Tournament 017 – Store Wars Qualifier: Marc’s Results with Cygnar

As mentioned on this week’s podcast (gosh, I hope I get these written up by the end of the week now!), Nick and I attended the final Store Wars qualifying event at the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington on Saturday.

July 26 Podcast 086 139

You’ve heard the podcast… now you can see the battles and read the blow-by-blow(ish) of the games! Excitement! Danger! Adventure! Really interesting applications of Saeryn’s Grievous Wounds!

By now, all our regulars will recognize my Siege and Haley lists, but it bears repeating for a few reasons. So let’s start with the big man himself:

Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane
– Squire
– Stormwall
ATGM Pistoleers
– Officer
Journeywoman Warcaster
Stormsmith Storm Caller
Greygore Boomhowler and Co (max)
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)

As mentioned several times before, this is almost a straight copy of Jay Larsen’s Iron Guantlet-winning Siege list; the only substitution is his list has the B13, and mine has Aiyana and Holt instead. It’s a great list, solid scenario prescence through the Boomhowlers coupled to great assassination and attrition through Siege and Reinholdt, with the Stormwall anchoring like a boss (as it always does).

I think I’m done with it, though. It’s great, it’s strong, but it struggles against a few things that didn’t exist when Jay crafted the list initially (specifically Xerxis2 and Bradigus), and those lists are becoming more and more popular. Granted, it is wonderful against Trolls overall, but even there it can be a hard drop into Runes of War (keeping the Stormwall safe from 3 heavies, any 1 of which may be capable of scrapping it, is not trivial!). I think it’s time to update the tech… and as soon as Haley3 shows up at my door, I know who’s getting Siege’s current list spot.

My other list is a melee-centric eHaley list:

Major Victoria Haley
– Squire
– Thorn
– Stormclad (bonded)
ATGM Pistoleers
– Officer
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard
Journeywoman Warcaster
Forge Guard (max)
Gorman di Wulfe
Anastasia di Braye
Viktor Pendrake
Rhupert Carvolo

This is… an okay list. Decidedly okay. I like the fact that it’s a very different build than many Cygnar lists (fewer guns, more face-smashing-hammers), but it’s got a LOT of points sunk into support (13 points, not including 8 points of Thorn!). Her Feat coupled with Gorman and Anastasia *can* counter that pretty effectively by giving you what often amounts to 3 turns in a row, but against good opponents (who properly value the threat of both models) they often will expend enough effort to make sure they die. And as much as I love Haley, she is really just a force-multiplier and not a direct influence on the game very often (excluding rare occasions where a Thorn-run will allow Arcane Bolt assassinations… but I’ve never actually pulled that off yet). But it does its job pretty well: forcing my opponent into their anti-Haley lists, *JUST IN CASE* I drop this on them. And it works acceptably well against the matchups Siege is weak against (Bradigus, Skorne, Krueger2, anti-shooty-tech).

That stated, I am also super excited to mix this one up a bit. But not for this tournament!

The Tournament

A quick word about the Store Wars circuit. Basically, 6 stores in Southern Ontario decided to run a circuit of tournaments over the course of about 6 months. Each store would host 2 events, and players would gain points to earn a spot at the final tournament. Each event would be capped at 4 rounds, in order to equalize somewhat across bigger/smaller stores. You earn 2 points for a win, 1 point for showing up, and 1 point for playing fully painted (so a maximum of 10 points for going 4-0 at a tournament while playing fully painted).

This was the last qualifier event, and I found myself in 17th place with a total of 29 points over 6 events. 16th place had 30 points, and 15th had 32 points, and so on right up to first place (Kevin V) with 61 points. If I couldn’t win more than 2 games, I was probably out, as those ranked lower than me (27, 26, and 25 points) clawed over my position into the finals. But no point in worrying about that for now! On to the event!

Round 1: Versus Menoth

My first round opponent, Owen, is a great guy and needed to basically win the tournament in order to guarantee himself a spot in the finals (he was sitting at 25 points). Even then, he might or might not make the cut… but regardless, he had pulled out all the stops and was running Harbinger and eFeora. As a Menoth player myself, I know there are few things Harby likes to see on the table LESS than accurate long-range firepower (from, say, a Stormwall), and so knew Owen had to drop Feora. Correspondingly, eHaley doesn’t *really* like being set on fire, so Siege it was!

Owen’s Feora list was approximately:

Feora, Protector of the Flame
– Hierophant
– Judicator (bonded)
– Reckoner
– Vanquisher
Holy Zealots (max)
– Monolith Bearer
Vassal of Menoth x2
Choir of Menoth (min)
Gorman di Wulfe
Knight Exemplar Seneshal x2

An interesting list, and a lot of ranged firepower (that, of course, all causes Fire). I’ve played Siege into Feora a few times, and I knew that Foxhole would still be valuable to keep my models alive from blast damage, but the Fire would often kill them afterwards anyway. Still, it’s better to have 2/3rds of the models hit die, rather than ALL of the models hit die… additionally, with all those warjacks, I knew that Feora would be ripe for a solid assassination, and she wouldn’t be able to hide behind the Judicator. It would, at least, be a solid game!

