Tournament Report – Marc’s Results at Black Knight Games

On Saturday I had the pleasure of driving into Hamilton (my old stomping grounds… I was born in Hamilton, and attended university there at McMaster) to attend a 50 point Steamroller event.


This was the first event run by the new Press Ganger in town, Brent (the previous Press Ganger, Tim, now has the honour of being one of only 19 Judges worldwide to have passed the gruelling PP Judges Test, and as such is transitioning some of his tournament hosting duties to the next generation of PGs), and it had a solid turnout at 22 contestants!

It’s been awhile since I’ve played a tournament… and this was going to be the first time I’ve touched Harby or eFeora in almost 4 months! To say I was nervous would be a bit of an understatement!

My two lists were as follows:

Harbinger of Menoth
– Devout
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Exemplar Errant Seneschal
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Covenant of Menoth
High Paladin Vilmon
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Journeyman Warcaster Tristan Durant
– Redeemer
Aiyana and Master Holt
– Attendant Priest
Choir of Menoth (min)

I like this list in theory… the Paladins are great tarpits/flag contesters, as the Harbinger can basically gaurantee that they survive to get into position, and once there they double-forfeit to give themselves +5ARM and Immunity to non-magic attacks. Tristan takes Focus-burden off of Harby so she can maintain a healthy Focus-camp while allowing the Redeemer to give the list at least a little ranged punch, and Aiyana helps with the struggle the list can have against higher ARM targets (POW9 Weaponmasters, in the form of the Errants, only get you so far, and even the Bastions need help after they charge!).
Having played it now, I would seriously consider dropping 1 of the Paladins for a Hierophant for Harby… that free healing every turn, or the option to Harmoniously Exalt, can be pretty key. I would also consider swapping Rhupert back into this list… while he’s not really “needed”, the combination of Tough with the Harbinger is buffing a strength that can be really powerful.

Feora, Protector of the Flame (“eFeora, Feora2”)
– Devout
– Judicator
– Hierophant
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
High Exemplar Gravus
Daughters of the Flame
Choir of Menoth (min)
Rhupert Carvolo
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance

I love my Judicator. I really do… I was worried originally that “the Internets” might be correct about it being a sub-par or weak choice, but so far it has performed flawlessly for me on many, many occasions (and I have yet to have it destroyed on me!). The trick, I find, is to think of it as a fragile flower… keep it safe, and it will serve you extremely well. And while it shines with many Menoth warcasters (both Sevy’s and pKreoss deserve special mention), nobody gets as much mileage out of it as eFeora. Otherwise, I like this list… but I look forward to the day I can swap out my Errants for a unit of Flameguard (haven’t painted them yet), since I think they will do a much better job of keeping the Judicator safe AND synergize with Feora better.

Of course, that would require PAINTING the Flameguard… and Menoth-only knows when that will happen!

Round 1: Cyngar

My first opponent was a gentleman named Mat who was rocking my first Faction, Cygnar. The two lists he brought were a Pirate-Package eHaley, and a pretty ‘jack heavy pHaley. While I hoped for the pHaley drop, I knew that my Harbinger list would struggle against the “No Moving and Attacking This Turn” of the eHaley list. So I dropped eFeora, and he dropped eHaley.

His eHaley list was as follows:

Major Victoria Haley (“eHaley, Haley2”)
– Thorn
– Squire
Journeywoman Warcaster
First Mate Hawk
Doc Killingsworth
Bosun Grogspar
Sea Dogs (max)
– Mr. Walls
Press Gangers
Press Gangers
Alexia and the Risen
Rhupert Carvolo
Gorman di Wulfe
Anastasia di Bray

A pretty typical eHaley Mercnar list, I suspect (although I imagine a unit of Hammerdwarves is a typical alternative to that second unit of Press Gangers). First time I’ve ever played AGAINST eHaley, but I know her schtick pretty well, and was hopeful that my flaming rockets of flaming death would help even the odds pretty quickly…

Mat won the initiative roll easily and chose to go first (surprise, surprise). I elected to take the side of the table with the forest in the middle, hoping to use it to slow down models approaching my Judicator and to keep Feora a little safer.

The Scenario was “Process of Elimination”: two 6×12 zones oriented vertically on the midline with an objective in the middle of each. The objective needed to be destroyed before scoring could begin, and you score 1CP for destroying either Objective or controlling a zone and 2CP for Dominating. If the Objectives did anything special (other than contesting), we both forgot!


Mat set up his battlegroup (humble though it was) in the middle of the table, with Rhupert, Anastasia, and Gorman on the left side. One unit of Press Gangers went to either flank, and the Sea Dogs went smack in the middle, with their support models behind them.

For my part, the Judicator dropped into the middle of the table with the Devout and Feora nearby and the two Vassals behind it, while the Errants went to the right and the Daughters to the left.

With that, we were ready to go!

Cygnar, Turn 1

Mat runs everything forward and spreads out. He gives the Sea Dogs “Super Tough”, the left unit of Press Gangers “Pathfinder” through Rhupert, and Haley casts Decceleration and moves forward. Thorn blitzes towards the left, and Alexia runs up behind the left unit of Press Gangers.
The Journeywoman then casts “Arcane Shield” on the Sea Dogs, and Mat’s turn is done.

(The attentive and geeky among you will note that Mat’s Pirates are all painted in Marvel-villian colours… Hydra for the majority, while First Mate Hawk is painted like Mystique… I don’t recognize who Grogspar, Killingworth, or Walls are supposed to be, though!)

Menoth, Turn 1

Not super-happy about having to go 2nd, but when life hands you lemons, you load them into your Judicator and launch them back.
Feora loads up my Judicator (“Dread of the True Law”) with 3 more Focus and 1 to the Devout.
The Hierophant Exalts, the Choir sings “Battle”.

The Devout goes next, saying “No Spells” on Feora and then moving forward.
Feora goes after, casting “Escort” on herself and moving up behind the Devout.
The Judicator goes after that, moving up its full 6″ thanks to the +2″ from Escort, and opens fire.
The rockets streak forward, hitting a few Sea Dogs, but with Decceleration AND Arcane Shield, even POW9s struggle to take them off the table… I do light a bunch on Fire, though, and manage to kill 1 or 2. Alexia happily takes their corpses.
The Vassal of Menoth gives an Ancillary attack, which scatters to hit nothing, and the Mechanik runs to be B2B with the Judicator.

