I use the small guns to polish off Kevin’s Objective.
My Boomhowlers Super-Tough again and make their attacks, killing an Outrider, a few IFPs, and a few more Ternion.
Score is 1-0 for Cygnar.

Khador, Turn 3

Kevin elects to try and go for a Scenario win at this point (makes sense… there’s basically just 5-6 Boomhowlers in the zone).
Vlad Feats and hangs back safely.
Drago goes in and kills a few Boomhowlers (who Toughed enough last round).
The Greylords spray more of my Boomhowlers to death.
The IFPs move up and clear out the rest of the Boomhowlers in the zone (leaving me with 1)
The Nyss get Charge orders, and send their remaining number (3) into my Objective. They hit, and under S&P, leave it on 1 Box! Woot!
Score stays 1-0 for Cygnar.

Southern Ontario Open 048

Cygnar, Turn 4

Well, that was close… but now my Stormwall will move into the zone, and everything will be peachy.
The Stormwall moves into the zone and crushes Drago like a tin can. It spends a few more Focus killing Outriders, and drops a pod to kill the last Ternion.
Siege Groundpounds the Nyss in the zone into dust, while the ATGM move into the trench and mop up Valachev and the few remaining IFPs that were in the zone.
Aiyana and Holt move forward, but Holt is out of range of anything useful.
Eiryss and the last Boomhowler try to kill the last 2 Outriders, without success.
Score is now 2-0 for Cygnar.

Southern Ontario Open 049

Khador, Turn 4

Kevin is running out of tools very quickly. I am okay with this, but I imagine he is not so much so.
Vlad goes first again and casts “Blood of Kings” (“BoK”) on himself. He charges the Stormwall and does a few points of damage, but mostly just camps.
The two remaining Outriders attempt to walk away from Eiryss. She hits both and cranks the damage, slaying them.
The last Kayazy Eliminator and the IFP Kovnik both charge the Stormwall, doing light damage.
The last few IFPs run into the zone, and the Wardog stays close to Vlad.
Score stays at 2-0 for Cygnar

Cygnar, Turn 5

Okay, after confirming that Vlad has a 14.5″ threat range under BoK (WHA!?), I decide to just keep on keeping on.
Stormwall kills the Kovnik, Wardog, and Kayazy Eliminator.
Aiyana and Holt get “Kiss” on the remaining IFPs. Holt kills 2, and the ATGM mop up the rest.
Eiryss moves around to get behind Vlad for next turn, if required.
I end my turn and score another CP, bringing the score to 3-0 for Cygnar.

Southern Ontario Open 050

Khador, Turn 5

Vlad is the only model that Kevin still has on the table.
He walks around the edge of the Stormwall to try and get range on Siege… the Razorwinds are *just* within range! He casts, boosts to hit… and misses. Second one hits, and he boosts damage, but falls well shy of killing Siege.
Kevin ends his turn, I score another CP to bring it to 4-0…
And then on my turn I feel there’s no need to spike the ball. I end my turn immediately, score my 5th CP, and take the game.

Victory to Cygnar!

Southern Ontario Open 054

I love this game. I love the fact that Kevin was literally down to his LAST MODEL, and still have a somewhat viable win situation. I should’ve had Siege further away, no question. If Kevin got just a tiny bit lucky, that would’ve had a VERY different ending!

Still! Happy with how things went, and Siege is sorta starting to “click” for me. On to…

Round 4: Versus Nobody!

My last round opponent (“Frank”) apparently dropped at the last moment and I got a Bye as a result.

So my adventures in the Iron Gauntlet went 3-1, and I can’t complain too much about that one I lost. They were all solid, educational games! And out of a field of 44 players, I ended up 11th… exactly at the cusp of the top 25%. Not horrible… not great, but not horrible. And considering how little practice I had with my lists, I won’t complain too much!

Next time, I think I’ll probably run a proper dudespam eHaley instead of the double Stormwalls (which are super-fun, but just less powerful than having more models on the table these days). At which point I have to decide between the bonded Stormclad, or the bonded Centurion… decisions!

Anyway, returned the next day for…

Masters Tournament

Ah, Masters. A neat format, although I’m a bigger fan of the theory of ADR than I am of the practice of ADR. Still, 2 list 50pt Divide and Conquer 1 tournaments are kinda my bread and butter… I was hoping for a solid showing after my somewhat disappointing results yesterday.