Scenario was Close Quarters (2 flags assymetrically around the middle, 1CP to dominate your flag or control your enemy’s, 2CP to dominate the enemy flag, and killbox).

We rolled initative, which Owen won and elected to go first. Smart. I picked the side of the table with the wall and Trench, and we’re off.


Owen’s Judicator drops in the middle of the table, my Stormwall deploys opposite to it. Owen then puts Feora and the other 2 warjacks to the left of the Judicator with all the support models nearby, while the Zealots go to the far right.

I deploy my Boomhowlers centrally, with the ATGM spread out on the left (away from the Zealots) and the Rangers near the trench. Eiryss goes far, far left (near the clock, away from my Stormwall!), and Siege and his entourage go behind the Boomhowlers.

July 26 Podcast 086 070

Menoth, Turn 1

Owen rushes his troops forward, puts “No Shooting” on the warjacks, “Ignite” on the Judicator, and “Escort” on Feora.
Owen also sends a Knight Exemplar Senny up either flank. No real surprises.

Cygnar, Turn 1

Boomhowler and Co get Super Tough and Arcane Shield and run forward, spreading out as much as I can. Stormwall Tramples forward and drops a pod near the Zealots.
Rangers head into the Trench (despite the stupid “If the centre of the AoE is inside the Trench you’re not immune to it” ruling), while my ATGM move up, spread out, and take Snipe shots at stuff out of range.
Aiyana moves up cautiously behind the Stormwall, while Holt goes a bit further up.
Lastly, Siege puts down a Foxhole and moves into it with Reinholdt and his Squire.

July 26 Podcast 086 073

Menoth, Turn 2

Owen drops “Ignite” from the Judicator, upkeeps “Escort”, and gives a full load of Focus to the Judicator. 1 Focus also goes to the Reckoner.
The Choir sings “Battle” on his warjacks. The Judicator moves up and opens fire on the Stormwall, directly hitting it all 3 times (main shots plus Ancillary) and inflicting a whopping 25 points of damage. Thankfully, nothing is crippled.
Second Vassal gives the Reckoner “Enliven”.
Reckoner runs forward, engaging 4 of my Rangers and putting itself inside the Trench. Annoyingly.
Vanquisher moves up and pumps a shot at some Boomhowlers, inflicting some damage, lighting a few on fire, causing some Toughs.
Zealots get Run-Charge orders and pray for “No Spells”. They pop their mini-Feat and destroy my Stormpod on that flank.
Owen elects to Killbox Feora rather than risk being assassinated, and pulls her back, camping 1. The Hierophant runs into the forest near my Gun Mages.

Cygnar, Turn 2

Ah, mini-Feat Zealots… how I’ve missed you… anyway, 3 Focus to the Stormwall, drop Arcane Shield, upkeep Foxhole.
Aiyana and Holt activate. Aiyana attempts to “Kiss” the Reckoner, but needing a 10, misses. Holt kills the Knight Exemplar Seneschal on the right flank.
Gun Mages go next and I have 4 of them Aim. The Reckoner is DEF10 +4 from the Trench, +4 from being Engaged; a respectable DEF18. My Gun Mages are RAT9s from aiming, +2 from the nearby Rangers… so I need 7s to hit. No big problem, 4 shots should be enough. I fire Thunderbolt rounds, trying to git it away from my Rangers.
All 4 shots miss. 6% chance of that… oh well. The other Gun Mages kill some support models.
Journeywoman puts “Arcane Shield” on the Stormwall.
Siege gets reloaded and pops his Feat. Fires a Ground Pounder into the Reckoner and a regular shot into the Vanquisher, inflicting heavy damage on both.
Stormwall activates and opens fire on the Judicator, inflicting heavy damage and then shoots the Vanquisher, crippling the Vanquisher’s flail. Drop a pod in front o fthe Judicator.
Boomhowler and Co get Super Tough again and charge. I get 2 on the Reckoner, and they CMA into it for modest damage. the rest just jam up Zealots.
Eiryss activates and runs towards the Judicator, but can’t get within 5″ of it. She does, however, get within 5 of both the Reckoner and Vanquisher.
Lastly, Stormcaller moves up and manages to ping Gorman… but sadly flubs the damage roll and fails to kill him.
July 26 Podcast 086 076 July 26 Podcast 086 078

Menoth, Turn 3

Feora fully loads the Judicator up. Can’t allocate to the Vanquisher or Reckoner due to Eiryss.
Gorman walks up and blinds Eiryss at point-blank range. A charging Knight Exemplar Errant ends up finishing her off.
Judicator opens fire on my Boomhowlers and models between his Reckoner and Siege. Thankfully, most of them die and then fail to Tough, leaving only 1 Boomhowler on fire.
Feora activates, moves up, and pops her Feat, shuffling around the Fire tokens a bit. She puts the 1 free Focus she gained from the Feat onto the Reckoner.
The Reckoner charges Siege, but since he’s in the Foxhole, the Assault shot flies wide, and then the mace (without Focus to boost) also swings wide. Phew!
Zealots move up and fire-bomb the Arcane Shielded Stormwall a bit.