After measuring and considering for awhile, I realize my Errants aren’t going to be in range of any but the closest few Press Gangers, and elect to give them Tough and run them forward. I clump as many as possible into the zone, cautious of Haley’s Feat keeping them out (and not TERRIBLY concerned about Timebomb, since they can’t be targeted directly and have thick enough ARM to survive the blast). Gravus runs up behind them to soak up any Souls, while the Standard Bearer stays slightly in the forest.

On the other side, I foolishly decide to run all my Daughters into Mat’s lines, hoping to tie him up a bit and that their native DEF15 will keep them safe. I keep a couple further back to make sure the zone will stay contested for awhile… Nicia walks up behind them and takes a shot at a Press Ganger which hits but can’t break ARM.

With that, my turn is over, and I await the dreaded Haley-Feat-Turn!

IMAG1571 IMAG1572

Cygnar, Turn 2

I can’t speak for Mat, but if I were in his shoes, I would be pretty happy about how that turn went… and then much happier after ALL the fires I cause fizzle out. He rolls like… five 1s in a row? Very frustrating, but what can ya do?
Haley pulls one from the Squire, the Journeywoman upkeeps Arcane Shield, and we’re off.

The left unit of Press Gangers shuffles forward and does CMAs on my poor Daughters, wiping out 4 of them and turning 3 into new Sea Dogs. Mat’s dice were on fire, but with CMAs and multiple attacks per Daughter, statistically it’s not surprising that he got as many as he did.

Rockbottom gives a Coin to the Sea Dogs that gives them a bonus to ranged attack and damage rolls, and they move forward and open fire on Errants. My Errants decide that they don’t feel like Toughing, and he kills 4 or 5.
The right unit of Press Gangers charge the remaining Errants and wipe the unit down to the Officer, 3 grunts, and the Standard. At least I deny him more Sea Dogs with Self-sacs… and Gravus is full of Souls. So that’s something?

Alexia moves up and takes a shot at my Officer, hitting and boosts damage… but flubs the damage and leaves him on 1 health (phew!).

Haley moves up and pops her Feat and casts Deceleration again, while Gorman shuffles up and pops Smoke.

The good Doctor Killingsworth charges one of my last Daughters, but misses his attack (phew!).

Thorn toes into the smoke, Anastasia movesforward a little, and Mat’s turn is done.

IMAG1573 IMAG1574

Menoth, Turn 2

So time for me to be on the receiving end of this Feat for the first time… I allocate 2 to the Judicator (forgetting I can give it 3 to bring it up to 4 total), upkeep Escort, allocate 1 to the Devout, and we begin.
Mat activates my Judicator first, who sacrifices movement to stand and fire. The rockets streak outwards, and one of the scatters hits Gorman, and lights Haley and Walls on fire! I boost damage on Gorman and inflict 3 points (BOO!), ping Haley for 2, and fail to break armour on Walls (BOOOOO!). Oh well. The other rocket kills a couple Sea Dogs who fail to tough.

Next, Feora activates, moves up, and sprays a couple Sea Dogs, she hits one and misses another, but fails to kill the one she hits. Does light him on fire, though.

The Errants activate next, and they stand and attack. A few melee attacks kill a couple Press Gangers, and two crossbow bolts (one from Quickwork, the other from an unengaged Errant) streak towards Alexia but neither find purchase. The fact that Blessed weapons do NOT ignore Decceleration is pretty rough.

Gravus activates, forfeits his attacks, and backs up to be *just* toes on the very back of the zone.

The Daughters go next and forfeit their movement. The one engaging Doc Killingsworth pings him for one point of damage and misses her other attack, while the other one just stands and waits.

Nicia activates and shoots a Press Ganger dead.
The Devout shuffles B2B with Feora and says “No Spells”.

With that, I’m allowed to take control “of the rest” of my army… the Choir sing “Battle” again, and the Vassal of Menoth gives an Ancillary to the Judicator which hits Thorn ad a few Sea Dogs, killing 2 but failing to wound the light warjack.

With that, my turn is done and the score stays 0-0.

IMAG1575 IMAG1578
Cygnar, Turn 3

Most important aspect of this turn is that not all the fires go out… one fire fails to kill a Sea Dog, the fire on Haley does 5 points of damage, and the fire on Mr. Walls fails to kill him as well (BOO!). The fire on Thorn does snuff out, though.
Haley pulls another from the Squire, and the Journeywoman drops Arcane Shield.

The Journeywoman goes first, and puts Arcane Shield on Haley (making her slightly more fire-proof).
The Press Gangers on the right activate and manage to wipe out the remainder of my Errants, including the Standard through a self-sac trying to save my Officer.
Alexia moves forward and crafts a Thrall. That Thrall then charges Gravus, hits, and inflicts 8 points of damage (unable to dismount him, thankfully).

Rhupert activates and gives the Sea Dogs “Tough”.

The Sea Dogs activate, pop their mini-Feat, and charge. Three get on the Judicator, three more on the Devout, and 1 charge Feora while another runs to give him Gang. The attacks on Feora fails to pierce ARM (she’s ARM20 through 1 Camped Focus and Escort), the swings on the Devout inflict light damage (after it fails to hit with its Defensive Strike, boo), and the attacks on the Judicator inflict very light damage.

The left-side Press Gangers activate and charge, killing the Daughter near the objective but again failing to kill the other. They also miss Nicia three times (phew!), and put some pretty hefty damage on that Objective, leaving it at 4.

Hawk charges the Objective to finish it off… and fails to break ARM twice in a row! Nice.

Haley activates and casts TK on both Anastasia and Gorman, moving them forward. She then moves to the side into a forest and camps her Focus.

Thorn shuffles forward a little.

Anastasia moves up and manages to successfully pull off Espionage. The Sea Dogs attack Feora again and inflict 2 damage, the Press Gangers attack the Objective again and fail to wound 5 times in a row (wanh-wanh), Hawk hits and inflicts 2 points of damage, and Gorman Black Oils the Judictor.