My two lists were:

Major “Siege” Brisbane
– Squire
– Stormwall
Boomhowler and Co (max)
– Officer
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Journeywoman Warcaster

If this list looks familiar, that’s because it’s still exactly the same list from yesterday. Since I was starting to get the hang of it, I didn’t want to mix it up for this one! I paired Siege with eHaley and the following list:

Major Victoria Haley
– Squire
– Stormclad (bonded)
– Thorn
Forgeguard (“Hammerdwarves”, max)
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard
Journeywoman Warcaster
Rhupert Carvolo
Gorman di Wulfe
Anastasia di Braye
– Officer
Victor Pendrake

This is closer to how Haley “should” be run, in my opinion, but it’s a lot of dudes, and I had never tried the list before this Masters. Still, I get how all the bits work (first line of Stormblades, second line Hammerdwarves, Arcane Shield and Decel to protect them on the approach, Black Oil and Espionage to get insane numbers of attacks, and Feat and TK to deliver everything as required). But still nervous.

Round 1: Versus Khador

Justin, who I have had the pleasure of playing a few times (and who has been on our video podcasts a few times!) is a great guy, and he is a joy to play against (maybe it’s a thing about Khador players? I dunno… definitely some correlation there, if not causation). He opened by saying he hadn’t actually been to bed yet from the night before (staying up after the Iron Gauntlet to play Spelldraft, and then some Iron Arena in the early morning).

His two lists were pButcher and eButcher, and knowing how much eButcher loves facing highly accurate gunlines, I was pretty sure what he was going to drop. For my part, I was tempted to reach for eHaley, but figured that Siege had a better (and safer) game against either.

Sure enough, Justin fielded the following pButcher list:

Orsus Zoktavir, the Butcher of Khardov
– War Dog
– Konquest
Gun Carriage
Greylord Ternion
Koldun Lord
Winterguard Infantry (max)
– Officer and Standard
– Rocketeer WA x3
Kovnik Joesph Gregorovich (“Kovnik Joe”)
Battle Mechaniks (max)
Widowmaker Marksman
Objective: “Too exhausted to care. It’s one of them.”

Nothing too fancy… capable of an *insulting* amount of damage on Feat turn, and pretty hardy the rest of the time. A solid list, and one I was curious to see if Siege could crack.

We rolled for initiative, which Justin won and elected to go first.
Scenario was Incoming (2 assymetrical 12×6 zones horizontal, with objectives on the midline).


Konquest to the right and the Gun Carriage to the left of Justin’s Objective. The Winterguard went further left, while the Mechaniks went directly behind Konquest. The Widowmakers went in front of the Konquest, opposite my Boomhowlers.

Stormwall went opposite the Konquest, the Boomhowlers close to my friendly zone, with the ATGM paired off against the Winterguard (because reasons?). Siege and friends went towards the middle.

Southern Ontario Open 056
(I’m sorry, somebody must’ve bumped the camera… it’s aiming a lot further down than it’s supposed to! Still, by sheer coincidence, all the exciting parts of this game actually happened near my zone, so it works out nicely!).

Khador, Turn 1

Everything runs. The Winterguard get Iron Flesh and Tough, and the Konquest gets “Rage” (or “Fury” or whatever its called that makes it hit at POW25).

Southern Ontario Open 058

Cygnar, Turn 1

Konquest has AoEs. The Carriage has AoEs. The Rocketeers have AoEs. Butcher has a big honkin’ AoE… suddenly my army is looking VERY fragile.
So what’s a guy to do?
Siege casts Foxhole and I cram every model I can in there. Seriously, it’s like 3 Rangers, 3 ATGM, Aiyana, Holt, Siege, Squire, Reinholdt… just packed in like sardines.
Boomhowlers get Arcane Shield, Super-Tough and run forward.
Stormwall drops Covering Fire and a pod and is just out of range on the Carriage.

Southern Ontario Open 061

Khador, Turn 2

Joe tells his Winterguard to actually hit stuff.
The Winterguard move up. 2 get range to Spray into the Foxhole: they kill a few ATGM, but neither Aiyana nor Holt.
The Carriage moves up and shoots several ATGM outside of the Foxhole very dead. It also drops Rough Terrain.
Widowmakers open fire on Boomhowlers, killing 2 and forcing 2 Tough Checks. Marksman kills a 3rd.
Konquest moves up and opens fire with its big gun on the Stormwall. Hits, and Justin cranks the damage, doing an insulting amount (something like 11 points in a single shot!). The twin-linked guns kill a Boomhowler after forcing it to Tough.
Ternions pop smoke, and everything else just moves up.

