Tournament Podcast 016 – Nick and Marc’s Experiences at the SOO!

Nick and I went to the Southern Ontario Open a few weekends ago, and then recorded a podcast about it! Huzzah!

Southern Ontario Open 006

Listen to learn why you might want to consider playing your lists BEFORE going to a tournament, and see if I’ve managed to learn how to use Siege (answer: yes!).

Direct Download

Todd and Nick also played a game for the podcast this week… I’m hoping we can record that one later and use it later (because more podcasts are always better!), but we didn’t have time before Monday morning. But still, a good podcast!

Also, Aaron is announcing a (hopefully short!) break from Combo Smite to pursue some artwork for a cartoon he’s pitching to The Comedy Network. It’s a long shot, but if it gets picked up, Aaron might finally get a job drawing stuff, which is kinda his whole raison d’etre… so all of us at Combo Smite wish him the best of luck for a few months gettin’ that done!

In the meantime, Nick and I will carry on, and keep bringing in 3rd co-hosts to keep the conversation flowing.

Monday afternoon, I’m going down to Hamilton to play a game against Tim “The Enchanter” because we got a listener that sent us an e-mail requesting a couple games against Farrow… and Tim is literally the only person I know in Southern Ontario that plays them! And Adam is finishing up a few more terrain tutorials, I’m writing up all the battle reports from the SOO in a big ol’ post that hopefully will go live soon… and stuff! Always lots of stuff!

Thanks for listening, folks!

4 thoughts on “Tournament Podcast 016 – Nick and Marc’s Experiences at the SOO!

  1. Awww sad to hear about the workload Aaron, I hope it works out for you regardless! All of your fan are cheering for ya!
    Also not a bad showing Marc, good job!
    Glory & coin, Nick. And you got some coin (skulls) to earn more glory & coin 😉 Pirates are superfun, I highly recommend getting them. The pirate package is also very useful with a bunch of non-pirate Merc ‘casters. Durgen + Press Gangers + Hawk? Forget about it, MMM or Fist shudder in their boots.

    3-list event? Coolies, I wish more events were 3 lists. Maybe need more rounds than 4 though if you’re going to have D&C for it.

    • Yeah, 4 round D&C1 with 3 lists is ass. 7 rounds is fine (which is what the total event ends up being), but since they cut to top 8… but I know why they do it this way. It still sucks.

      It was a tonne of fun, had a great time (I won a Madelyn Corbeau for my efforts!), and can’t wait to do it next year! Thanks for the comment!

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