With his clock creeping close to being out of time, Mat ends his turn (forgetting to activate Gorman to Black Oil something else, thankfully!).

Menoth, Turn 3

Well… that was… unpleasant… but could’ve been much worse, I suppose? Nicia surviving meant that I was still contesting that zone, even if he had killed the objective… and Haley is on fire and about 14″ away from Feora.

I do some quick mental math. Feora is SPD8 from Escort, plus 3″ from charging, plus 2″ from Fire Step, plus 2″ from Reach…15″! Haley is closer than that!

Let’s take a brief aside to analyize that last sentance, shall we?
1. Escort does NOT grant +2SPD to warcasters… just WARJACKS in the battlegroup. Feora is SPD6, not SPD8.
2. Fire Step gives you 3″ movement, NOT 2″. It HITS everything in 2″ with a POW13, and THEN you can move 3″.
3. The actual math should’ve been: 6+3+2+3 = 14″, which Haley PROBABLY was within. Damn close, at least… but we’ll get to that.

I decide to upkeep Escort (still believing in my +2SPD buff), but camp the full stack of Focus on Feora.
The Hierophant Exalts, the Choir sings Battle.

After my bad math, I make my next mistake… I charge Haley with my last surviving Daughter. She misses her Charge attack (DEF18 against Charges), but hits on her second attack and inflicts 1 point of damage. So why was that a mistake? Because now Haley is DEF22 against Ranged attacks and spells… stupid, stupid, stupid…

Between Feora and Haley are 3 models… Mr. Walls, Anastasia, and Gorman… thankfully, I have a nearby Nicia! She charges Mr. Walls and obliterates the guy with her first attack, and her second attack easily drops Anastasia. She takes a Quickwork shot at Gorman, but misses (BOO!). She then Sprints behind all the Press Gangers and Hawk.

But that’s okay! I’m going to charge Haley, so everything will be okay!
Feora activates and pops her Feat. She pulls in 4 extra Focus from the 4 burning Sea Dogs (all lit on fire for being within 2″ of her at the end of their activation). She spreads that love around a little, lighting Thorn and Hawk on fire.
She then casts Fire Step, obliterating 3 of the Sea Dogs (1 Toughs). She moves forward her “full” 2 inches, and then I measure the distance… 12″, just within CTRL.

“Okay,” I say… “Let me check my math. 8″ movement, plus 3″ charge, plus 2″ Reach… I’ve got this!”
“Why SPD8?” says Mat intelligently. “You don’t get +2SPD from Escort… that’s warjack only.”

I look at the card. I remember the DOZENS of times I have played eFeora and NOT had a +2SPD buff from that spell. Why on *earth* did I think that I had it this game?

My brain melts. I’m 12″ away. 6+3+2 = 11″… I can’t get her. Okay… okay. I might still pull this off…
Feora walks up 6″ and sprays Haley. I boost to hit (needing only an 11, since Sprays ignore firing into Melee and Concealment)… and miss. Boo.
At this point I elect to boost to hit my Daughter… if I can kill her, MAYBE I can spell-assassinate the ARM20 warcaster? I just need to ping her a few times, get her down low enough that the fire can inflict the last couple points… but I miss the Daughter.

So, now Feora (camping 6) is sitting in the middle of the table with a DEF22 Haley about 6″ away. I consider what to do… and decide to sit on the remainder of her stack, hoping that Mat will struggle to get through ARM23 as much as I think he will.

I realize my chances are much, much better if I can kill Alexia, and Gravus has unquestionably got the range to get to her, is a Weaponmaster, AND has 3 souls… he can almost certainly get THAT job done! Sadly, he’s engaged by a Thrall, and if I walk away from it, it’s almost certainly going to dismount him.
Thankfully, I have Rhupert! Rhupert charges the Thrall! He misses! Boo!


Gravus activates, shuffles around and kills the Thrall and then knocks down both nearby Press Gangers (they make their Tough rolls). I elect to keep the last soul, rather than trying to kill them, since they can’t hurt Gravus next turn regardless (me being further than 0.5″ away from them). Can’t get to Alexia, but maybe I’ll survive her attack? Sure, she can kill an average Colossus (or at least come damn close), but maybe Feora’s high DEF will save her?

The Judicator tries to hit a Sea Dog and misses. It gets an Ancillary Attack, which also misses.
The Devout swings and hits the knocked-down Sea Dog… who Toughs again.

With that, my turn is done.

Cygnar, Turn 4

Mat smells blood, and thinks he can take out Feora (can’t say I blame him!). But first… fire checks! None of the fires can go out thanks to Feora’s Caustic Prescence… and a few good rolls here can save me and the game.
The fire on Hawk… fails to kill her (damn). The fire on Thorn inflicts only a few points of damage and fails to cripple anything (double-damn). And the fire on Haley refuses to burn hot enough to get through her now-ARM17.

So much for that.

4 Focus goes on Thorn, and Haley pulls the last Focus from the Squire.
Gorman goes first, walks up behind Feora, and Black Oils her. There goes my high defence…

Haley activates. She casts “Temporal Acceleration” on Thorn, shoots Feora for 3 points of damage, and then casts Arcane Bolt but misses (snake eyes) and forgets about the Squire reroll (which I did too until just now!).
The Journeywoman moves up and boosts to shoot Feora… and misses!

Alexia aims at Feora and boosts to hit, and hits! She boosts damage… and inflicts 2 points!

The Press Gangers near Hawk charge Feora, getting 4 on her and leaving a gap for Thorn. They all hit, and while a couple fail to break ARM, the others inflict enough to leave Feora on 4 hit points.

Thorn charges in… his charge attack hits! He inflicts 2 points!
His shield attack hits, but fails to wound!
His second initial (from Temporal Acceleration) hits… and fails to break ARM!
He buys! Hits! Boosts damage… and rolls JUST enough damage to kill Feora!

Victory to Cygnar!