Southern Ontario Open 062

Cygnar, Turn 2

Strange how I’ve never realized how painful the big gun on the Konquest is… I’m going to assume I’ve never had anything directly hit by it before!
3 Focus to the Stormwall (which the attentive among you will notice is actually cheating… Eiryss is well within 5″ of my Stormwall! When I realized this I called a judge over to figure out if the Focus just disappears, or if Siege gets in back, but Justin insisted that I just move Eiryss further away. He’s really a good guy!). I also upkeep Foxhole.
Arcane Shield swaps over to the Stormwall.
Rangers run up to get into critical positions.
Siege activates and moves into a position to get both the Carriage and the Konquest within CTRL. He Feats and uses Groundpounder to put 14 damage on the Carriage and kill a bunch of support. His second rocket misses on snake-eyes.
Stormwall moves up and dumps a shot into the Konquest for awful damage (rolled 1, 1, 2), and then uses its remaining big gun shot and all its little gun shots to try and kill the Gun Carriage. My dice laugh at my efforts and it survives on 4 boxes.
ATGM get a measure of revenge, killing several Winterguard, but failing to wound the Gun Carriage.
Boomhowlers move up and swing their axes, killing 2 Widowmakers. They get Super-Tough.
Eiryss runs to get within 5″ on the Konquest.
Aiyana and Holt activate. Aiyana kisses the Carriage, and Holt unleashes on it… and does a total of 3 damage, leaving it on 1.


Southern Ontario Open 064

Khador, Turn 3

I’m sure that leaving that Carriage alive is totally not going to come and bite me in the ass… right? Right!?


The Carriage charges and Impact Attacks Holt, Reinholdt, a few Gunmages, and the Squire to death. It shoots and kills 2 Boomhowlers, the rest of my ATGM, and a Stormcaller. Joy.
The Mechaniks move up and repair the Konquest for 9 points of damage. It punches a few trolls very, very dead.
The Koldun Lord moves up and sprays Eiryss. He misses, and dies from the Backlash (YAY!).
The Widowmaker Marksman moves over and takes a shot at Eiryss… gets a luck hit, and then cranks the damage to kill her. The other Widowmakers stab at Boomhowlers futily.
The Winterguard move up and try to spray Aiyana to death, but thankfully miss.
Butcher moves up to his Objective and casts “Iron Flesh” on himself.
Southern Ontario Open 065

Cygnar, Turn 3

Okay, I need to get that Konquest killed before it can slowly, unstoppably, work its way to my Stormwall and/or Siege. 3 Focus to the Stormwall, and we’re off.
Aiyana moves towards the Konquest and Kisses it successfully. Good start!
My 1 remaining ATGM fires a shot at the Gun Carriage and destroys it. A turn too late, but what can ya do?
The Boomhowlers shuffle around to clear a path for the charging Stormwall. They take a few swings on the Konquest and Widowmakers, killing some of the snipers. I stupidly put 1 Boomhowler B2B with the Konquest.
The Stormwall charges! It just gets range to the Khadoran Colossal… and hitting at Dice +2 damage, in inflicts a heavy toll. Each electroleap has to randomize between a Mechanik and the Boomhowler, and as a result 1 Mechanik survives… and the Konquest is still on 2 boxes! NOOOoooo! I need Siege to run into the zone (and away from all the Winterguard that will kill him super-dead), which means I can’t shoot with him… this is very bad… but then I remember my Stormpod! Sure, I can’t kill the Konquest, but I at least can kill the Mechanik!
I drop the pod and fry the last Mechanik (yay!), and then roll box-cars for damage on the Konquest, and it blows up.

Stormpod FTW!

I run Siege into my zone and dominate for 1CP, bringing the score to 1-0 for Cygnar.

Southern Ontario Open 067

Khador, Turn 4

After Justin finishes giving me a high-5 for destroying the Konquest with a Stormpod (honestly, super-nice guy!), he gets around to trying to kill all my stuff.

You know. Proper Khadoran response.

The Winterguard move over and manage to kill Aiyana (she has done her work). They send a few rockets at Siege for middling damage, but leave him well alive.
The Butcher moves up and shoots the last ATGM. He keeps Iron Flesh and camps the rest of his stack.
The remaining Widowmaker and Marksman swing on Boomhowlers without success.
I score another CP, bringing it to 2-0 for me… and the Butcher FAR too close to Siege.