July 26 Podcast 086 079

Cygnar, Turn 3

Well. That’s a lot of Reckoner in my face… and while I’m initially thinking that I can definitely assassinate Feora (Foxhole the Judicator, 2 shots from Siege, 2 shots from the Stormwall, her at ARM18), the Squire happened to be lit on fire by a scatter and promptly dies. Curses! I drop Arcane Shield and give 2 to the Stormwall.
Reinholdt reloads Siege, and I put Arcane Shield on him.
Aiyana activates (Holt having died from a grenade) and Kisses the Vanquisher.
Siege walks away from the Reckoner and pumps 2 shots into the Vanquisher, scrapping it.
The Stormwall opens fire on the Judicator. It’s Right Arm was crippled from the last barrage of firepower: as soon as I cripple the left arm, I consider the Judicator worthless and move on to other targets, killing a handful of Zealots with the Metalstorm cannons.
The Gun Mages open fire, killing Gorman and the Knight Exemplar.

Menoth, Turn 4

Owen fully loads his crippled Judicator.
Feora puts “Ignite” on the Judicator and moves towards her flag. The Choir sing “Battle”.
The Judicator charges my Stormwall, and (at Dice+5 damage, and only missing on a roll of 1 on 1d6 to hit) effortlessly scraps my colossal.


The Reckoner fails to hit Reinholdt, and we’re done.

July 26 Podcast 086 080

Cygnar, Turn 4

Siege camps everything and I upkeep Arcane Shield.
Aiyana “Kisses” the Judicator.
Siege charges the Judicator and scraps it on his 2nd attack.
The Gun Mages open fire, killing Choir, Vassals, and the Hierophant. The few remaining Boomhowlers kill a few more Zealots.

July 26 Podcast 086 082

Menoth, Turn 5

Owen runs Feora onto her Flag and then jams into my Gun Mages with everything he has left (which, of course, all has Reach). He scores his first CP, bringing the game to 2-1 for me.

Cygnar, Turn 5

The Journeywoman charges the Reckoner, but can’t quite scrap it. Siege walks over and liesurely hammers it flat.
The Gun Mages kill a few engaging models, and Thunderbolt Feora away from the flag.

Menoth, Turn 6

Feora walks back up to the flag, and jams me again with her last Choir. Score goes to 2-2.

Cygnar, Turn 6

Siege runs towards Feora’s Flag and the Gun Mages kill the last Choir member and Thunderbolt Feora away again… but I’ve only got 1 second on the clock, and that’s game.

Victory for the Protectorate!
(Despite Owen obligingly laying Feora down, as if she was killed!)

July 26 Podcast 086 084 July 26 Podcast 086 086 July 26 Podcast 086 085

Post Game Analysis:

Damn close… if I had just run the Gun Mages to be within 4″ (and SPREAD OUT, since Feora is pretty good at killing clumps of troops) and then run Siege at her flag SOONER, I probably had this game… Feora can’t contest, and all Owen’s other models were dead!

Stupid Deathclock! Of course, it wasn’t its fault… I have to learn to activate faster! Oh well… on to…

Round 2: Versus Cygnar

Heiki, my noble opponent for this round, was playing pHaley and Siege as his pairing… which made list selection pretty easy. It was going to be a Siege-on-Siege slugfest… and I was feeling pretty good about my list… well, let’s take a quick look at Heiki’s list, shall we?

Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane
– Squire
– Stormwall
Black 13th Gun Mages
Journeywoman Warcaster
Steelhead Halberdiers (max)
Cylena and the Nyss Hunters (max)

Hmmm. Interesting list… Steelheads and Nyss to jam with (instead of Boomhowlers), but the loss of the ATGM for just the B13… well, I’m was pretty sure I would come out on top of this one.

We rolled for initiative, which I won and elected to go first. Heiki took the wrong side of the table (his had a concealing wall, mine had a big freakin’ hill right by my Objective).


Heiki’s Stormwall went central, mine went closer to the hill.
I place my Boomhowlers central, with Aiyana and Holt flanking it and Siege and his entourage behind the Boomhowlers. Gun Mages went to the right flank, and Rangers and Eiryss went FAR right flank.

Heiki then places his Nyss near a concealment-granting wall (hedge), the B13 to the right, and the Steelheads near the Stormwall. The Rangers eventually would be AD’d in front of the Stormwall.