Post Game Analysis

Wow, that was awful… for me, I mean. Mat played a solid game, no question, but I made enough mistakes for both of us! Even the relatively minor one of forgetting to pull a Focus from a Wrack before going off to attack Haley would’ve been enough to win me the game (that 1 extra Focus would’ve kept Feora alive, and since Haley was stuck where she was, even Black Oil wouldn’t save her, I think, from a full-stack Feora (minus 1 to cast Fire Step to kill everything engaging her). Also should’ve used Nicia’s melee attack to make sure Gorman died… he was a bigger threat than Anastasia to a certain degree, and less vulnerable to Feora (who’s all fire-based), who could’ve taken care of the spy herself.

Plus I forgot to Shield-guard the Black Oil on the Judicator (stupid), and wasting 4 of the Daughters to speed-bump the Press Gangers… stupid.

Oh well! At least this took the pressure off!

Round 2: Khador

My opponent this round was named Carter, and he was rocking a pButcher and a pSorscha list. My Feora list was going to struggle against the amount of ARM he was fielding (you want a definition of “Futility”? Here’s one: “Lighting an ARM20 warjack on fire”), so that meant pulling out the big guns…

Carter’s list was as follows:

Butcher of Khardov (“pButcher, Butcher1”)
– Sylys
– Spriggen
– Juggernaut
Man o’ War Bombadiers (min)
Iron Fang Pikemen
– Officer and Standard
Iron Fang Uhlans (max)
Kovnik Dorek Markov

Not a lot of models, but a lot of attacks! And some pretty accurate and painful ones, at that… keeping the Harbinger safe was going to be problematic, to say the least…

The scenario for this one was “Destruction”: a central 12×6″ zone aligned horizontally with a friendly and enemy objective. Destroying the objective gets you 1CP, as does controlling the zone, and Dominating it nets you 2CPs. The objectives also have a modified “Self-sac”, in which you can destroy a friendly model within 4″ to keep your friendly objective alive. Oh, and Killbox.

We rolled initiative, which I won and elected to go first. Carter took the side of the table with the hill (wise), and we were ready to go!


I deployed the Harbinger with her Devout near the middle of the table, while Tristan and his Redeemer took the left flank.  The Bastions went between those two points with the Seneschal behind them, and Aiyana and Holt (with Frank, their Attendant Priest) went to the right flank. Vilmon went near the Harbinger, while the other two Paladins went one left, one right. The Wracks were scattered uniformly around the table, and the Errants AD’d in the middle.

Carter set up his Uhlans on the left with Markov, while the Bombadiers and both warjacks went closer to the middle. Sylys and the Butcher went near the back, and the Iron Fangs took the field between the Uhlans and the warjacks. Fenris goes to the far, far left.

With that, we were ready for Round 2! Fight!

Menoth, Turn 1

Pretty simple stuff. 2 Focus to the Devout, and 1 to the Redeemer.

The Errants run forward and spread out a little, putting as many bodies in the zone as I can cram. The Devout says “No Spells” on the Harbinger and then runs forward. The Bastions all run up the table, while Tristan (who casts Fortify) and the Redeemer charge towards the middle.
Aiyana, Holt, and Frank pray for “No Spells” and run forward, with Aiyana staying behind a wall and Holt moving forward more aggressively. Vilmon and his Paladins all run forward.
I then remember I have a Choir, and move them forward to sing “No Shooting” on my warjacks, but only get the Redeemer in range. Oh well.

With that, my turn is done!


Khador, Turn 1

Carter coldly surveys the scene and elects to give 1 Focus to both of his warjacks.

He starts with the Bombadiers, running them forward. The Iron Fangs likewise run forward in clumps of 3 men, while the Uhlans run forward with Markov as a single massive clump (“Martial Discipline”, which apparently he gives them… very useful!). Fenris runs to the middle of the table while the warjacks run forward.

The Butcher and Sylys both run onto the hill, and his turn is done!

Menoth, Turn 2

Okay, no death yet… that’s a good sign, right? Harbinger allocates 1 to the Devout, Tristan gives 3 to the Redeemer, and we begin.
The Choir activate and sing “Battle” on both of my warjacks.
The Redeemer aims and opens fire, killing 3 Iron Fangs with a single rocket but failing to wound anything else. Boo.

The Harbinger activates, casts “Guided Hand” on the Errants and “Crusader’s Call”. She then moves up a little to get as much under her 10″ Martyr bubble, and to give that critical -2 to attack rolls for things trying to kill my stuff.

And I forget to Feat. Derp-derp-derp.

The Errants activate and Charge. 2 kill a Bombadier, 1 runs towards the Butcher (in what I dubbed “Operation Speedbump”), a few others wipe out a handful of Iron Fangs, and 1 gets a charge on the Spriggan that does a few damage.

The Errant Seneschal charges an Iron Fang, hits with his Assault shot and kills him.
My Paladins all walk forward, taking the “Impervious Wall” stance.
The Devout says “No Spells” and then walks 2″ away from the Harbinger.

The Covenant walks forward and says “No Spells”. The Bastions continue to run forward and spread out a little.

Aiyana and Holt walk forward. Frank prays for “No Spells”, Aiyana gives herself Stealth, and Holt puts 2 rounds into Sylys, both of which fly wide.
Lastly, Tristan shuffles a bit closer to his Redeemer.

With that, I’m done my turn!

IMAG1588 IMAG1589

Khador, Turn 2

I’ve blunted Carter’s spear a little, but there’s still a lot of muscle in there… and behind it all is the Butcher himself, which is *not* what the Harbinger wants to see across the table from her!

Regardless, he loads up both of his warjacks with 3 Focus each, and we’re off.

The Iron Fang Pikemen go first, shuffling around a little. Between all their attacks, they manage to kill a handful of Errants.
Thus freed up, the Juggernaut moves into a cleared space and whacks more Errants with his icy axe of destruction.

The Bombadiers go next, shuffling backwards and opening fire on the Covenant… both shots miss and fly wide, harming nobody.
The Spriggan activates and takes a shot at the Book, boosting to hit and damage, and inflicts a single point (I love the Covenant).
The Uhlans charge in, clumping up around the Iron Fangs, and clear out a few more Errants. I’m down to about 3 at this point. They also hit the Seneschal a few times, causing a couple Martyrs from Harby to keep him on his feet (and most of Carter’s army out of the zone!).