Cygnar, Turn 4

Siege casts a Foxhole as far away from the Butcher as I can and then Charges into it, camping a few Focus. The Stormwall rotates and takes a couple shots and Butcher, but misses both times (if I was thinking, I would’ve killed his Objective… but the Butcher is kinda distracting!). It drops Covering Fire to make Justin’s life difficult.
The Boomhowlers get Super-Tough and I move 1 in to engage the Butcher. The rest continue to swing on the last few Widowmakers without success (despite CMAs).
The Journeywoman runs towards Siege (and away from the Winterguard and their Rocketeers!).
I score another CP, bringing the score to 3-0 for Cygnar.

Southern Ontario Open 068

Khador, Turn 5

Justin decides that he will consider this game a win if he kills my Stormwall.
The Winterguard get their boosted attack rolls from Kovnik Joe and kill the few trolls between Butcher and the Stormwall.
The Butcher pops his Feat and charge the Stormwall. It takes most of his stack, but he gets the job done, destroying the mighty Cygnar warjack.
However, nothing left to put in the zone, so I score again, bringing it to 4-0 for Cygnar.

Cygnar, Turn 5

I immediately end my turn for my 5th CP and the win.

Victory for Cygnar!

Southern Ontario Open 069

Well, I certainly didn’t deserve that win… who destroys a Konquest with a Stormpod! And who leaves Eiryss within 5″ of a critical warjack!? Silly of me… and lucky Justin is such a good sport about it. Still, good to know that Siege has some game against the Butcher! Those Winterguard were going to make my life miserable in a few more turns, so I’m lucky that the Boomhowlers held the line as well as they did!

Round 2: Versus Retribution

My opponent for this game is named Logan, and he’s paired Kaelyssa (Forcewall) with Rahn. After considering my options, I decide to drop Siege again… which in retrospect was probably the wrong call, but I was concerned about Haley’s ability to deal with the high-ARM Forcewall list. Logan wisely drops Rahn. After considering further, he elects not to use any of his Vanguard and fields his default Rahn list against me:

Adeptis Rahn
– Sylys, Nailer of Wishes
– Imperatus
– Chimera
Battle Mages x2 (“Mittens”)
Dawnguard Sentinels (max)
– Officer and Standard
Houseguard Halberdiers
– Officer and Standard
Houseguard Thane (“HGT”)
Arcanist x2
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (eEiryss)
Objective: I forget but probably Arcane Wonder?

Scenario is Two Fronts (two 12×6″ zones, one friendly and one enemy, with objectives in the middle). I win the initiative and elect to go first, and Logan picks the side of the table with the trench and wall.


Stormwall in the middle, Rangers in the forest, Eiryss FAR AWAY FROM MY STORMWALL, Boomhowlers beside the Stormwall, and ATGM close to the enemy zone.

Logan drops Rahn and Imperatus in the middle of the table, with the Sentinels opposite the Boomhowlers and the Houseguard Halberdiers opposite the ATGM (good call). One unit of Battle Mittens on either flank. Eiryss goes disturbingly close to my Stormwall in a Trench.

Southern Ontario Open 072

Cygnar, Turn 1

Everything runs, Boomhowlers get Arcane Shield. Bleh.

For the record, the real trick is to keep:
1. Your Rangers alive, and
2. Your Boomhowlers IN FRONT of your Stormwall. Those are the basics… after that, everything is optional.
In this case, I send 1 Ranger flanking out in the open and spread the rest out in the forest to keep them Stealthy and not too susceptible to Rahn’s Chain Blast.

Southern Ontario Open 075

Retribution, Turn 1

HGT gives “Desperate Pace” to the Halberdiers, who then Shield Wall forward into the zone. The Sentinels run forward in 2-man pods, while the Chimera runs from the middle of the table behind the wall on the far left.
Imperatus and Rahn head up the middle, keeping Rahn well back.
Both units of Battle Mages move forward and spread out. One kills my forward-most Ranger.
Southern Ontario Open 076

