Tournament Report 003: Marc’s Results in Hardcore with Menoth

On Saturday it was time for a field trip to the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington, Ontario. After a few stumbles (turns out Tim can’t give directions to his home in Hamilton to be picked up… alternatively, why in 9 Hells does Hamilton have FIVE East Streets? And why are 2 of them called “East Street North” and “East Street South”… how does an EAST street have a North and South?! Ridiculous!), I arrived, ready to play my first ever 50pt Hardcore Tournament! The excitment was palatable! Palpable! Palpatine! P-Words!

(for those of you confused, as I was… that’s a picture of a Mammoth! Ever so slightly modified…)

I had managed to get a few practice games in for this tournament… and had settled on a Tier 4 Harbinger list.

The Harbinger of Menoth
– Hierophant
– Devout
– Crusader
– Crusader
– Crusader
– Templar
Avatar of Menoth
Choir of Menoth (min)
Choir of Menoth (min)
High Paladin Vilmon
Paladin of the Wall
Paladin of the Wall
Paladin of the Wall
Paladin of the Wall
Vassal Mechanik

Tier Benefits: +1 Starting roll, +1 FA for Paladins for every unit, -1 point cost for heavy warjacks without ranged weapons, and 1 wall template for every paladin in the list that can be placed within 20″ of my edge of the table.

I like this list. I originally crafted it with 5 Crusaders and no Templar, but it is unquestionably better in this iteration. Also, I made it because I thought it would be fun and quick… and while it is both of those things, it’s also remarkably good! The only area it really struggles is outright dudeswarms, which are rare (although not absent) in Hardcore format games due to the tight time restrictions.

Round 1: Skorne

My first round opponent was Charles, who brought a dudeswarm… oh joy…

Zaal Immortal Host, Tier 4:

Supreme Aptimus Zaal
– Kovaas
– Titan Cannoneer
– Cyclops Raider
– Aptimus Marketh
Immortals (max)
Immortals (max)
Immortals (max)
Extoler Soulward
Extoler Soulward
Ancestral Guardian
Ancestral Guardian
Hakaar the Destroyer

Tier Benefits: FA of Immortals goes to U, Advanced Deployment for Ancestral Guardians, 3 Souls on all the Extolers, and the Kovaas can begin in play.

Never played against Zaal, Immortals, Hakaar, a Kovaas, or a Cannoneer before… so this was going to be an interesting game!

We rolled for initiative, which I managed to win and chose to go first. Charles picked his side of the table, and we began.


Nothing fancy. My warjacks went on the deployment line with Choir and Paladins interspered among them and the Harbinger in the middle of the table. I put 2 wall tokens at the edge of the Killbox, another right at the edge of the zone, and didn’t bother with the rest.

Charles dropped 1 unit of Immortals to the left, another to the right, and one in the middle. The Guardians went closer to the Harbinger, while Hakaar went near the Avatar. Zaal himself took a position close to a nearby wall also inside the killbox.

Menoth, Turn 1

Harby allocates 2 to the Devout, 1 to each heavy, and the Avatar generates 4 (of course).
Paladins run forward, both Choir shuffle forward sing “No Spells” (because they need to sing something), Avatar uses “Gaze” and runs, all my heavies run, and the Devout uses “Spell Barrier” on Harby and then runs. Harby herself runs up behind a wall.

Skorne, Turn 1

All the Immortals run forward.
The Guardians spread out a little and also run up, as do the Extolers.
Zaal casts a spell that gives a Soul to each of his Guardians (and Hakaar, of course), “Invioable Resolve” on one of the units of Immortals, and then “Awaken Spirit” on the Raider. He moves towards the hedge.
The Raider puts Farstrike on the Cannoneer for free and runs forward.
The Cannoneer walks up and tries to shoot a Paladin, who is still safely out of range. It scatters, but fails to wound or hit anything.

Menoth, Turn 2

Feat turn! 1 Focus to each warjack, Avatar generates 3.
Hierophant goes first and Harmoniously Exalts the Harbinger.
She goes next, shuffles over to be B2B with the Devout, and pops her Feat.
The Devout activates, puts “Spell Barrier” on Harby, and then moves up so he’s at the edge of 2″ from her.

Paladins all walk forward and give themselves +5ARM.
My Choirs both shuffle forward and this time say “No Shooting” on my warjacks. Sure, he can circumvent with Extolers, but I’m going to make him work for it!
My Crusaders and Templar run forward, trying to get clear charge-lanes into Charles’s army. The Avatar Gazes and runs.
Bam! Done.