Scenario was “Fire Support” (Objective and Flag on your own left side, objectives 16″ upfield and the flags 1″ off the center line. 1CP to dominate your own flag, control your opponents flag, or destroy your opponent’s objective, and 2CPs to dominate their flag. Objectives contest their own flag).

July 26 Podcast 086 088

Cygnar, Turn 1

To differentiate, I’ll call my turns “Cygnar”, and Heiki’s turns “Swans”.
Anyway, Boomhowlers get Arcane Shield and Super-Tough and run forwards, everything else moves forward more cautiously.

Rangers and Eiryss flank hard left, Siege and all his closest buddies sit in the Foxhole, and I’m done.
July 26 Podcast 086 092

Swans, Turn 1

Heiki runs his Steelheads at my Rangers on the left.
The Rangers move forward and open fire on my Boomhowlers, killing a few.
The Stormwall moves up and takes a couple shots at Greygore himself, but fails to kill the tough Trollkin. It drops Covering Fire.
Siege moves up cautiously behind his Stormwall.
The Nyss move forward and spread out, taking a few shots that ping off Boomhowlers.

Cygnar, Turn 2

Siege gives my Stormwall 2 Focus, and we’re off.
The Stormwall moves up and opens fire: it’s just out of range of Heiki’s Stormwall (boo!), so I fire the second big gun shot at Cylena, boosting to hit and taking her off the table. I drop Covering Fire and a Stormpod (killing another Nyss).
My Rangers push forward, killing a handful of Steelheads and a few enemy Rangers. Boomhowlers get Super-Tough again and killing more Rangers. Sadly, I can’t wipe out the unit, leaving Heiki with 2.
Siege moves up onto the hill and Foxholes himself and Aiyana. Holt goes further forward to try and bait out some attacks.
My Gun Mages move up and take out more Steelheads, although the forest in the middle of the table does thwart some of my shots.
Lastly, Eiryss moves up the right flank (just out of frame at the bottom right of the picture), hoping to move over and shoot Arcane Shield off next turn.
July 26 Podcast 086 093

Swans, Turn 2

Heiki allocates focus to the Stormwall, upkeeps Arcane Shield, and we’re off.
His Stormwall moves up and pumps 2 big shots into my Stormwall, which inflicts light damage. The small guns open fire on more Boomhowlers, mostly missing but forcing a couple Tough checks.
His Rangers and Nyss try to kill Boomhowlers, with mixed success.
The B13 move forward and fire Snipe shots at Eiryss, without a hope in heck of hitting her. Heiki realizes too late that a Magestorm probably would’ve fixed that problem… oh well! DEF22 Eiryss is hard to hit!
The Steelheads run forward to be annoying, killing 1 Ranger with a Charge. 1 Runs to engage Eiryss.
Rhupert gives the Nyss “Dirge of Mists” again.
Siege moves up beside his Stormwall and puts himself in a Foxhole. He launches a couple shots at Boomhowlers, killing 2 but they both Tough successfully.
July 26 Podcast 086 097

Cygnar, Turn 3

I go into the tank for a minute to decide to assassinate Siege or not… trouble is, DEF18 is hard to hit. Maybe if I can free up a Ranger and get over there? Worth a try… 3 Focus to the Stormwall, and we’re off.
Aiyana moves up and successfully “Kisses” the Stormwall. Holt shoots a couple Nyss very, very dead.
My Gun Mages aim and open fire on the Steelheads: unfortunately, the first shot misses the Steelhead engaging my Ranger and kills the Ranger. So much for that plan! I kill a bunch of Steelheads, including the one engaging Eiryss.
Eiryss walks towards the Stormwall, but I can tell she doesn’t get within 12″ of it. She instead shoots Ryan very, very dead.
My Rangers run up to be close to as many models as possible.
Siege moves up to get Heiki’s Stormwall and Siege within CTRL. I Ground Pound into the Foxhole that Siege is hiding in: Boost to hit Siege (miss), boost to hit Reinholdt (miss), boost to hit Gorman (miss)… don’t boost to hit the Stormwall (which I couldn’t avoid), and hit. I boost the damage against it, and do a fair chunk.
My Stormwall Charges into Heiki’s and inflicts massive damage, but only cripples one side and the superstructure. I drop a Stormpod behind Gorman to remove that particular threat, and the electroleaps off the Stormwall’s punches wipe out a few Nyss. One Electroleap goes into Siege and does about 8 damage.
Lastly, my Boomhowlers move up. 2 Swing on the Stormwall, inflicting a few more points of damage, and another kills one more Steelhead. Heiki has 1 Steelhead left at this point.