Cygnar, Turn 2

I decide to use Siege’s Feat this turn to get up on the attrition. I’m hoping that if I can clear out enough of my side of the board, I might be able to get a scenario victory (or force Rahn to over extend Imperatus so my Stormwall can get him off the board. Twice).
Rangers run forward, getting a few close to everything important.
Siege moves up behind my Objective and Feats. He Groundpounders 8 Sentinels into paste (including the Officer), and then sends a rocket into Imperatus for disappointing damage (what is it with my Feat damage rolls!?).
Boomhowlers move up protectively in front of Siege and between him and Imperatus. They take their shots, killing a few Sentinels and Battle Mages. They get Super-Tough.
Aiyana and Holt move forward. Holt gets range on 1 Mitten and kills it.
Stormwall moves up, drops Covering Fire, and pumps shots into Imperatus for moderate damage.
ATGM move forward and kill a few Halberdiers and Battle Mages on their flank.
Southern Ontario Open 078

Retribution, Turn 2

Logan goes into the tank for a few minutes. When he emerges, things go south very, very quickly… for me.

Chimera runs into my zone.
Sylys shouts some words of brocouragement to Rahn (“You TOTALLY look hot in a heteronormative way right now, dude!”).
Rahn activates, moves up, and Feats. He casts Chain Blast onto my Objective and boosts damage, vapourizing it and killing 1 of the Boomhowlers (the other Toughs). He then casts TK, hitting Siege and pulling him forward.


The left unit of Battle Mages move in and start pulling Siege further away from my army. The second shot gets a critical and knows him down. All together, they pull Siege about 10″ forward, and do 10 points of damage.
The Halberdiers charge into my Boomhowlers, knocking a lot down but killing few.
The other unit of Battle Mages kills a few models of no significance.
Eiryss walks over and pumps a shots into Siege, doing 1 point of damage and stripping him of his 3 Focus.
Imperatus leisurely walks over and smotes Siege very, very dead.

Victory to the Retribution!

Southern Ontario Open 081

Right. THAT Rahn. The one that can peel away your whole army and drag your warcaster forward like a million inches on Feat turn. Right, right…
Silly of me to protect Siege with only an Objective, though. Should’ve flooded the entire zone with Boomhowlers, made it impossible to just TK me once to get me out from behind the screening models. Sure, Imperatus might’ve been able to side-step into Siege regardless (always a risk), but at least he’d have to burn a lot of attacks AND it’s less likely Siege would be knocked down at that point.

Anyway. Lessons learned! On to…

Round 3: Versus Retribution

My opponent (my brain is a sieve: I forget his name!) was also playing Kaelyssa/Rahn, although both were in Tier this time. He looks at my list, and I make the same conclusion I did last time… Siege has a better game against Kaelyssa than Haley does (no TKs is a big problem!). My opponent elects to drop Kaelyssa:

Kaelyssa, the Night Whisper
– Manticore
– Manticore
– Manticore
– Phoenix
– Griffon
– Griffon
Battle Mages x2
Magister x2
Arcanists x6
Objective: Fuel Cache

I think this is a relatively standard Kaelyssa tier? And I think there were “only” 4 Heavies in it… hard to keep track sometimes!

Anyway, Scenario was Destruction (central 12×6″ zone with objectives kitty-corner and killbox is Yes).

We rolled for Initiative, which I lost, and my opponent elected to go first. I took the side that didn’t have a forest in the middle of the table.


Stormwall went near the hill on my side (because Huge Bases on hills = all the lols).

My opponent deployed his Retribution in a long line with heavies flanking and Kaelyssa in the middle.

Boomhowlers went in front of the Stormwall, ATGM went near the middle with Siege, Eiryss went FAR AWAY FROM MY STORMWALL in a Trench, and the Rangers went far forward on the left.

Southern Ontario Open 084

Retribution, Turn 1

Most of Kaelyssa’s army runs forward and spread outs. The Griffons head into the forest with Kaelyssa close behind, and Arcanists power most of the warjacks to run.

Southern Ontario Open 086

Cygnar, Turn 1

My army tramples forward… no, just kidding, it’s not allowed to do that either!
Arcane Shield goes on the Boomhowlers, who walk forward and spread out.
The Stormwall moves up and shoots, but nothing is in range. It drops a pod and Covering Fire anyway.
My ATGM move up, as does Eiryss, but are out of range of anything worth shooting. My Rangers spread out as much as possible.
Siege casts “Foxhole” and hides himself, Reinholdt, and the Squire inside. Aiyana and Holt go Stealth inside a trench.