Carter then activates Sylys and runs him forward slightly. He then realizes that the Butcher is still out of the Killbox…
The Butcher runs forward behind the Bombadiers and Spriggan to get out of the Killbox.

Lastly, Fenris charges the Errant closest to Butcher and drops him easily.

The score stays 0-0, though! And now it’s back to my turn!


Menoth, Turn 3

Okay, the Errants are crumbling (as they so often do) from the counter assault, but so far their line is holding, and Carter only has 1 model in the zone (a Uhlan). “All” I have to do is keep his warjacks out, start scoring a bunch of points, and keep anything else from squeeking in… oh, and keep the Harbinger alive. That too.

But how hard could that be? Tristan upkeeps “Fortify” and allocates the other 3 to the Redeemer, and the Harbinger gives 1 to the Devout and camps the rest.

The Choir sings “Battle” again.
The Redeemer goes next, opening fire on the Objective. First shot hits and I boost damage, but roll lousy and only inflict a few points. Second shot also hits and again I boost damage… leaving it on 4 boxes. So close!

I activate Aiyana and Holt (and Frank), who again pray for “No Spells”. Aiyana tries to “Kiss” the Juggernaut, but rolls snake-eyes (wanh-wanh). Holt stands and aims at Fenris, pings him twice and dismounts him… so there is that.

The Harbinger goes next. She moves forward to toe-into the zone and camps all her Focus. She then remembers to actually pop her Feat! Bonus.
The Devout activates, walks B2B with her, and says “No Spells” again.

I briefly consider whether to keep my Paladins safe, or get some work out of them… and decide that getting some work is probably better. Vilmon charges the Juggernaut, hits it, and then flubs the damage roll something serious (inflicts about 3-4 points of damage at dice -5 on 4d6!). Ugh… one of the other Paladins charge the Juggernaut, hits, and inflicts about 6 points of damage (another awful roll). The last one elects to walk forward and drop into “Impervious Wall” stance to keep the Uhlans back.

The few remaining Errants (the Officer and 1 other, I believe) shuffle around a little and manage to kill the Uhlan in the zone. The Seneschal kills an Iron Fang.

The Bastions go next, Charging forwards. 2 on the left kill another Uhlan, while the ones in the middle wipe out a few Iron Fangs and ping the Juggernaut for a few points of damage, breaking its legs (woo…).

Tristan stays still and does nothing, the Covenant shuffles forward and says “No Spells”, and that’s my turn.

IMAG1592 IMAG1593

Khador, Turn 3

Okay, that could’ve gone better… the inability to clear the zone (or, more importantly, to destroy the objective) could be problematic… I really should’ve committed more to getting rid of that Objective than just the Redeemer. Oh well… let’s see if I can weather the storm for another turn!

Carter allocates 3 focus to each warjack again, and we’re off.
The Juggernaut whacks the Paladin a few times, hitting and killing him 3 times (and I Martyr each time).
The Spriggan shuffles forward and shrugs off the Feat damage. It whacks Vilmon twice with it’s lance, killing him both times (and again, I Martyr).
The Iron Fangs stand still and stab at my Errant Officer, but miss.
One of the Uhlans moves forward and vapourizes from the Feat. Carter decides to play it safe with the rest, who stand still.

The Butcher, Sylys, and Fenris all stay stationary and do nothing for their turn, and then it’s back to me!


Menoth, Turn 4

Okay, that went exactly according to plan… sure, the Harbinger only has 5 boxes left at this point, but still! Progress.
I allocate 1 to the Devout and camp the rest on her, while Tristan again allocates 3 to the Redeemer and upkeeps Fortify.

I activate my Paladins first. Vilmon and the one engaging the Juggernaut both go into “Impervious Wall” and swing at the mighty warjack again, pinging it for more damage. The last Paladin drops into both stances, ready to hold back the Khador advance into the zone.
The Choir then sings “Battle”.
Next, the Redeemer aims and hits the Objective. First shot (boosted damage) finally destroys it. Second shot goes into an Uhlan, which scatters onto an Iron Fang and 2 Uhlans but only inflicts minor damage.

The Harbinger spends 3 to heal herself, pulls one off a Wrack (boom), and camps the rest, toes into the zone. She also moves a little further away from the Butcher, although there’s no “safe” area really… the Butcher on one side, and the Uhlans on the other!

The Devout activates, moves over to the Harbinger, and says “No Spells”.

The Bastions shuffle around a little, killing the last of the Iron Fangs, one more Bombadier, and dropping the Juggernaut to its last few boxes. The Bastion Seneschal charges in and finally drops the mighty robot to the dirt.

Aiyana and Holt activate again. Aiyana gives herself “Stealth”, while Holt puts a bullet into Fenris to kill the dragoon, and the second goes into Sylys, killing him as well.

My Errant Seneschal stands firm, and with the line drawn and the objective destroyed, I end my turn 3-0 for Menoth.


Khador, Turn 5

Carter is a rough spot… if only he had a viable long range assassination vector… and perhaps some way to give a bonus die to all his ranged damage rolls. But that’s pretty unlikely, right?

The Butcher gives 3 Focus to the Spriggan and keeps the others for himself.

The Butcher activates first and pops his Feat. He moves forward, but needs to stay out of 2″ from my Bastions… and fires at the Harbinger. Sadly (for Carter), he’s 0.5″ out of range with his blunderbuss.

The Spriggan activates first and backs out of melee with Vilmon. Vilmon obligingly hammers it as it retreats, but only inflicts a handful of damage. The Spriggan opens fire on the Harbinger, boosting to hit… and hits! I immediately Shield-Guard that shot onto the Devout (who takes a few damage). Second shot boosts to hit as well, and connects! Carter boosts damage (rolling 4 dice from the Butcher’s Feat)… he needs a 16 to kill the Harbinger outright… but doesn’t get it. She stands tall on 2 health!

The last Bombadier is his last shot… he aims and fires at Harby, but the shot misses and scatters wide.

Carter is unable to contest the zone and is out of guns, so ends his turn. 2 more points to me for dominating the zone, and victory to Menoth!