Skorne, Turn 2

Charles decides that my Avatar is getting a touch too close to Zaal for comfort (he was just within 12″ away, which is within charge range.
Zaal upkeeps Invioable Resolve, and then activates and shuffles laterally to get a tiny bit further from the Avatar. Afterwards he confirms that he’s still within 12″ of the Avatar, but can’t move further due to the killbox.
Everything else stands still and glares at the Harbinger.

Menoth, Turn 3

This is going okay… but everything is still too far away! Gah. Should’ve saved the Feat, I think… oh well. 1 Focus to all the Heavies, and the Avatar only generates 2 this turn (of course).
I walk my Paladins forward and drop them all into +5ARM again, engaging a few of the Immortals.
My Crusaders and Templar spread out a bit and run forward, ready to punch through next turn. The Avatar again Gazes and walks forward.
I send the Devout forward into the zone.
I then activate the Harbinger, and stupidly decide to keep her far away from the zone (and not within 2″ of the Devout). At the time I figured it was safer to keep her further from the Cannoneer, but in retrospect, moving up to get Martyr range on the Paladins would’ve been much more intelligent. She does, however, Purify off whatever spells Zaal had put up.

My Choir all move forward and sing “No Shooting” on most of my warjacks, and I’m done again!

IMAG1714 IMAG1712

Skorne, Turn 3

Things have finally come to a head, and it’s time for a little Skorne-style payback!
Zaal activates early and gives his Guardians more Souls (again).
The far left Guardians charge, getting 2 on a Choir member and a bunch on the closest Crusader and Paladin. Many stone-sword swings later, and the Paladin and Choir are dead and the Crusaders is belching smoke but still fully functional.
The middle unit of Immortals charge forward, stricking down Vilmon and another Paladin.
The Immortals on the right charge, but can’t get over or around the hedge so only a few get hits on my nearest Crusader, doing light damage.
The Kovaas charges a Crusader and Threshers it and another nearby Crusader but only does light damage to each.
The Cannoneer takes a shot at the Avatar (which I shield-guard to the Devout) and hits for light damage, while the Raider misses. The Guardians shuffle around a little.
Hakaar goes to town on a Crusader, hammering it with all his souls for significant damage… sadly for Charles, he fails to cripple either the Cortex or the mace. So pain is coming, my friend…

Menoth, Turn 4

I can take this scrub… I allocate out 9 Focus to Crusaders and the Templar, while the Avatar generates 4 on his own.
The Choirs both sing Battle, the Hierophant Exalts.

My 2 remaining Paladins both drop into +5ARM again and strike down Immortals.
The Crusader hit by Hakaar can’t get close enough to him to engage him, though… so he moves up and spends his 2 Focus striking down Immortals on the right.
The far-left Crusader activates and crushes two more Immortals, while the last Crusader strikes another 2 off the table. The Templar moves up and with Reach is able to take 4 of the stony warriors off.
The Avatar moves up a little and uses Gaze again, preparing to wreck face (either Cannoneer or Zaal) next turn.
The Harbinger continues to stay too far back from the fight… silly Marc, silly.


Skorne, Turn 4

Before anything else, the Immortals all get their Vengeance activations… they ping my warjacks for a bit more damage, but that’s it.

The Kovaas moves up and Threshers 2 Choir to death (which I Martyr) and pings the Templar for a few damage.
All three units of Immortals get Charge orders, and Charles finally succeeds in destroying 1 of my Crusaders. He sends a few on the right flank in an extreme flanking maneuver.
Hakaar flubs his hit and damage rolls something fierce and fails to destroy my damaged Crusader on that side of the table.
One of the Ancestral Guardians finally get into the fight, poking one of my Paladins with their pointy sticks, but again failing to kill any despite burning souls. The other cowers on a hill nearby.
The Cannoneer shoots the Avatar again (shield-guarded to the Devout), and this time cripples the shield on the Devout with his shot.
The Raider hits the Avatar for light damage.

Menoth, Turn 5

Okay, so the Feat did a lot of damage to my warjacks, but I’ve still got 2 Crusaders and a Templar up and running. But that Kovaas needs to die. Towards that end, Harby camps 5 and tosses the rest out to warjacks. The Avatar only generates 2 Focus (CURSES!).
My Hierophant Exalts.
The Choir sing “Battle”, with a few that don’t sing taking swings at Immortals… needing 9s to hit and then 12s to kill… I hit! And then roll an 11… so close!

My Paladins activate, strike down another 2 Immortals, and give themselves +5ARM again.

My Crusader on the right finally gets close enough to Hakaar to crush the stone statue with authoritah (YOU WILL RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!), and takes out another Immortal.
Harby goes next, walking up the the wall by the edge fo the zone and casting “Cataclysm” at the Kovaas… which hits and at POW18 obliterates it without having to boost.
My other heavies shuffle around and kill more Immortals.
The Avatar activates, walks towards Zaal and uses “Gaze” again.