Southern Ontario Open 087

Retribution, Turn 2

The Manticores move forward and drop Covering Fire between our lines.
The Phoenix shuffles around to stay “safer”.
Kaelyssa moves up a little and my opponent elects not to pop her Feat. She’s in the forest, and he moves both Griffons to further block LoS to her, so she’s pretty safe.
The Battle Mages on the left move up onto a hill and kill a few Rangers.

Southern Ontario Open 089

Cygnar, Turn 2

Huh. No Feat, eh? I quickly do the mental math: My Stormwall can ignore the intervening models and see Kaelyssa, and Siege’s Groundpounder ignores the Concealment as well. Move up, Feat, Groundpounder at Dice + 2 (might kill her outright!), then if needed cast Foxhole to get LoS, boost another shot into her, and then 2 boosted shots from the Stormwall just in case. With a Ranger running in to give the +2 to hit, I only need 9s to hit (7 with the Groundpounder)… I should have this.
The Boomhowlers activate, and I send them forward to get them the hell out of the way. A few die and thankfully don’t Tough (Siege needs every inch to get close enough to Kaelyssa). The rest THEN get Super-Tough and do neglible damage to neglible things.
Rangers run 1 Ranger within 5″ of Kaelyssa. It’s go time!
Siege activates, walks forward, and confirms that Kaelyssa is close enough to kill. Pops Feat and Groundpounders her… boost to hit, and miss. No problem… cast Foxhole to remove LoS issues, and then boost to hit with the 2nd shot… hits! Rolling Dice +4… I do 10 damage (wanh-wanh-wanh…).
No problem!
Stormwall walks forward and opens fire. First shot… misses! Second shot… also misses!

I drop Covering Fire to protect the suddenly VERY vulnerable Siege.

I move up the ATGM to get them between my opponent and Siege, and they fire Thunderbolt shots to keep the Retribution warjacks away from Siege. Once they’re pushed as far as I can, I snipe out a few Arcanists on the left side (closer to Siege) to make it harder to fully fuel those myrmidons.

I end my turn, pretty sure that this is going to go VERY south, VERY fast.

Southern Ontario Open 091

Retribution, Turn 3

The left unit of Battle Mages activate and try to pull Siege forward. Thankfully, they all miss.
Kaelyssa Feats and her and a Manticore try to kill the Boomhowlers near Siege to clear paths. The Boomhowler of note Toughs 4 times in a row.
Both Griffons walk forward and try to kill a few Boomhowlers. The Boomhowlers say nay.
Finally, a fully fueled Manticore Tramples over a few ATGM and a Ranger to get to Siege. We measure… and he’s 0.5″ too far away. If that Manticore was a Phoenix, that would’ve probably been game, right there… as it is, he kills the Boomhowler that Toughed 4 times in frustration and ends his turn.

Cygnar, Turn 3

Phew! Way too close.
Eiryss tries to get close enough to the Stealth Kaelyssa, but doesn’t.
Aiyana and Holt activate, with Holt aiming. Aiyana kiss the Manticore by Siege, and then Holt pumps several shots into it, inflicting heavy damage. The ATGM add their shots as well, crippling the Cortex on the warjack.
Siege activates and drops a Groundpounder into Kaelyssa. I hit (surprisingly!), and I boost damage. Kaelyssa dies!

Victory for Cygnar!

Southern Ontario Open 092

Huh. Not what I was expecting… I figured Siege would Force Hammer the Manticore further away (hopefully knocking it down), and then I’d protect him with Boomhowlers while the Stormwall pulled back to stay safer from the approaching Retribution warjacks. That lucky Groundpounder made my life a lot easier!

Of course, Kaelyssa SHOULD’VE died on Feat turn, either to my first shot OR one of the Stormwall’s shots… but hey, what can ya do?

Additionally, my opponent should’ve Feated a turn earlier. Without the assassination on the table, this would’ve been a very different game!

Last round! So far I’ve completely dodged…

Round 4: Versus Cryx

Well damn.

My opponent, who hates Cygnar almost as much as I hate Cryx, was playing pSkarre and eDenny. Usually, eHaley is my go-to Cryx drop… but against pSkarre I was concerned about keeping Haley sufficiently safe (and cracking all those Banes…). Plus, it wasn’t a Body-and-Soul list, but eHaley still has no way to remove upkeeps, and Siege has Eiryss… soooo… Siege!