IMAG1598 IMAG1599

Post Game Analysis:

Wow, that was a LOT closer than I expected! Like… much, much closer. Forgetting that the Butcher’s Feat gives BONUS die to damage, AND to ranged damage as well as melee, almost cost me the game.
And, I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but Carter… he’s less than half my age. Possibly less than a 3rd. And he came about 0.5″ away from winning that game! Either he’s something of a savant, or I’m much, much worse than I think I am!

Still, a win is a win, and it was a great game… I wish I could say I was holding back on him, but I really wasn’t. I’m just REALLY out of practice!

With that out of the way, I learned that my opponent from the first round lost his game, so my chances at a podium position went up in smoke. No worries… I was just there to learn and have fun anyway! On to Round 3!

Round 3: Circle Orboros

My third opponent for the day was Kevin, a local Circle player. He was rocking an epic Baldur list and an epic Goatlady list… I figured he’d drop the Goat, and as much as I love lighting Circle on fire (I really do), my Harbinger list is a bit better due to Awe (DEF14 Errants are a thing, yo). So it was Harby again!

Kevin’s list was as follows:

Morvahna the Dawnshadow (“eMorvahna, Morvahna2, Goatvahna”)
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Gorax
– Stone Warden (the one with a gun)
– Druid Wilder
Skinwalkers (max)
– Alpha
Bloodtrackers (max)
– Nuala the Huntress
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
– Stone Warden
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Gator Witchdoctor
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Hmmm. So much for Awe… undead Bloodtrackers don’t really care about such things. And I’d have to be very careful about the “Kill Gallows Grove – Bring it Back with Feat – Kill Your Caster with Spells” thing… thankfully I have a Devout!

We rolled for Initiative, which I won and elected to go first (because I’m a jerk!).

The scenario for this round would be “Balance of Power”: a centrally located, horizontal 12×6″ zone with 2 flags. 1CP for controlling the zone, 2CPs for dominating, and the flags taking away 1CP before scoring if they are dominated. An interesting scenario…


My deployment put the Harbinger smack in the middle of the table, flanked by her Devout and the Covenant. Vilmon and a Paladin went on the right flank, with the Bastions taking the middle of the table, and the other Paladin slightly to the left. Tristan and his Redeemer went far left, hoping to get some good rockets into the Skinwalkers before they became too problematic. The Errants go in the middle, and the Wracks are scattered as per the usual.

Kevin deployed Morvahna in the middle with her Stalker and Gorax. The Skinwalkers went to the left (behind a forest), while the Feralgeist and Witchdoctor went to the right. The Bloodtrackers AD’d in the middle, with 2 trees on the left and 1 on the right. The Shifting Stones went near the middle in the forest.


Kevin declares my Errants to be the Prey of the Bloodtrackers, and we’re off!

Menoth, Turn 1

The Errants run forward and spread out. The Covenant, Redeemer, and Devout all run up (the Devout says “No Spells” on Harby, just in case). Tristan puts “Fortify” on the Redeemer and charges. Aiyana and Holt run forward and Frank prays for “No Spells” for them too.
The Bastions run, the Paladins all run, the Choir runs… everything runs.


Circle, Turn 1

Well, I’ve certainly given Kevin no shortage of targets…

Both sets of Stones teleport forward. The Stone Warden casts Rockfall, which misses and scatters harmlessly away.

The Gallows Groves all teleport forward.
The Bloodtrackers activate, walk forward, and lob spears. Many Bothans die, and a couple of my Errants. They then reform back and towards the right.

The Warden moves up and tries to shoot an Errant… it flies wide.

Morvanha activates, casts “Carnivore” on the Skinwalkers and “Fog of War” on herself. She moves up a bit.
The Gobbers move in front of her and pop a 5″ cloud between her and my army.

The Stalker warps for Prowl and moves into the Stones, while the Gorax riles for a few and runs forward next to Morvahna.
The Feralgeist moves up a little, and the Skinwalkers run up their flank. With that, Kevin’s turn is done!

IMAG1604 IMAG1605

Menoth, Turn 2

Hmmm. Painful round, but the lines are where I want them: on Kevin’s side of the table. Just have to Feat to keep his guys there, and everything should be okay!
Tristan gives a full 3 to the Redeemer, 1 goes to the Devout, and Tristan upkeeps “Fortify” again.

The Choir sing “Battle”.
The Redeemer activates and aims at a few Skinwalkers. It pings a couple for a few damage, but doesn’t kill any. Curses.

The Errants activate next and charge in. Between their attacks they kill a few Skinwalkers (2? 3?), a Gallows Grove, and an Assault shot from the Seneschal kills the Stone Warden. Progress! They do fail to kill any of the Skinwalkers, though. I keep the Standard Bearer well back from the front lines… his only job is NOT TO DIE all game, so the Prey token is stuck on the Errants.

I consider if it’s worth a Paladin to remove one of the Blue-formation stones from the game… and I decide it is. He charges, hits, and obliterates it. Vilmon and the other Paladin walk forward and drop into Impervious Wall.

The Bastions run up again.

Aiyana and Holt activate. Holt moves up to engage a Bloodtracker… hits and kills with his second melee attack, and then takes 2 shots at the Witch Doctor, but both fly wide.

Lastly, the Harbinger walks forward. She casts “Purify” and then camps the rest of her Focus.

I then end my turn.

Kevin then looks quizzically at me. “Did… the Harbinger pop her Feat?”
My jaw drops. “No?”
“Did you want to?”
“Go ahead. We’re both 1 and 1 at this point, so it’s just for fun.”

My opponent, who is a better man than I, Gunga Din, lets me retroactively pop the Harbinger’s Feat. THEN my turn ends. Again.


Circle, Turn 2

Sure, the Harbinger’s Feat is powerful, but if there’s a Faction that doesn’t care, it’s Circle. “Oh, how cute, I can’t advance… if only I had a cannon that shot Werewolves or something…”
Morvahna fills back up on Fury and has no Spells to upkeep.

The Skinwalkers go first. One charges forward and is crispified by the Harbinger’s Feat (dice off 2 and I fried him straight)… the rest elect to stand still and take swings at my Errants. Due to a nearby tree I can’t Martyr, but the Harbinger’s Awe protects a couple anyway.