July 26 Podcast 086 103

Swans, Turn 3

Heiki elects not to go all-in on an assassation against my exposed Siege (a critical mistake, I feel!). Instead, he loads up his Stormwall.
The remaining Nyss charge my Stormwall, inflicting light damage.
His Stormwall then hammers into mine, and his dice are on FIRE… as a result, he cripples the right side and does healthy damage to the left.
Heiki’s last Steelhead runs and manages to engage 3 of my Gun Mages (bah!).
Lynch manages to drop Eiryss with a Brutal Damage shot… bah-again.
Siege pumps a shot into my Stormwall… leaving it on 8 boxes (just cortex and left arm).

Cygnar, Turn 4

3 Focus to the Stormwall again, and Siege is happy to be alive. I drop Arcane Shield.
My Stormwall crushes the other Stormwall.
I move Siege to be B2B with my Flag to start dominating.
The Journeywoman moves up and puts Arcane Shield on Siege.
My Stormcaller runs to engage Heiki’s Siege and Journeywoman from behind (yay Reach!).
My ATGM all walk forward. All 3 that were engaged? Die. The last one manages to put a bullet in that Steelhead and wipes out the unit.
My 2 last Boomhowlers move up to engage Lynch.
Score goes to 1-0 for me.

July 26 Podcast 086 106

Swans, Turn 4

Siege charges my Stormwall and manages to scrap it. He puts Foxhole on himself.
The Journeywoman Warcaster tries to walk away from the Stormcaller, and dies to the free strike.
Lynch kills 1 of the Boomhowlers engaging him.
Heiki runs his Squire towards my flag, but it doesn’t get anywhere near enough. I score again, bringing the score to 2-0 for me.

Cygnar, Turn 5

Siege gets Reloaded from Reinholdt and drops the Squire. Lynch gets engaged by my Boomhowler again.
I score again, bringing it to 3-0 for me.

Swans, Turn 5

Heiki’s Siege aims at my Siege and hits, boosting the damage (at Dice-11) but inflicts nothing.
Lynch walks forward and tries a Brutal Damage shot, which also does nothing.
Heiki ends his turn without being able to contest, giving me my 4th CP. I immediately end my turn, landing me my 5th CP and the victory!

Victory to (my) Cygnar!

July 26 Podcast 086 111

Post Game Analysis

Phew! What a slog… I made a few mistakes (like leaving Siege so exposed and camping nothing!), but I think I’ve learned that lesson, at least.

Other than that? ATGM dying to Steelheads is total BS (needing 7s to hit on Free Strikes, and killing all 3 of my guys!? 12% chance), and Heiki’s list has too many models with Reach, which Siege doesn’t really want to see. But, hey, it was a solid game, and many important lessons were learned!

On to Round 3!

Round 3: Versus Trollbloods

David had suffered a work-related accident the day before the event, so his right (dominant) hand was in bandages and he was reduced to using a die-cup to let him roll with his left. Poor guy… but no sympathy for a man that runs Runes of War and eGrissel lists! No mercy! Especially since I knew he was going to drop Runes against me… which meant I had to drop Siege, which meant being list-locked Round 4… oh well!

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Kriels
– Mulg
– Earthborn
– Mauler
– Axer
Runeshapers (x4)
Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes (max)
– Stone Scribe Elder
Objective: Fuel Cache

I think that’s it… I don’t remember any more, I’ve played against it so often. Basically, Google “Runes of War”, and that’s the list.

We rolled for initiative, which I managed to lose and David elected to go first. I picked the side of the table with the hill (can we sense a trend?).
Scenario was “Recon”: Central rectangular zone with Objectives on the narrow ends and flags on the midline. 1CP to control the zone, destroy the enemy objective, or dominate either flag, and 2CPs for dominating the zone.


David set up his walls next to the objective and in the zone (stupid Runes walls… bah…) and I set up my Stormwall near the hill.
All of the Warbeasts went in the middle, with flanking units of Rune Shapers. Janissa went to the right, and the Stonebearers went at the back.
My Boomhowlers went Central, my ATGM went to the left flank along with Eiryss, and Siege also went near the middle.
July 26 Podcast 086 115

Trolls, Turn 1

Nothing really surprising: lots of running forward, spreading out, and Janissa pops out another wall.

July 26 Podcast 086 116

Cygnar, Turn 1

Boomhowlers get Arcane Shield and Super Tough and run into the zone.
Rangers hold back, while 2 Run forward (1 of them breaks) to get close to David’s Runeshapers on the right. Eiryss hangs back (I don’t remember if it was intentional… it sorta looks like I forgot to activate her, which is not at all implausible!).
My ATGM move up and open fire with their Snipe shots, and actually manage to kill 3 Runeshapers on the right! Nice!
Stormwall runs forward, Siege Foxholes himself and his nearest-and-dearest, and we’re done.