He, probably unsurprisingly, dropped eDenny

Wraith Witch Dennegrah (“eDenny”)
– Skarlock Thrall
– Deathjack (“DJ”)
– Bonejack Arc nodes (the bitey ones) x2
Cylena and the Nyss Hunters (max)
Withershadow Combine
Dougal MacNaile
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Warwitch Siren
Wrong Eye
– Snapjaw
Objective: Arcane Wonder

Final scenario was Recon (central 12×6″ zone with objectives on the narrow, close edge, and 2 flags 12″ from the table edge on the midline. Killbox is no).
We rolled for initiative, which I luckily won, and elected to go first. My opponent wisely took the side of the table with the hill.


Stormwall went in the middle 2″ behind the deployment line to allow the Boomhowlers to fit in front of it.
ATGM went to the right, ranges to the left (opposite the Nyss), and Aiyana and Holt flanked left.

DJ went in the middle of the table with the Nyss on the left, Wrong Eye and Snapjaw in the middle, and the Pistol Wraiths opposite the Stormwall. One arc node went on either flank, and the right-flank one got the Warwitch Siren. Denny went far left with the Nyss.

Southern Ontario Open 095

Cygnar, Turn 1

I run everything forward and spread out. I send 1 Ranger towards DJ, just to give my opponent pause (which was stupid) and keep the rest in the forest for Stealth.
Arcane Shield goes on the Boomhowlers.
Siege creates a Foxhole and hids the critical stuff inside.
Lastly, Eiryss moves forward on the left flank, hoping to run her into my opponent’s Trench, but doesn’t get quite far enough downfield to do it.

Southern Ontario Open 097

Cryx, Turn 1

My opponent runs his left Bonejack to be within 5″ of my Stealthy Rangers. Denny arcs “Marked for Death” onto them, removing Stealth.
Damnit. I even knew she had that spell…
Correspondingly, the Nyss move up and kill 5 of my 6 Rangers. The last one passes her CMD check.
Everything else just shuffles forward.

Cygnar, Turn 2

My Boomhowlers get Super Tough and flood the zone, spreading out to make entry into the zone difficult. One engages Snapjaw.
Stormwall moves up and pumps a big gun into Deathjack for light damage. The other shot streaks towards the arc node on the left but is *just* out of range. I also drop Covering Fire to protect my Boomhowlers.
My Stormcaller on that side of the table moves up and disrupts the node.
Eiryss moves up and disrupts the other Arc node.
The ATGM move forward and shoot, killing 1 Pistol Wraith and putting some damage on the right-side arc node.
Siege moves up cautiously, camping 3 and putting himself in a Foxhole.

Southern Ontario Open 099

Cryx, Turn 2

My opponent moves his left-side arc node up to engage the Stormcaller, but misses his bite.
The Withershadow move forward, and Admonina “Disbinds” Arcane Shield from the Boomhowlers, inflicting 2 points of damage on my Junior. Oops!
On the other side, the Warwitch elects not to Powerbooster the arc node to remove Disrupt, and instead sprays a bunch of Boomhowlers. 1 dies, the rest Tough.
The right-side arc node walks up to engage a Boomhowler.
DJ pulls back.
Snapjaw heads into the zone, killing a few Boomhowlers and a Stormpod. Wrongeye moves up to engage a couple Boomhowlers, and swings his stick: first attack kills (Toughs), buys an attack (Toughs), buys an attack (Toughs), buys an attack and kills him finally! He camps his remaining Fury.
The last Pistol Wraith moves up and hits the Stormwall for no damage, but does Deathchill it.
The Nyss move forward, spread out, and shoot a bunch of Boomhowlers, all of who decide dying is not in the cards. Go Super-Tough!
Lastly, Denny moves forward and goes Incorporeal.
Southern Ontario Open 101

Cygnar, Turn 3

The 3 models I have that are Corroded all survive (2 go out, the other Toughs again with just vanilla tough!)
I consider awhile whether to Feat or not this turn… it’s a tough call, with my Stormwall unable to rotate and shoot (Death Chill means you have to forfeit movement or activation, and a rotation IS a movement, so no dice there).
In the end, I decide to do so.
Siege moves up and Feats. He uses his Groundpounder on Snapjaw and the Pistol Wraith (but not DJ): I boost to hit the Pistol Wraith and Admonina, nail both and splatter them with Feat. Second shot goes into DJ for significant damage (cripples an arm).
Stormwall pumps a shot into Wrongeye, boosting to hit and damage, and splatters Snapjaw through the Transfer (it was something like 20 damage). I roll for my Metalstorms, getting 2 on the side with Wrongeye, and they prove more than sufficient to wipe him out. I drop a pod between DJ and my Stormwall.
My Stormcaller on the left moves around the bonejack on the left and disrupts it again.
Aiyana and Holt move forward. Aiyana kisses the bonejack on the right side: Holt hits it twice for huge damage, leaving it on a few boxes (crippled everything but legs).
ATGM activate and shoot the Warwitch Siren off the table, as well as push DJ back a little.
Eiryss shoots and disrupts the bonejack again.
Lastly, the Boomhowlers activate. I shoot the objective for a tonne of damage under Feat… but after the dust clears, it’s still on 1 box! Damnit!