Skorne, Turn 5

Charles decides that he’s had just about enough of these mutherf***ing ‘jacks on this mutherf***ing table, and decides to use his Feat.
I was a little shell-shocked when the dust settled and forgot to take any more pictures, but the Guardians and Immortals managed to crush (CRUSH) the Avatar, 2 Crusaders, my Devout, and both remaining Paladins. The Cannoneer hit Harby for 10 points of damage, and the Raider missed her (phew!).

Menoth, Turn 6

My Templar gets 3 Focus.
Hierophant heals Harby for 2, Choir sings “Battle” and swing ineffectively at nigh-immortal Immortals.
Harby moves up to engage a Guardian and an Immortal, and despite hitting (automagically), fails to kill either. She camps her remaining 5 Focus.
The Templar obliterates a couple more Immortals, and that’s my turn!

Skorne, Turn 6

Charles charges in his Cannoneer at my Templar, but it barely scratches it (DEF12 from Awe and ARM21 FTW!). The Guardian swings at Harby and clips her, dropping her to 1HP, but Charles isn’t able to seal the deal! As he’s ending his turn, dice-down is called…

Sadly, he’s got more stuff in the zone (Guardian, all 3 of his remaining Immortals, 1 from each unit, a Cannoneer, and a Raider to my 2 units of Choir, Hierophant, and Templar), and so wins on first tie-breaker…

Victory to Skorne!

Post Game Analysis:

Heartbreaking ending… on my turn that Templar was going to obliterate the Cannoneer and Raider while Harby finished off the Guardian (and the Kovaas that spawned from it). At which point it is basically Zaal against Harby and my Templar… and I’m pretty confident that I would win that fight! But it t’was not to be… super-fun game though, and a neat list to fight against. Charles was a trooper for activating so many models in 7 minutes every turn!

Round 2: Skorne

My 2nd round opponent was named Cory, and he too was playing Skorne… unusual, thought I, but whatever.

His list was a Tier 4 “Chain Gang” list (although I’m remembering it wrong, because I can only get it to Tier 1!).

Dominar Rasheth
– Bronzeback Titan
– Bronzeback Titan
– Titan Gladiator
– Titan Gladiator
– Titan Sentry
– Titan Cannoneer
Paingiver Beasthandler (min)
Swamp Gobber Bellows crew

Maybe he didn’t have Beasthandlers and just had the Taskmaster? Not the way I remember it, but I don’t have pictures to confirm…

That stated, there were no pictures from this game because I was filming it… before the batteries ran out. Boo! So in summary:

I win Initiative, run my stuff up the board.

He runs his stuff up the board, loads up the Agonizers.

I move into the zone with my Paladins, pop my Feat.

He charges a Bronzeback at my Devout, obliterates it. Both Gobbers die to the Feat. Shoots Harby with the Cannoneer for 10 points of damage.

I rip his Bronzeback limb-from-limb with my Avatar (who laughs at the Agonizer while he does so), kill that Agonizer, and engage his Cannoneer. Also destroy the Sentry and a Gladiator, heavily wound the other heavy warbeasts.

He runs the remaining Agonizer behind my lines and arcs “Breath of Corruption” on Harby. Boosts damage and takes the win!

Post Game Analysis:

I was a little salty about this game because my opponent forgot to start his clock TWICE (turn 2 and turn 3), and in both cases did very, very important things in the last minute (turn 2 the Cannoneer activated last and shot Harby with less than 10 seconds left, and turn 3 the Agonizer-run was at the last moments after he cleared a path for it with his remaining warbeasts). I should say he started the clock, paused it to ask a question, and then didn’t restart it. Twice.
But! But. He played a good game, and while it put me a little on tilt, I don’t think he did it maliciously. Also, I never would’ve thought trading a Bronzeback for a Devout was a good idea, but it probably cost me the game (not being able to Shield-Guard Harby AND not being able to Spell Barrier her). My own dang fault for having it that far forward.

So I’m 0-2 at this point of the tournament (also known as “Officially Out of the Running”) and we break for lunch. At least I’m having fun… now, if I just don’t have too awful a matchup for round 3…

Round 3: Skorne

Seriously!? Seriously. Skorne all three rounds so far. Ridiculous! Oh well… at least it’s a different warlock! Dan was trying out the man with the scissor-hands…

Master Tormentor Morghoul (pMorghoul)
– Tiberion
– Bronzeback Titan
– Bronzeback Titan
– Titan Gladiator
– Krea
– Aptimus Marketh
Paingiver Beasthandlers
Nihilators (max)

I’m a few points over in Forward Kommander for that list, so I’m sure I got something wrong… but anyway! A neat list. And not just because it has no magic weapons and no way to GIVE magic weapons to anything… hee hee hee…

I lose initiative and take the side of the table with less terrain after Dan choose to go first. I set up my walls in their traditional spots (in the zone, at the edge of the killbox).