The Gorax puts Primal on the Stalker…
The Stalker Teleports forward into the Errants, and manages to *just* engage the Standard. He warps for Berserk and uses his full stack killing Errants… I self-sac several times to deny Berserk attacks, and then Martyr the Standard twice to keep him standing.

The Skinwalkers activate and kill the last of the Errants (aside from the Standard and Seneschal, I should say). They need a couple rerolls to do it, and Morvahna loses a few hit points as a result.

The Bloodtrackers activate and lob spears at Holt, but all miss. He’s a wily one.

The Witch Doctor stands still and puts “Zombify” back on the Bloodtrackers.

The Feralgeist moves up and promptly vapourizes from the Feat.

The Gobbers pop smoke again, and Kevin’s turn is done!

Menoth, Turn 3

Okay, not *good*, but not bad… I can work with this, at least. That Stalker sorta has to die, but on the flip side it’s going to Frenzy on its next turn, so there are other priorities.
Tristan again upkeeps Fortify and gives 3 to the Redeemer, while the Harbinger gives 1 to the Devout.

I start with the Bastions, 2 of which charge the Stalker, and the others go to clear out some Bloodtrackers. I kill a few of the Bloodtrackers, but fail to do enough to the Stalker to wipe it out… it’s hurt, though! The Seneschal charges in to finish the job… and misses. Curses! That means my Standard is still stuck there, which means there’s a 1-in-3 chance he’ll die AGAIN next turn! And that’s not supposed to happen.

I walk up a Paladin to engage the closest Skinwalker, and he drops into Impervious Wall.

It’s at this point I realize that my Errant Seneschal has a straight line to Morvahna… normally the Forest would block LoS, but he’s got Hunter! He charges her, hits with the Assault shot for a few points of damage, and then hits with the melee attack! I inflict enough damage to explode the Gorax and feedback 4 points on Morvahna! Woo!

The other Paladins walk forward and drop into Impervious Wall, except for the middle one who drops into both stances (+5 ARM and Impervious).

Holt stands still and aims at the Witch Doctor twice, but both shots fly wide (curses!). Aiyana forgets to give herself Stealth, but Frank does ask for “No Spells”.

The Covenant moves as far forward as it can and confidently says “No Spells”.

With that, my turn is done, but the zone is way too clogged for any scoring.


Circle, Turn 3

Kevin hasn’t lost enough to bother using the Feat yet. We start with the Stalker Frenzying: it hits a Bastion, but weakly enough that I just spread out the damage.
After that, Morvahna pulls back up to max Fury and we begin!

The Druid Wilder goes first, moves up, and casts “Carnivore” back onto the Skinwalkers.
They shuffle around next and hammer my Bastions a few times, killing the Seneschal but only scratching the others. Morvahna heals a few from their attacks.

Morvahna activates and strikes down the Errant Seneschal. She camps the rest of her Fury.

The Warden takes a shot at my Impervious + Stone and Mortar Paladin, but misses again.
The Gobbers again pop smoke.

The Bloodtrackers shuffle around a little. Lucky spears manage to kill Holt and Aiyana, but leave Frank standing. They also put a few points on the Bastions, but I mostly shrug it off. The Witch Doctor puts “Zombify” on them again.

The unit of 2 Stones teleports up to get in the way of my stuff, and Kevin ends his turn!

IMAG1612 IMAG1613

Menoth, Turn 4

Hmmm. If I can wipe out his complete unit of Skinwalkers, I’m going to be in a much better position come Feat-time… and I think I can manage it!
1 Focus to the Devout, 3 to the Redeemer, we’re off!

Choir sings “Battle” (surprise, surprise!).
Redeemer aims at some unengaged Skinwalkers, and manages to kill the Alpha! Good start! Only 3 left!
My Paladin on drops into “Impervious Wall” again and takes a swing at a Skinwalker… and drops him! 2 down!

The Bastions activate and attack the remaining Skinwalkers… but sadly they are both unsuccessful… the others kill a couple more Bloodtrackers.

Frank, the unAttended Priest, charges a Bloodtracker and misses. Boo.

The Devout activates! It takes a swing at a nearby stone and kills it! I then realize that he’s not B2B with Harby, so I can’t say “No Spells”! Oh shucks, that’s bad…

Harby activates, pulls a Focus, and retreats. She’s on 2 Health and ARM24… that should be okay, right? Right? She backs the hell up anyway, just to be safe.
The Covenant then moves as close to Morvahna as it can and says “No Spells”, just for extra protection.

Tristan charges a Shifting Stone, hits it, but fails to kill it.

And then I remember that the Stalker is still alive… stupid proxy bases! I *always* forget that proxy bases are live models! Gah! Oh well. I can handle it next turn.

Circle, Turn 5

Kevin verbally confirms that the Covenant doesn’t stop arcing (oh, how I wish!). He then drops everything and keeps Morvahna at max Fury. Coincidentally, there’s less than 5 minutes on his Deathclock at this point…

Morvahna activates and moves out of the Covenant’s 10″ bubble. She pops her Feat and places a Gallows Grove in a position where it is unengaged. She casts “Sunder Spirit” at the Harbinger… and hits! He boosts damage, and cranks the roll, getting more than enough to kill Harby and take the game!

Victory to Circle!

IMAG1617 IMAG1616

Post Game Analysis:
A solid victory for my opponent, and my own damn fault for not putting the Devout B2B with Harby during its activation. But, that stated, Kevin was in a  better position overall, and I needed an ENORMOUS amount of luck to pull this out… the attrition game was going in his favour, he was in a stronger position, and Morvahna had a LOT more health than the Harbinger at this point. And forgetting to kill the Stalker… super-stupid. Like… more than regular stupid, which I am most of the time!

My for last round, my opponent (Mike) had been having an awful time at the tournament and asked to forfeit. I was fine with that… I asked a few other players for games, but everyone was pretty exhausted at this point, so I took my forfeit-victory and left it at that.

Post Tournament Analysis:

Tonnes of fun, and a huge thank you to Brent for running the event, and Black Knight Games in Hamilton for hosting! It was very educational for me…

For those curious, I finished 14th out of 22 competitors… not the bottom, but nowhere near as good as I was aiming for. I really have to stay more concurrent with my tournament caster practice!