Because of the Objective, I score no points (and I SHOULD’VE scored 3!).

Southern Ontario Open 103

Cryx, Turn 3

My opponent has gotten lucky… that stupid Objective has bought him time.
The Withershadow go first, putting Puppet Strings on DJ and blasting my Stormpod off the table.
DJ wades into my Boomhowlers, but they continue to Tough like champs, and he only kills 1. He does heal a little, though.
The Skarlock Thrall casts Venom on a Boomhowler, who is already Corroded and happily Toughs again.
The bonejack on the left manages to kill my Stormcaller (it was just a matter of time). The one on the right walks over to engage Eiryss, but can’t hit her with a crippled head.
The Nyss move up and kill a few Boomhowlers and the last of my Rangers.
Denny moves up B2B with the flag and pops her Feat, catching the Stormwall and a few Boomhowlers.
Lastly, Dougal moves up and takes a shot and a knocked down Greygore. He rolls snake-eyes.
Cryx scores its first CP, bringing the game to 1-0.
Southern Ontario Open 105

Cygnar, Turn 4

Only a few models in the zone. I got this.
Siege gets reloaded and uses his Groundpounder to splatter Admonina, Dougal, the Objective, a Nyss, and Tremulous. His second shot goes into DJ for heavy damage.
Aiyana kisses DJ, and Holt destroys the bonejack engaging Eiryss.
Eiryss aims and shoots DJ to disrupt him.
My ATGM activate and Thunderbolt the DJ out of the zone. They also drop the Skarlock Thrall after DJ is out of the zone.
The Stormwall activates and rotates to get both guns on DJ. The big guns do more than enough damage to destroy the thrice-cursed warjack. He drops Covering Fire to make it difficult for the Nyss to get forward, and drops a pod next to the flag to contest.
My remaining Boomhowlers get Super-Tough again, and I move 1 towards Denny and the Nyss, and the other to engage the last of the Withershadow.
My Journeywoman runs away from the remaining arc node on the table and I end my turn scoring 3CPs, bringing the score to 3-1 for Cygnar.

Southern Ontario Open 107

Cryx, Turn 4

My opponent has basically 1 Withershadow, a handful of Nyss, and Denny left on the table. Not good odds.

He moves up all the Nyss he can and does a big CRA into Siege. It hits and inflicts 6 points of damage (dice-4, solid roll).

Denny kills the Stormpod, and the Withershadow walks away from one Boomhowler (who misses his Free Strike) to kill Greygore.

Score goes to 3-2 for Cygnar, and there is exactly 1 Nyss in the zone.

Cygnar, Turn 5

My last Boomhowler, sadly, succumbs to Corrosion. Finally.
Siege gets reloaded. He aims and boosts to hit that Nyss, nailing him easily. I end my turn, allowing me to score 2CPs (and my opponent to score 1), and I win the game 5-3!

Victory for Cygnar!

Southern Ontario Open 110

Phew! Solid game, but I was a little surprised at how strong a game Siege has against Cryx! This is a solid list against eDenny, and that’s saying something! I’m almost glad I didn’t drop Haley (who’s list is a lot more melee-centric).

At the end of the tournament, I went 3-1 again, and finished 21st out of 92 players… not bad, and again in the top 25%, which is okay. Not as good as I would like, but that loss to Rahn was a stupid mistake and I didn’t really deserve much higher than I got.

But next year…

Anyway! There you all go… a long and detailed blow-by-blow (mostly) of my games at the Southern Ontario Open! Thanks so much to Tim and Matt for organizing the event, to the battery of volunteers and PGs willing to help out, and to all my opponents for putting up with my picture taking and sporatic gameplay! And, of course, to all of our listeners and readers who got all the way through this monster of a report!

I’m happy to answer any questions, comments, criticisms, or observations on my games! Thanks folks!

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