Dan’s deployment was simple. Warbeasts in the middle of the table, Feralgeist on the far right flank, Nihiliators on the far left, Morghoul with his Beasthandlers in the middle. Bam.

My side was my usual mix of Choir and Paladins interspersed with Crusaders and Templar. The Avatar went opposite the 2 Bronzebacks (I’m sure that will be an even fight), and Harby went in the middle.


Skorne, Turn 1

Nihilators tear off down the left side of the table, spreading out.
Morghoul starts Abusing his warbeasts, gleefully inflicting damage on 2 of the poor sods before I have a chance to! He moves up.
The Gladiators put Rush on a Tibers and a Bronzeback and then charge forward.
The sped-up warbeasts tear down the table towards my side.
The Feralgeist also moves up.

Lastly, the Beasthandlers move up and whip off Fury.
IMAG1723 IMAG1724

Menoth, Turn 1

Wow, Skorne can really put the pedal to the metal when they need to… well, no worries. Sure, he’s got as many heavies as I have… but I…
I have a wah-wah pad!

Okay, no I don’t, and I suspect nobody here watched Kids in the Hall. So moving right along.
2 Focus to the Devout, 1 to everything else, Avatar generates 3 (of course).
Paladins run forward, spreading out. I send 2 to go have talks with the Nihilators trying to flank me.
Choir sings “No Spells” because I’m paying them good money to sing, and they’re going to SING, damnit.

Heavies run down the field. Devout says “No Spells” and then runs down the field.
Hierophant runs towards the wall, Harby runs up beside him and B2B with the Devout (I can be taught), and that’s my turn!
IMAG1726 IMAG1727

Skorne, Turn 2

I’ve carefully (I hope!) kept my army out of Dan’s Rush-Abuse-Charge range (12″, very respectable), although a Paladin might be a little on the close side, I can always Martyr them if needed.
Turns out that Dan was a little over-zealous with his whipping last turn, and Morghoul is forced to cut for 1 Fury… so not only has he damaged his warbeasts before I have a chance, he has now damaged his warlock before I had the chance as well! I briefly consider just letting him defeat himself… but I figure it would take too long.

By some combination of tactics and sorcery, Dan slings an Abused, Rushed, and Admonition’d Bronzeback at me (he runs it), getting it very, very close to my army.
His Nihilators continue their flanking efforts, running past my Paladins.

Meanwhile the rest of Dan’s army moves forward slightly, a couple of his heavies moving into the zone, and the Krea ready to paralyze something.
IMAG1729 IMAG1731  IMAG1725

Menoth, Turn 2

That wasn’t so bad… sure, the Bronzeback is RIGHT IN MY FACE, but I can deal with 1 heavy.
Harby allocates out stacks of Focus, and the Avatar (predictably) generates only 2. Woo. She camps 4.

The Hierophant activates and exalts.
Harby then activates and casts “Purify”, removing the issues with Admonition. She stands still and pops her Feat, and camps the remaining Focus.

The Choir both activate and sing “Battle” on everyone.
My Avatar activates, walks over to the Bronzeback, and hammers it with his sword. I buy another attack, hit again, and leave the Bronzeback with 2 crippled systems. I elect to spend the final Focus on Gaze.
My closest Crusader activates, walks over, and drops the Bronzeback to the dirt with his initial attacks, not needing ANY of the 3 Focus I gave him. Oh well.

My Paladins all drop into “Impervious Wall” and walk forward: one gets countercharged by a Bronzeback, but it’s unable to harm him (no magic weapons). I decide that only 1 Paladin is needed to keep the heathen Nihilators at bay, and he heads back to stand between them and my Choir.
“Hey. Hey guys. Have you heard the word of Menoth?”

With that, my turn is done!

IMAG1733 IMAG1734

Skorne, Turn 3

I’m pretty sure that my worthy opponent is somewhat unhappy with how things are progressing… but, on the flip side, most of his army isn’t really that concerned with Harby’s Feat.
And he remembered to leave out enough Fury this turn! So no more self-harm to Morghoul… at least, not this turn!

The Krea moves up (no damage from the Feat) and tries to Paralyze the Avatar… he hits! I shield-guard it off! Dan curses!

