Video 002 – Game Chamber Tournament

Footage of the games from Marc’s tournament at the Game Chamber have been edited and are now available on YouTube.

We only got footage of Rounds 1 to 3 due to finite capacity memory cards.  So no finals table.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the games and remember to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for our upcoming Video Battle Reports and more Tournament Coverage.

Round 1 – Convergence Vs. Menoth

Round 2 – Mercenaries Vs. Trollbloods

Round 3 – Cryx Vs. Skorne

Check them out and gives us some feedback on what you’d like to see in our Video Battle Reports.


5 thoughts on “Video 002 – Game Chamber Tournament

  1. I just wanted to add:

    I’ve been following you guys for a while now (back when it was just Marx putting up Batreps on the forums) and i really enjoy the content you guys have put up! Great job thus far, and please continue the good work in the future!

    I haven’t seen the video batreps yet, but I’ve already subscribed.

    • Thanks for the kind words. So far the videos are just footage from tournaments. We are planning on doing proper bat reps with commentary in addition to recording local tournaments.

    • Thanks Coffee_twitch! I hope you like the video batreps… we’re working on making them better (got lapel mics, and may do voice-over commentating in the future!), but these are pretty good as a first attempt.

      It’s a little crazy how far we’ve come in just under a year, isn’t it!?

      Thanks for the continued support!

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