July 26 Podcast 086 118

Trolls, Turn 2

David moves up the Runeshapers on the right flank move forward and casts spells at my clumps of Gun Mages; they all scatter away harmlessly.
Other Runeshapers run forward to engage my Boomhowlers.
The warbeasts shuffle forward with Transmute on them for safety, and Janissa cautiously moves forward and places a wall protectively.

Cygnar, Turn 2

Still not Feat Turn, I think. 3 Focus to the Stormwall, and Siege upkeeps Foxhole.
Siege gets Reloaded and moves forward. He Ground Pounders 3 Runeshapers on the left into dirt. One Toughs, and so his 2nd shot goes into that guy, taking him off the table.
Rangers (thus freed) move around a bit to spread out the “Mark Target” love. They take some shots, damage Janissa for a few points, kill a Krielstone or two.
ATGM move forward and open fire. They hit Janissa a few times but fail to wound, and then puts some Brutal Damage shots into the Mauler, doing light wounds.
Aiyana and Holt move forward. Aiyana “Kisses” the Earthborn, and Holt dumps 2 shots into the Objective.
The Stormwall activates and pumps both big guns into the Earthborn for moderate damage (crippling his Mind). Little Gun shots wipe out a Runeshaper or two.
Lastly, Boomhowler and Co “Rage Howl” (catching all the warbeasts except the Axer) and kill a few Runeshapers.

July 26 Podcast 086 122 July 26 Podcast 086 123

Trolls, Turn 3

Doomshaper moves up and Feats.
The heavies move to block LoS to Doomshaper, with the Mauler going in on a few Boomhowlers.
There is some shuffling around, but basically David bricks up and waits.

Cygnar, Turn 3

3 Focus on the Stormwall, and we’re off.
Siege moves to the edge of his Foxhole and Feats, catching all the warbeasts. He Ground Pounds a few more Runeshapers off the table.
Aiyana Kisses the Earthborne again, and Holt shoots at a few Runeshapers, killing them.
The Stormwall pounds a shot into Mulg and the Earthborn for heavy damage (all the roll on Mulg was a little disappointing), and then pumps all his little gun shots into the Axer, doing heavy damage. Drops the pod between Mulg and the Stormwall. Noteably, the Stormwall takes about 8 damage from Doomshaper’s Feat.
Gun Mages mop up on the right, forcing Janissa to Tough, which she does… Eiryss moves up and hits Janissa again, taking her off the table.
Boomhowlers “Rage Howl” again, and kill off a few more Runeshapers, and ping the warbeasts for a few more points of damage.
Lastly, Rangers shuffle around and kill a bunch of Krielstone Bearers.

July 26 Podcast 086 124

Trolls, Turn 4

David pulls in Fury and leaves 1 on the Axer. It Frenzies, whacking the only model in melee with it: the Mauler! It inflicts light damage.
The Mauler and Earthborn kill a few Boomhowlers to clear a path.
Mulg charges the Objective, easily splattering it. He takes a swing at Aiyana and manages to kill her: Holt doesn’t break.
Doomshaper runs to his Flag and scores his first CP, bringing the score to 2-0 for the Trolls.

Cygnar, Turn 4

I move one of my last Boomhowlers to be (barely!) within 4″ of the flag. The other 2 swing on the Axer for light damage.
Siege walks towards my flag and pumps 2 shots into the Earthborn, finally taking it off the table.
The Gun Mages open fire on Mulg with Thunderbolts, pushing him away (and, thankfully, not harming him!). The Stormwall pulls away and opens fire on the Mauler, inflicting heavy damage. Rangers move around a little, and I forget about Eiryss again.

Trolls, Turn 5

David pulls in Fury again, leaving 1 on the Mauler… which Frenzies, killing a Runeshaper.
Mulg charges the Stormwall and effortless scraps it. The Axer kills the 2 Boomhowlers engaging him.
The Krielstone Scribes (the ones with weapons!) move up to my Boomhowler, hitting him 3 times… he Toughs three times.
David ends his turn, but my lucky Boomhowler has denied him the opportunity to score! Score stays at 2-0.

July 26 Podcast 086 127

Cygnar, Turn 5

Eiryss runs towards Doomshaper (knowing that the Boomhowler there will only survive so long!). Siege runs to be B2B with my own Flag. My Gun Mages open up on Mulg, pushing the heavy warbeast away, and manage to knock him down… they also use a couple Thunderbolts on the Mauler, also moving it away from my flag.
The Boomhowler kills 1 of the Krielstone scribes.
I run my Squire in a flanking position, hoping to bring more models to contest Dave’s flag as needed.
I end my turn and score, bringing the game to 2-1 for the Trolls.

July 26 Podcast 086 129

Trolls, Turn 6

Dave forgot to activate Doomshaper last turn, which means he’s still sitting on a full load of Fury… which means Mulg has to take a Frenzy check… which he fails… and since he’s knocked down, just walks towards one of my Rangers.
The Axer runs to engage my Squire.
The Mauler charges my last Boomhowler, who toughs 2 more times before finally dying.
Dave scores again, but so do I, bringing the score to 3-2 for the Trolls.