Morghoul activates, moves forward (taking a few points of damage), and pops his Feat.
Tibers gets the full-package this time (Abuse, Rush, Enrage) and goes charging into the Avatar. He shrugs off the few points of damage from the Feat, the Devout’s Defensive strike bounces off his thick hide, and he lays into the holy warjack…

Thankfully, the Avatar is DEF12 from the Harbinger and the charge attack misses! All the other blows hits, though, reducing the Avatar to 2 boxes… both in his sword arm! Score.

The Nihilators continue their extreme flanking movement… one is vapourized by Menoth, another Toughs, and the rest are more careful to stay further away from the Harbinger. The resolutely ignore the Paladin and his pamphlets.

The Feralgeist moves forward and then disappears in a column of fire from the heavens.

The remaining Bronzeback backs up, taking no Feat damage but taking a brutal Freestrike from my Paladin. Still, it will unquestionably be harder to charge Morghoul with him there!

Everything else stands still and glares at the Harbinger (deja vu!).
IMAG1735 IMAG1738

Menoth, Turn 3

Progress… time to wreck a few more faces! Tibers looks like his could stand a good rearranging…
The Avatar gets 2 Focus (also known as “Menoth Hates You”), and Harby camps the rest.

Hierophant blah blah blah. We all know what he and the Choir do.
My Paladins move forward in Impervious Wall again, one of them being countercharged by the Bronzeback again.
The Mechanik repairs the Avatar for 3 (restoring shield, legs, and another point of Sword).
The Avatar activates and backs away from Tiberion to the extreme edge of his Reach. He smites the warbeast twice, inflicting heavy damage.
The Templar walks up and hits Tiberion with his Flail, inflicting additional damage
My Crusader walks in and lays into Tiberion, dropping him with his final blow. POW20s are a thing, yo.

My other warjacks shuffle around a little, with the Devout moving straight towards Morghoul. Vilmon charges the Bronzeback, inflicting moderate damage.

One Paladin parks himself in front of the Nihilators.
“No, seriously guys… Menoth loves you! Or, he would, if you were humans and not horrible non-humans. But you should still worship him! Guys?”


Skorne, Turn 4

At this point, Dan is rapidly running out of tools… and he still can’t hurt my Paladins! Which is good from my side of the table.

The Bronzeback attempts to throw my Paladin away but misses. The Gladiator hits and DOES throw a nearby Paladin away (despite rolling 1,1 for the Strength Check… I almost held him off!), but misses hitting anything and the Paladin dusts himself off and stands up.

The Nihilators continue their flanking (“Seriously! He’s the God of Man, but maybe that can be interpreted in the scriptures to mean ‘God of Males’, and you guys are male, right? You have genitalia, right? And if you do, Menoth loves it!”), the Krea tries and fails to kill a Choir (Martyr), and Dan’s turn is over.

IMAG1741 IMAG1742

Menoth, Turn 4

Those Nihilators are starting to get AWFULLY close to my Harbinger… I measure it out and confirm they’re still out of Charge range, but not by much. Time to start putting this to bed.
3 Focus to the Crusader closest to Morghoul, the Avatar generates 4 (woo!), and we’re off.

Choir goes first, sings blah. Hierophant blahs the blah.
Mechanik attempts to repair the Avatar, but fails.

Avatar walks up to the Bronzeback and Morghoul Admonitions back 3″. 4 attacks later and the Bronzeback is now the Bronze… ain’tgotaback… because it’s a smear. And the maid cleans on Mondays… she dusts…

Harby activates and casts “Crusader’s Call”.
My closest Paladin charges Morghoul… sadly, he misses.
Vilmon charges in! He hits for 13 points of damage which the warlock transfers.
My Crusader charges in. He boosts his Charge attack (needs 9 to connect, even at MAT8… pretty respectable!), and hits! He inflicts 17 points of damage on the Gladiator.
Open fist hits! Inflicts enough damage (2? 3?) to kill the Gladiator.
Buys an attack… gets a hard-10 (lights Morghoul on fire!). The damage is more than enough to finish him off.

Victory to Menoth!


Post Game Analysis:

Dan was a super-fun opponent to play against, and he was pretty much listed from the get-go. Could’ve he played a tighter game? Probably… but we were both laughing our asses off the whole game, and I don’t think he begrudged me the match.

It was nice to get a win! Now, as long as my next opponent wasn’t more frakkin’ Skorne!

Round 4: Convergence

Ironically, my opponent (Greg) had played against Menoth twice already, so this was his 3rd Menoth game! Strange to have the shoe on the other foot!

