Tournament Video – Game Chamber 50 pt ADR Steamroller

Store Wars might be done for this year but there are still loads of tournaments around.  This weekend Marc ran a small event in our own local London FLGS, The Game Chamber.  It was a 50 pt Steamroller and players using ADR casters could take advantage of the 20pts of specialists as if this were a Master’s event.

I love the concept of ADR and my only complaint about the format is that nobody uses it since its only in the Master’s packet.


Rd1 Skorne (Xerxis2) Vs Circle (Kaya2)

Rd2 – Circle (Kaya2) Vs Convergence (Lucant)

Rd3 Cryx (Skarre1) Vs Cryx (Mortenebra)

Rd4 – Cryx (Goreshade2) Vs Circle (Morvahna2)

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