July 26 Podcast 086 131

Cygnar, Turn 6

Eiryss runs to contest the flag (successfully). I also move a Ranger up to be within 4″ of the flag as well.
I end my turn, and I score again, bringing the game to 3-3!

Trolls, Turn 7

David pulls in Fury, leaving 1 on the Axer… who frenzies! And misses my Squire! Ouch!
Doomshaper kills Eiryss, runs Mulg towards my Flag (doesn’t get within 4″). We score again, bringing the game to 4-4…

Cygnar, Turn 7

I run my Gun Mages at his flag, easily getting several within 4″ to contest. I end my turn, scoring one last time, and earning me my 5th CP!

Victory to Cygnar!

Post Game Analysis

Holy snakes that was close… if David had noticed that he could clear the zone for another CP, I probably would’ve lost (it was only contested by a handful of Rangers at the time!). But he was getting very short on the clock, and the fact that his warbeasts kept Frenzying didn’t make his life any easier!

Still, a win is a win, and I think I did okay overall… I still hate playing against Runes, though!

Round 4: Versus Legion

So the last round of the event, and I’m up against Kevin… he knows I’m list-locked into eHaley (not a bad position to be in, all things considered) and decides to drop Saeryn against me.

Now, this isn’t quite as insane as it sounds (although eVayl would’ve probably have been a better choice!). My Haley list has a lot of melee, after all! Either way, his Saeryn list was:

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight
– Angelius
– Angelius
– Scythean
– Zuriel
– Shredder
Blackfrost Shard
Strider Deathstalker

It doesn’t look like a lot, but with Saeryn at the helm… well… it kinda is a lot!

Anyway, we rolled for initiative which I won and elected to go first. Scenario was “Incursion”: 3 flags, equally spaced along the midline. 1CP to either dominate or control any of them.


My warjacks in the middle, my infantry primarily to my right, while my Gun Mages and Thorn went to the left. Simple.

Kevin placed his two Angelius near the middle of the table, Zuriel closer to my clumps of (delicious looking) infantry, and Saeryn close to her warbeasts. Deathstalker got AD’d near my infantry.

July 26 Podcast 086 135

Cygnar, Turn 1

Arcane Shield on the Stormblades, along with “Tough and Fearless” from Rhupert, and everyone runs forward.


July 26 Podcast 086 136

Legion, Turn 1

Somehow, Kevin gets “Tenacity” on all his warbeasts, and they all move forward. One of them gets Saeryn’s upkeep.
The Blackfrost Shard run behind the forest to the left.
The Deathstalker moves up and kills 2 Stormblades (who fail to Tough, obviously) and moves back with his Swift Hunter moves.
July 26 Podcast 086 138

Cygnar, Turn 2

That Scythean is definitely within Charge range of the Stormclad… heck, SAERYN might be within Charge Range, but I wouldn’t risk that. So, instead, 3 Focus on the Stormclad, upkeep Arcane Shield, and we’re off.
Haley moves up, casts “Temporal Acceleration” and TK on the Stormclad to move it forward, and pops her Feat. She casts “Deadeye” on the Gun Mages, and takes a shot at the nearby Naga, but misses.
Stormblades Assault the Scythean, getting a few good hits on it. I run one Stormblade to be within 3″ of the Stormclad, and leave its Charge Lane open.
The Stormclad (getting a 4th Focus from the Stormblades) charges the Scythean and takes it off the table. The electroleaps fail to wound Zuriel, and I was too dumb to position the Stormclad to engage both, so I waste a Focus.
Pendrake gives “Beast Lore” to my ATGM. They’re now rolling 4d6 to hit warbeasts… seems okay.
The ATGM open fire on the Naga with Brutal Damage shots, and take the light off the table. They put a few points of damage into the Angelius.
Thorn moves up a little.
Rhupert gives “Tough and Fearless” to my Hammerdwarves, and they run forward.
Lastly, Gorman and Anastasia both run directly towards Saeryn, safe with the Feat.

July 26 Podcast 086 140

Legion, Turn 2

I activate one Angelius first, who walks forward and then “Repulses” to push Anastasia closer to Zuriel.


Zuriel activates and sprays Anastasia very, very dead. Yeah, that was a mistake.
The other Angelius moves up.
The Deathstalker kills a couple Hammerdwarves.
The Forsaken (outside my Feat) move up and pull off Fury, and then Saeryn arcs “Breathstealer” through Zuriel onto my Hammerdwarves. Bam, SPD2 dwarves… gah. And, obviously, Saeryn pops her Feat.
Lastly, the Blackfrost Shard all run up to be B2B with the flag on the left flank, earning Kevin 1CP! Score goes to 1-0 for Legion.