Greg was running a Father Lucant list which was:

Father Lucant, Divinity Architect
– Prime Axiom
– Inverter
– Inverter
– Corollary
Enigma Foundry
Enigma Foundry
Optifex Directive

I know very little about Convergence, but I know enough to see that the Prime Axiom is going to be a problem to deal with, the Inverters hit like tanks, and the Reciprocators aren’t going to get off the table until I kill those Enigma Foundries. Still, CoC is the army I have played against the 2nd least (Trolls, with only 4 games ever, are the least!).

We rolled for Initiative, which I won and chose to go first.


Do I need to write out my deployment again? You guys know the drill by now: Crusader-Paladin-Choir-Repeat ad infinitum.

Greg placed his Axiom in the middle of the table, with the Reciprocators and Foundries to the left. Lucant goes near the back-middle, and we are ready to go!


Menoth, Turn 1

At this point it’s almost rote-memorization.
Choir sings “No Shooting”, Paladins and warjacks run forward, Harby runs behind a wall. Done.

IMAG1754 IMAG1756

Convergence, Turn 1

Not a lot to say here either. Lucant allocates 1 Focus to the Axiom and that’s it.
The Corollary activates and gains a Focus.
The Axiom runs forward, Inducting the Focus to the Inverter, which runs, Inducting to the other Inverter, which runs.
The Reciprocators run forwards defensively.
The Enigma Foundries run forward, as does the Optifex, and we’re good to go.

IMAG1757 IMAG1759 IMAG1758

Menoth, Turn 2

My life would be so much easier if I could scalpel out those Optifex… but without guns, that’s looking unlikely! Still, if he’s commiting resources to killing my Paladins that’s OTHER things that aren’t dying, and I’m okay with that!
Harby gives 1 to each heavy, camps the rest, Avatar generates 3.

Paladins all walk forward and drop into “Impervious Wall”.
Heavy warjacks and Avatar run up behind them, trying to stay far enough behind that Greg won’t be able to Reach through the front line to hit my 2nd line.
Harby stands pat and pops her Feat.
Choir sings “No Shooting”, and that’s turn!
IMAG1762 IMAG1761

Convergence, Turn 2

I’m holding fast on the mid-line, but I have yet to actually hurt anything, meaning that Greg is going to draw first blood this match, no question.
Now, I would like to tell you how much Focus was allocated to whom, but I honestly can’t keep track of all the Induction, Corollary, generating Focus nonsense that Convergence is capable of. Let is suffice to say that Lucant sat on 4 and somehow all of his warjacks had 3 by the time they activated.

Lucant activates, pops his Feat, and casts “Positive Charge” on both an Inverter and the Prime Axiom.
The Axiom charges a Crusader (shrugging off the POW14 Feat-damage from its current ARM24) and proceeds to utterly and effortlessly scrap it. It also swings at my other Crusader once, but misses.

The first Inverter charges the Avatar. My Paladins are *just* far enough apart that it can squeeze between them and get Reach on the Avatar, and it inflicts 30 points of damage when the dust settles, leaving it with just its Shield.
The Reciprocators charge in, taking light damage from the Feat (and 1 from a Defensive Strike from the Devout), but manage to deal enough damage to wipe out the Avatar for good.
The other Inverter runs forward, taking no damage.

Greg activates and moves an Optifex, who disappears in a puff of smoke. The other two decide to stand still, as does the Corollary.

With that, his turn is done!
IMAG1765 IMAG1767

Menoth, Turn 3

Okay, that could’ve gone better… but, on the flip side, I’ve only lost 2 Heavy warjacks, I still have 3 more! And 2 of them are within walking range of that cursed Axiom! Time to wreck some clockwork machines!
3 Focus to all my Warjacks, Harby camps the last one.
The Choir blabh Hierophant blah blah.

Crusader closest to the Axiom walks up and goes John Bonham on it. Between its initial mace (boosted damage), open fist, and one bought attack (boosted damage), it inflicts less than 10 points of damage.
The Templar scoffs and attempts a bit more of a Dave Grohl flair. Between its initial flail (boosted damage), shield attack, and one bought attack (boosted damage)… it inflicts less than 5 points of damage.

The Axiom is obviously not a music lover. It is, however, on fire.

My other fully-loaded Crusader has a little more luck against the Inverter… but not much, leaving it crippled only in the legs.

All my Paladins stand still, drop into Impervious Wall again, and swing at the closest target. This results in 1 dead Reciprocator, and no additional damage to the Axiom (despite Vilmon swinging at “only” dice-9).
Lastly, the Devout moves up and stab a Reciprocator gently, but my dice again fail me on the damage rolls and nothing is accomplished.