Also, the winner was Marc-Andre LeBlanc (who I assume is from Muse on Minis… he was wearing one of their shirts, at least!). He was playing Cryx (Goreshade3 and… oh shucks… pDenny? No, that was Tim who was playing those two… well, Goreshade3 and *somebody* overpowered and Cryxian). I’ll get him next time… ^_^

The next tournament will be a Hardcore event in a few weeks… I’ve already got some ideas for a list, although I need to get cracking with the paints if I want it to materialize!

Thanks for reading, and any comments, questions, suggestions, or mockery (I deserve it!) is welcome!

13 thoughts on “Tournament Report – Marc’s Results at Black Knight Games

  1. Thanks for coming out!

    I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to play (we’ll leave that for another time), but I’m glad we got a chance to meet in person. Nice report, and I look forward to seeing you at the Hardcore.

    • Thanks Tim! I too am saddened by not getting to play you (or Marc-Andre!), but considering how badly I did and how sloppy my play was/is, I’m okay with holding off for awhile until I can get into Tournament Form!

      You thinking about running Cryx for the Hardcore? I imagine it’s a difficult format for them (trying to play with timed turns in an infantry-swarm-strong Faction)… I’m leaning heavily towards a Harby Tier list myself, but I may swap for a double-Judicator eFeora… because that’d be fun… ^_^

      Thanks for the comment!

      • So I’ve heard! A popular list (and to be honest, I can see why… few models, easy/fast activations, hits like a tonne of bricks!).

        I’m still trying to settle on my list… either one I want to run requires a LOT of painting!

  2. Actually… I hope you didn’t roll the Fire damage against ARM + FOC – since it happens in the Maintenance phase, WarCasters are out of Focus at that time.

    • No, the Fire-damage was just ARM (with the +3 from Arcane Shield). Hence the ARM17. It was enough… I think if I rolled boxcars I *may* have killed her, but that obviously didn’t happen!

  3. Very Good report Marc! Even though the day didn’t go well, you managed to keep positive. I was lucky to place 4th as I have been struggling with Menoth over the past year. I can’t seem to help switching lists and casters, never playing the same list more than a couple times lol.

    The game I did loose was to Mr. Leblanc. I was nervous just picking which list to use (Harby tier 3 paladin spam or Vindictus tier 4 neither list was that good vs Cryx). I went with Vindictus. It was close in the end, yet Marc was always in control and won by CP’s. A great player and Gentleman, just like yourself and Tim!

    Highlights, I won vs 2 Cygnar players which I struggle against (thanks Scott – Party Foul, lol). Also I played Emerson Grice and his Tier 4 Harby 6 Crusader + list vs my Tier 3 Harby list.

    I, know you may cringe on the thought of Harby vs Harby (I know I did, cause I had played one before), yet we both agreed to give it a go (these were better lists). It was a grind as you may expect, I got the drop on his Avatar with mine, then after that it was able to freely take out the Crusaders from a safe distance (with some Temple flame guard help tying the Crusaders up).

    Emerson wanted the game to end Epically! As I was winning the Attrition game he used Harby to Martyr everything he could! Valiantly giving her own life to save the life of a simple Choir member in the end, lol. The story goes, that she saw something special about that Choir member and felt that he needed to live!!!

    A really funny game overall. Thank you Emerson for deciding to play this matchup! Paladins darting all over the place, smashing things and even missing things at key times (my Avatar rolling snake eyes vs his Avatar!), Martyring, Awe driving us both nuts at times, lol. I would do it again.

    • Hey David! Thanks for the comments… I’m pretty sure I remember you (the one with the multicoloured paladins, yes?). Beautiful army you were fielding! Glad you had fun, and that you had a chance to play Marc-Andre!

      Also, congrats against beating two Cygnar players! Cygnar is my first Faction (and I still love ’em), and I know that in the right hands they can be devastating! They’ve got a lot of hard-counters to most Factions, and their only real downside is that they tend to be delicate… which, in skilled hands, is pretty easily mitigated (at least, so I’ve been told… my hands are *not* skilled!).

      The thought of a Harby-vs-Harby game is fascinating… love the ending, that’s awesome!

      Thanks for commenting and reading the report! Look forward to seeing you at the next tournament!

  4. The Wilder can’t cast non-animus spells can she?

    Otherwise, a good showing, and you live an learn for the next time! Hope you had fun!

    • You are correct, but I didn’t know it at the time… I’m sure it was a momentary mistake on my opponent’s part (heat-of-the-moment stuff, happens to the best of us!). It didn’t make a huge difference, I don’t think, and I didn’t lose the game based on a few more boxes on Morvahna!

      And it was definitely educational… but I had a great time! Made me remember why I love going to tournaments so much!

  5. I did have the colourful Paladins, lol. Greg Collinson painted them and many other armies for our local group in Burlington. Him and Scott (check them out at “Party Foul”) and I (maybe others) will be at the Hobby Kingdom Hardcore in a couple weeks.

    My goal will be to stay within the time getting at least the majority of what I want done. I haven’t played much timed turns so it will be a challenge.

    As for playing Cygnar, well what can I say lol. I probably couldn’t play them. The amount I (and most of the internet, lol) complain about them, I just am not a fan of “licking the tears from my opponents face” (from Jay on Chain Attack). Yes they can be beat, yet it is rarely a “fun” game, at least from my perspective. I know they are a great faction to play and I understand why many do. That’s the great thing about this game, is there are so many different ways to play.

    Trolls were my first and only other faction I have. I loved the models at first, pHoarluk and Mulg second, runes of war third (before I knew how good it was). I will probably stay with Menoth for a while still. I like their style as well.

    See you on the 23!

    • Greg did good work, then!

      I find Cygnar a lot of fun, and a lot less baby-seal-clubbing than Menoth. Cygnar doesn’t have much denial… a few (and good ones!) like the Silver Line and Polarity Field, sure, but mostly it’s just killing your opponent before they get to you. Which is tricky. If you want salty-tear licking, then Cryx, Retribution, or Legion are more your speed… but I agree with you, I don’t find that fun!

      I’ll see you on the 23rd!

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