July 26 Podcast 086 142

Cygnar, Turn 3

Haley camps her full stack.
She casts “Deadeye” on the Gun Mages, and TKs an Angelius (boosting to hit) away from a few other Gun Mages. She then casts Decel.
My Journeywoman moves up and puts Arcane Shield on Haley.
Gorman lobs a Blind Grenade at the middle Angelius, which hits!
Pendrake gives “Beast Lore” to the ATGM again. The first 2 shots go into Blackfrost Shard members, killing them and rendering the unit unable to control the flag. The rest of the shots go into the Angelius, crippling its Mind.
My (SPD2) Hammerdwarves run, with a few moving to engage the 2nd Angelius.
My Stormblades Assault Zuriel, landing a few solid hits on the warbeast.
The Stormclad then activates, aiming and shooting at the nearby Death Stalker. Boosting to hit, I nail him and vapourize the solo.
Lastly, Thorn moves forward, but can’t get close enough to the last Blackfrost Shard member to spear him to death.

July 26 Podcast 086 145

Legion, Turn 3

Zuriel moves up to my Stormclad. Kevin elects to boost his hit rolls to ensure he triggers his Chain Attack: he does, and then spends the 1 Fury for his Animus. The spray hits 4 of my models, but with Decel up Zuriel misses 2 of them and then doesn’t wound the other 2. He spends his last few Fury swinging on the Stormclad, leaving it on 4 boxes (just Cortex).
The Angelius near the middle of the table (the blind one) kills a few Hammerdwarves and causes 1 to Tough, knocking it down.
The fully functional Angelius walks directly towards Gorman, and *just* gets him within Reach. Boosts to hit, and kills my poor arcanist. It then Overtakes to engage a bunch of ATGM.
Saeryn moves up and casts “Breathstealer” on my Hammerdwarves… and misses, on snake-eyes! Woo! She camps her last Fury.
The Shredder moves up and puts Tenacity on an Angelius.

Cygnar, Turn 4

Oh man, full speed Hammerdwarves! Haley camps her full stack.
Haley goes first and TKs the the closest Angelius away (and turns it around, obvi). She casts “Decel” again, gives the Gun Mages “Deadeye” again, and then walks as far away from the closest Angelius as she can.
The ATGM open fire, killing the left Angelius, the last Blackfrost Shard, and the Shredder.
Pendrake gives “Beast Lore” to the Hammerdwarves.
The Forge Guard happily charge into Zuriel and the Angelius. 3 get on the Angelius, the other 5 on Zuriel: turns out only 2 were needed for Zuriel, who promptly melts. The Angelius takes his licks, but super-awful damage rolls only cripples his Spirit and leaves him on 4 or 5 boxes.
Rhupert runs to be B2B with the right flag, and Thorn moves up to the newly vacated left flag. I score 2CPs, and the score goes to 2-1 for Cygnar.

Legion, Turn 4

Times are dire for Kevin… he has only a heavily wounded Angelius and Saeryn left on the table.
Saeryn moves up and heals the Angelius’s Spirit. She then casts “Blight Bringer” on it, killing 3 of the 4 Hammerdwarves engaging it, but fails to break ARM on the last one. Kevin elects to throw one of her daggers at the dwarf, boosting to hit and needing a 9…

He misses. He then rolls against the Angelius, needing a 13… and gets it.
At dice-9 for damage, he rolls… and gets an 11, inflicting 2 points, which is *just* enough to cripple it’s Mind!
“Oh well, I’ll heal it…”
Nick, who’s been watching, cringes. “Grievous Wounds.”

Sure enough, Saeryn has grievously wounded her Angelius, and can’t heal it.
Laughter all around the table, and Kevin concedes gracefully.

Victory to Cygnar!

July 26 Podcast 086 148

Post Game Analysis

Ah. That’s why I’ve never played against Saeryn with Cygnar… that was a decidedly one-sided fight. People forget that the Stormblades actually have remarkably painful guns, in ADDITION to their swords! Oh well. Super fun game, and Kevin is always a joy to play against.

Post Tournament Analysis

Well, it was a fun event! I ended up finishing 5th overall, and Owen (who beat me Round 1) went on to go 4-0! Way to go!

I’m starting to see the cracks in my lists, though… and I was more lucky than anything not to go up against Skorne or Cryx this tournament. Still, I had a lot of fun, and it was a very educational event!

Thanks for reading (if you got all the way through this, give yourself a cookie!), and I always welcome comments, questions, or theories!

2 thoughts on “Tournament 017 – Store Wars Qualifier: Marc’s Results with Cygnar

    • I did! Managed to come in 15th overall!

      Now there’s just the slight hiccup of me running a tournament on the same day that they announced the Finals would be… hoping that Darrell can step up and run my event so I can attend THIS event! He’s awesome that way.

      So hopefully I’ll have more from the 22nd! We will see!

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