IMAG1768 IMAG1770 IMAG1769

Convergence, Turn 3

Doesn’t get much better of a Feat Turn than that out of +4ARM, I tell ya what! I’ve had Stryker-Feats that saved fewer models, and had more damage on Arcane-Shieded Stormwalls than what I just accomplished on that Axiom! Greg’s gotta be feeling good about this…

Again, I lose track of the specific allocations, but again, I assure you that everything had 3 Focus when it activated, and Lucant had enough Focus left to cast 1 Positive Charge.
Lucant activates and moves towards the left flank. He casts “Positive Charge” on the Inverter engaging my Crusader on that side.

The Axiom activates and crushes the Crusader engaging it like a tin can made of paper that, in itself, was made from very weak strands of other, weaker paper. It also scratches up the Templar but fails to cripple anything.

The Positively-Charged Inverter hits my Crusader a few times, but fails to cripple its mace or cortex. He does knock it down, though.
The other Inverter is stuck between two Paladins. It manages to shimmy up to the Devout and reduces my light to scrap metal.

The Enigma Foundries pump out a replacement Reciprocator.
The Reciprocators shuffle around, pinging off my Crusader’s armour a few times (phew!), and missing the Mechanik twice (DEF15 is a thing).

IMAG1771  IMAG1772

Menoth, Turn 4

The Templar yet stands! I may get that frakkin’ Axiom yet!
3 Focus to my remaining two warjacks.

Choir, blah, Hierophant, bleh.

The Crusader finally drives its mace clean through the Inverter in front of it. It also smashes a Reciprocator.
The Mechanik attempts to repair, and fails.

My Paladins all drop into Impervious Wall again. 2 attack the Inverter stuck between them and inflict light damage. Vilmon and another Paladin hammer on the Axiom… Vilmon fails to wound, and the other paladin rolls snake-eyes to hit.

The Templar cricks its neck and goes to town on the Axiom… and when the dust settles, THIS TIME… he’s still standing with about 1/3rd of his health left. Gods damnit.

IMAG1774 IMAG1773

Convergence, Turn 4

Progress… albeit slow… and would it be enough? When would Greg get sick of scraping my warjacks and decide to just open fire with everything he had on the Harbinger?

I’ve actually measured to confirm that the Axiom is further than 11″ away from the Harbinger (just to be safe!), but that’s only going to slow it down for so long…

Anyway, again, weird allocation-shinanigans that I can’t remember clearly but resulted in full Focus to everyone.

Lucant moves back towards the Axiom and gives it Positive Charge.
The Axiom then activates and smashes my Templar into scattered Templar-shaped pieces.

The Reciprocators activate and manage to drop the last few boxes off my Crusader.

The two remaining Optifex Directives move up on the Axiom and both manage to repair it (for a total of 5 points). Because I wasn’t having a hard enough time killing it once!

Most of his army is stuck behind the line of Paladins I have, and so nothing else is accomplished.
IMAG1777 IMAG1779 IMAG1778 IMAG1780

Menoth, Turn 5

At this point I realize 2 things:
1. The Axiom must die this turn.
2. If I can somehow, magically kill those Optifex Directives… he can’t beat me.
3. That will be much easier if I can also kill the Enigma Foundries. Just to avoid the awful dice-down loss I had in Game 1.

Of course, there are a couple problems here. First, I’m out of warjacks. Second, Vilmon has been on strike all game… between the 4 attacks (at dice-5 for the majority) he’s made on the Axiom, he has yet to inflict more than 2 points of damage. And it still has at least 16 boxes left…

Secondly, he still has 2 Optifex, which means my Paladins are soon going to be in a lot more trouble. And Awe has no effect on the clockwork constructs of the Convergence!

But, hey… can’t make an omlette without burning some heathens. Harby camps her full stack.

Vilmon and the Paladin engaging the Axiom both take their swings (dropping into Impervious Wall again). They inflict a total of 6 damage, leaving the Axiom with 8.
I charge in a unit of Choir… they both hit! But at Dice-13, neither manages to inflict any damage. Too bad.

Fine. Time to do this the hard way.
The Hierophant exalts the Harbinger.
She floats over to the wall in the zone. She’s within 4″ of the Axiom, so her Cataclysm is hitting at POW16… she boosts the first one, and cranks the damage, FINALLY crushing the colossal warjack.

My Paladin closest to the left flank drops into Impervious Wall and engages the Enigma Foundry behind the line of Reciprocators. The other Paladins hit the Inverter for light damage again.

The Mechanik charges a Reciprocator. Misses.

Lastly, the Choir on that side of the table charges a few Reciprocators, but none connect.

IMAG1781 IMAG1784 IMAG1783 IMAG1782

Convergence, Turn 5

It’s at this point of the game that I realize my Cataclysm actually hit both Optifex Directives when I cast it on the Axiom (5″ AoE, and they were both B2B with the Axiom to attempt repairs!). At POW8, I would’ve happily spent 2 more Focus to remove all the magic weapons from the table aside from Lucant… but I forgot, and that’s just life sometimes.

