Podcast 047 – Khador vs Cryx, Harkevich vs eGoreshade – All the leaves are brown/ and the skies are gray…

This week’s report was without Nick, but since it was between Aaron’s Khador and Adam’s Cryx, he basically would just basically make snarky comments all podcast…

Actually, that’s what he does most of the time. Hmmm.

Also in this week’s podcast, Adam outlines the “Fundamental Tactic of Cryx”, Aaron is reminded about how awful “Creeping Barage” is (seriously… POW6!? Useful against, what, exactly, besides Kayazy Assassins!?), and Marc keeps everything moving at a healthy clip to avoid his laptop running out of batteries and all of our work being wasted! Fun!

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Harkevich (Tier 2 theme)
– Conquest
– Black Ivan
Man o’ War Shocktroopers (Max)
Winter Guard Infantry (Max)
– WG Officer and Standard
– WG Rocketeer x2
Kovnik Joe
Battle Mechanics (min)
Widowmaker Marksman



Goreshade 2
– Kraken
– Scarlok Thrall
Bane Thralls + UA (Max)
Bane Thralls + UA (Min)
Scrape Thralls (Max)
Bane Riders (Max)
Bane Lord Tartarus


SCENARIO: Two Fronts – two asymmetrical 12×6 zones, one friendly and one enemy, two obectives (supply caches), one friendly and one enemy give free charges for Warjacks/Warbeasts within 4″ while uncontested.

Khador 1

– Fortune on Conquest, Escort on Harkevich (Tier 2 theme)
– 1 focus each to Conquest and Black Ivan
– Shocktroopers run
– Winter Guard run
– Widowmaker Marksman advances
– Conquest runs
– Black Ivan runs
– Kovnik Joe advances, Courage of Our Forefathers on WG
– Mechanics runs into B2B with Conquest
– Harkevich advances




Cryx 1

– Scarlok advances, gives Phantom Hunter to Kraken
– Kraken advances, fires at WG killing 4, but 2 tough
– Bane Thralls (max) run
– Scrape Thralls run
– Goreshade advances, casts Occultation on himself
– Bane Riders run
– Bane Thralls (min) run


Khador 2

– upkeep Escort, drop Fortune
– WM advances, shoots Rider, light damage
– WG advances, Bob and Weave, take Shots at Rider, do light damage, Rocketeers shoot at Bane Thralls, no damage
– KJoe advances, gives Tough/Fearless to WG
– Shocktroopers advance in Shield Wall
– Conquest advances, shoots at Rider and kills and shoots at some Bane Thralls (max) and kills a few
– Mechanics advance in B2B with Conquest
– Ivan advances, shoots at Bane Thralls (min) kills one
– Harkevich advances, casts Broadside, Conquests shot does nothing and Ivans shot does nothing


Cryx 2

– upkeeps Occultation
– 3 focus to Kraken
– Scarlok gives Phantom Hunter to Kraken
– Bane Thralls (max) charge/run WG, kill 2 and 1 toughs, summon 2 Banes
– BLT charges WG, curses, Threshers and kills 3 but 1 toughs, summons 3 Banes
– Riders charge Shocktroopers, 2 impact attacks and 3 initial attacks kill 1
– Bane Thralls (min) charge/run WG, kill one and summon one Bane
– Kraken shoots at objective and destroys it
– Goreshade runs into friendly zone
– Scrape Thralls advance



Khador 3

– upkeep Escort
– 3 focus to Conquest and 2 to Ivan
– Shocktroopers charge, two on Riders and two on BLT, two riders killed and BLT killed
– Joe advances, gives Bears Strength and attack Bane, Kills but toughs
– WG attack Banes, kill 2 but 1 toughs
– Ivan shoots at Kraken, does med damage
– Conquest shoots at Kraken, does med damage
– Mechanics advance, two toeing the zone
– Harkevich advances



Cryx 3

– Bane Thralls who toughed stand
– upkeeps Occultation
– 3 focus to Kraken
– Scarlok gives Kraken Phantom Hunter
– Kraken advances, shoots at WG boosts and kills 2, Hell Blaster attack at Harkevich hits but does no damage
– Bane Thralls (min) charge Ivan do medium damage, one attack misses triggering Dodge allowing Ivan to move out range
of the other attacks
– Bane Thralls (max) charge WG, Shocktroopers, KJoe and Conquest, two Shocktroopers killed, light damage to Conquest
a few WG killed
– Rider advance, do light damage to Shocktroopers
– Goreshade advances, still toeing zone, feats, destroys 7 scrape thralls, brings back 3 riders, 3 Banes to the Max unit
and 1 to the min unit



