Tournament Video – JBC 50pt Steamroller

Last Weekend Marc ran a Steamroller event at Just By Chance Games in Kitchener ON.  I wasn’t able to attend but Marc was kind enough to take footage from each round for me.

One of Combo Smite’s favourite Mercenary Co-Hosts, Darrell,  was in attendance and even made it on camera a couple times.

Rd1 – Trollbloods (Grissel2) Vs. Legion (Thagrosh2)

Rd 2 – Legion (Vayl2) Vs. Trollbloods (Doomshaper1)

Rd 3 – Legion (Vayl2) Vs. Skorne (Xerxis2)

Rd 4- Trollbloods (Doomshaper1) Vs. Skorne (Xerxis2)

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