Regardless, Lucant camps his stack.
The Optifex move over and give the Inverter magic weapons. It proceeds to kill one of my Paladins 4 times, which Harby happily Martyrs each time.

Other than that, there’s a few models that shuffle around, but nothing Greg has can hurt me.

IMAG1785  IMAG1786

Menoth, Turn 6

I’m not TOO worried about Harby… not too… but by the same token, she can only keep this up so long. But that will be extended by every one of those Optifex I can take off the table… eventually Lucant himself will have to engage my Paladins, and then I have him.

I hope.

The Hierophant Exalts Harby.
She floats over her wall and casts “Cataclysm” on the closest Optifex, vapourizing him and damaging the Reciprocaters lightly.
Vilmon and the Paladin that previously worked on the Axiom manage to take out the Engima Foundry on their side of the table, while my Paladin on the other side damages his, but doesn’t destroy it.
The Paladins closest to Lucant drop into +5ARM, while the rest stay in Impervious Wall.

My Choir continue to be futile.

IMAG1787 IMAG1789 IMAG1788

Convergence, Turn 6

Lucant is not an easy nut to crack… thankfully, at this point I think time is more-or-less on my side, assuming I can kill that last Optifex.

Lucant moves up to take a few swings at my Paladins, but camps most of his Focus after I martyr the first one.
The Reciprocators try to stab my no-longer-Impervious-Wall paladins, but without Charges, they fail to wound. They do kill my Mechanik and a few Choir, though.

The Corollary moves into the Axiom wreck, but I will admit that I forget why.

IMAG1790   IMAG1791

Menoth, Turn 7

Now I have him…
2 of my Choir Charge the Corollary, but fail to hit.
The closest Paladin charges it and ends it for good.
Vilmon takes a swing at the last Optifex, but rolls snake eyes.

The far-left Paladin obliterates the Enigma Foundry.
My middle Paladins (dropping into +5ARM again) wipe out most of the remaining Reciprocators, now that the Enigma Foundries are dead.

Convergence, Turn 7

Okay, I don’t have him yet… Greg is down to Lucant, an Optifex, and 2 Reciprocators. I’ve probably got him? Probably?

Lucant charges Vilmon. He burns through his entire stack, killing the high Paladin twice (Martyr’d), but failing to wound a few times and missing a few times.

Greg ends his turn with a smile on his face.

IMAG1795 IMAG1797 IMAG1796

Menoth, Turn 8

Okay, NOW I have him…
Vilmon clocks the warcaster for 10 points of damage. The other Paladin adds another 3.
Harby floats over and serenly points at Lucant with a POW18 Cataclysm. She boosts damage.

He does not survive.

Victory to Menoth!

IMAG1798 IMAG1800 IMAG1799

Post Game Analysis:

Phew! What a grind! Our turns were quick and the game was an enormous amount of fun to play… and Greg’s models are beautiful on the table (I can’t believe he paints them while on the train… that’s simply not possible).

The Paladins were obviously the superstars of this match, holding the line far more effectively than I thought possible. Vilmon stumbled a little when trying to remove the Axiom, and my damage rolls for the first half of the game were just awful, but the dice rallied for the second half and in the end I was able to win surgically and without TOO much threat to Harby.

Post Tournament Analysis:

So I ended the day 2 – 2, which I’m pretty happy with. I’m still a little sad I lost that first game… another 2 turns and I think I had Charles, and after that at least I would’ve been in the winner bracket. But, by the same token, 2 of the most fun games of WarMachine I’ve ever played were those last 2 rounds, so I’m certainly not upset!

That stated… what’s up with all the Skorne!? I haven’t seen so many Skorne players in one place since… ever!

Charles (my opponent for the first round) ended up winning the entire thing, so hats off to him, and a huge thank you to Tom and Ken for running such a fun event, and to the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington for being such gracious hosts!

Next tournament is on Saturday! And I’m running it! Eeee!

If you managed to get through this entire write-up… thank you! Comments, questions, and concerns are always welcome!

2 thoughts on “Tournament Report 003: Marc’s Results in Hardcore with Menoth

  1. That’s no Mammoth! The front of the base is far too accessible.

    Congrats on your final standings, breaking even is what I always hope for in a tournament so yay! (Good luck with yours this Saturday.)

    • Thanks man! It’s a neat modification (has all the same weapons as a Mammoth!).

      And it was nice to be 50/50 with the win/loss, certainly. And it was incredibly fun! What more can ya ask for?

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