Khador 4

– upkeep Escort
– Shocktroopers attack rider, light damage (shit rolls)
– Harkevich advances, feats (FOR NO REASON) casts Fortune on Ivan
– Mechanics advance, 3 on Conquest and 1 on Ivan, attempt repairs, on Ivan fails, 3 succeed on Conquest take off around
13 damage
– Conquest does a Sweep killing 5 Banes and 1 WG (HUGE DERP HAD NO FOCUS TO DO SWEEP)
– Ivan Tramples toward Kraken, kills 1 Bane does shit damage to Kraken

5-0 Victory Cryx


12 thoughts on “Podcast 047 – Khador vs Cryx, Harkevich vs eGoreshade – All the leaves are brown/ and the skies are gray…

  1. I personally feel that Tier 4 is the best way to play Harkevich since he’s so hard to play that you’ll need any boni you get…

    • On paper, he looks solid! He really does! And *in theory* he should be good!

      But yeah, I think he needs help… I’m not sure if the tier benefits outweigh bringing Sylys…?

      • In my personal opinion, yes. Because having Sylys might give you an extra focus, but then it’s still only going out to a Khador ‘Jack.

        If you are comitted to not running the Theme Force, I’d still take three ‘Jacks, but my preferred Loadout is Spriggan/Juggernaut/Black Ivan. Then, Koldun Lord and Sylys, Outriders, and then whatever you prefer (but you’ll be out of points soon enough).

        The Theme Force makes for a very nice setup in a Masters format as an unexpected ARM skew list.

        • Sounds solid… as I mentioned, I like the theory of Harkevich, but I haven’t seen him “click” yet. That stated, I can imagine he’s a terror if you’re not prepared to deal with him… and as Dark Horse casters go, there aren’t many darker! Even Zerkova is better known/played in my experience (although mostly for the lawls)!

          • I’ve played the Zerkova/Hark pairing long enough to say:

            She’s the overall stronger of the two.

          • Ouch. That’s a damning statement if ever there was one…

            Don’t get me wrong, I love the theory of Zerkova. But without an Arc Node? Yeah, pass…

          • Arc Node is neither necessary nor really helpful, and it’d have to be Cryx-Chicken-Levels of nonsense to be even remotely useful at all.

            If you forgive the counterquestion: What spells would you really WANT to arc?

            As to Hark: I love him as the ARM skew list in Masters (Theme Force Tier 4 with five heavies) – outside of that, not so much.

          • Keep in mind, Baziron, I don’t play Khador (well, I do, but I have a total of 1 warcaster and 10 models, 3 of which are warjacks).

            That stated: Icy Grip, Influence, Twister, and Razor Wind would all benefit from Zerkova not dying the turn after she casts them. But that’s just me.

          • I know you don’t play Khador. Nobody’s perfect. 😉
            That is why you think Zerkova’s about her spells like a Cygnaran ‘caster. Spoilers: She’s not. 😉 Those spells are solutions to situations that may never come up.
            And since Zerkova’s feat forces her forward anyways, so she’ll be able to slap those spells on herself, esp with Sylys. Generally w/o immediate danger to her if you choose their application wisely.

          • A fair comment. And I’ve played against Zerkova all of once… and it took two turns of Thorn trying to hit her before I won (like… standing next to her, and just whiffing all the headbutt rolls! Very frustrating).

            Interesting feedback, though!

  2. Haven’t listened to it or read anything, but I saw the first pic and I just had to say: THAT LOOKS AMAZING! Something like a promo pic for the game or something!
    Now going to listen to the ‘cast, gogo Iron Beard!

    • Aaron is a master with the camera… and of course his paint job looks stunning (you should see them in person: it’s even better!).

      Of course, it always makes me a little sad that the Conquest is ripping a Firefly to pieces… but fluff-wise, it makes sense.

      But it’s nice to know the effort we put into taking pretty pictures with painted armies (when we can!) is appreciated! Thanks Bennep!

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