Welcome to Combo Smite, the WarMachine and Hordes battle report podcast for Overpowered Swans, Imperial Dogs, and Angry Elves.

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Your Hosts:

Primarily a Retribution player and he also dabbles in Dwarves and is a closet Legion of Everblight player.  Literally they are in the closet.
His primary concern is killing human mages to lessen the suffering of his ailing god Scyrah.  Some Leaves Must Fall.

As a firm believer in the power of playing the “Good Guys”, Marc currently plays exclusively Cygnar (although he dabbled in Menoth for about a year). While Aaron is the heart of Combo Smite, and Nick is the soul, Marc is the merciless corporate overlord who shills his podcast at every opportunity.
Generally, when he’s not playing WarMachine, he’s either thinking about WarMachine or writing about WarMachine. He would very much like somebody to pay him to do one of those three things.

A Khador player who quietly loathes Marc for introducing him to such an expensive hobby.

Your Mercenary (Guest) Hosts:

Gaven actually has a real-life tattoo of Circle Oroboros on his arm. Not even joking. His ability to make Marc cry while playing the Lord of the Feast is remarkable.
In addition to being a bad-ass Circle player, Gaven enjoys frolicking in the forest and setting puppies on fire (his “About” paragraph may, or may not, have been written by Marc).

Adam plays the dark and ever so unique looking faction Cryx. Nothing beats the life out of you more than painting the 100th trooper-like model wearing the same or similar looking hat/boots//coat/pants in the ever so appealing ‘walking forward’ pose. Adam is looking at you, Ret.  He loves painting and although takes it really slow on each individual model, it gives him the time to watch 100’s of hours of horrible movies/shows on Netflix.

“I’m not only the Warmachine-club president, I’m also a member.”

Kassem is as innocent as fresh snow, as devious as a drunken octopus, and as powerful as a watermelon. He’s also not very good at making up metaphors, and doesn’t know the difference between those and similes. He plays both Skorne and Retribution, and holds the current “Universe of Jank” title for 14 consecutive months.

In RPGs, MMOs, and other games, Darrell is a sucker for the Paladin class; failing that the “buff-debuff” character.  It immediately follows then that his primary Faction is the Protectorate, though he does dabble in other Factions.  Darrell has been playing Warmachine and Hordes for about 3 years and has been slowly working on improving his play.  Despite an apparent lack of progress, he remains dedicated to the cause.

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