Video 001 – Day of Valour Tournament Coverage – Final Table.

Marc traveled to the wilds of Hamilton recently to compete in Black Knight Games’ 50 pt Hardcore tournament. He managed to bring back failure AND some video footage from the final table.

So its with this I formally announce that Combo Smite is going to be publishing Video Footage from local events we attend whenever possible and we also plan on getting into actual Video Battle Reports!!

This is the Finals match between eHaley and Zaal.  Hope you enjoy.

Let us know what you think and what you want to see more of in the comments!

One thought on “Video 001 – Day of Valour Tournament Coverage – Final Table.

  1. Hey, I did *not* bring back Failure! I brought back experience! Lots of embarassing, humbling experience! ^_^

    Thanks for doing the editing and posting work, Nick! Turned out great!

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