Podcast 001 – Cygnar vs Retribution, Nemo3 vs Ossyan

Our inaugural battle report! Very exciting. This week saw the forces of Cygnar fighting against the fanatical Retribution of Scyrah.

BR001-20-Ret Turn 2

Since this is our first podcast, it’ll run a little longer than the rest as we talk a bit about why we’re doing this, and about the format for the reports. We hope that all of you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing and recording this match!

This Week’s Tactical Question:
How do you recommend dealing with Cygnar’s Cavalry (either the light Tempest Blazers, or the heavy Storm Lances). Please comment below with your suggestions, answers, or ideas!

Battle Report:

Cygnar List
Artificer General Nemo (Nemo3)
– Caitlyn Finch
– Stormwall
Tempest Blazers (min)
Stormcaller Stormtower
Storm Lances (max)
Major Katherine Laddermore
Silver Line Stormguard (min)
Journeywoman Warcaster
Rienholdt, Gobber Speculator

Retribution List
Lord Arcanist Ossyan
– Banshee
Mage Hunters Strike Force (MHSF, max) with UA
Stormfall Archers (x2)
Invictors (max) with UA
Arcantrik Force Generator (AFG)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

Cygnar Deployment:
So, the basic goal of my deployment was to place cavalry on both flanks to… flank… Nick’s forces, while driving the Stormwall straight down the throat of the Retribution. So, I placed the Blazers on the far right, the the Silver Line next to the Stormwall (who, of course, went right in the middle). Nemo, Caitlyn, Reinholdt, and the Journeywoman Warcaster went immediately to the left of the Stormwall. Lastly, Katherine and her Storm Lances went on the far left.

BR001-03-Cygnar Deployment

Retribution Deployment:
Nick placed his AFG smack in the middle of his deployment, again as is tradition. Ossyan went immediately to the right of the AFG (and, can I just say, that I absolutely love the way Ossyan looks in Nick’s army… he’s done an incredible job painting him), and a unit of Stormfall Archers and the Banshee stretching away towards the far right. His unit of Invictors went to the left of the AFG with the other unit of Stormfalls. Lastly his unit of Advanced Deployment Mage Hunters went in a forest right ahead of Ossyan.

BR001-02-Retribution Deployment BR001-04-Retribution Deployment 2
Look a that picture of the Mage Hunters. Look at it! Man, Aaron takes damn fine pictures.

Game Start:

Cygnar Turn 1:
Nemo starts by giving the Stormwall a single focus (which redundantly gets an extra Focus… I should look up if that’s an optional ability of Caitlyn’s or not).

Katherine runs, Lances run, Blazers run, Journeywoman casts Arcane Shield on Silver Line then moves back behind Stormwall (towards left-back side of table), Stormwall runs up 8″. Nemo walks up casts Failsafe on Stormwall, Caitlyn walks, Reinholdt walks. Pretty typical… and yes, I did mean to move those Blazers that far upfield. I think.

BR001-05-Cygnar Turn 1 BR001-06-Cygnar Turn1 BR001-07-Cygnar Turn1

Retribution Turn 1:
Ossyan gives a single Focus to his Banshee.
The Banshee activates and walks towards my Blazers, firing its Knockdown shot at the closest. Boosts to hit… and misses! Huzzah!
2 of the Stormfalls decide to aim, the other 2 walk up. The two walking up fire Brutal Shots at the Blazers… first shot misses, second shot hits and utterly vapourizes a Blazers.
It was at this point (as I was recording damage from that shot) that I realized that my list doesn’t actually have a full unit of Blazers, but a minimum unit and a Lightning Tower. So I immediately took off 2 Blazers and dropped the tower in the middle of my deployment zone. Not my finest moment, but I do this kinda stuff all the time, so I figured it was indicative. Anyway, the last 2 Stormfalls fire Snipe shots, but they both miss.
The MHSF moves up through the forest and open fire. 8 of them shoot at the remaining 2 Blazers, killing both. Of the remaining 3 MHSF, 1 fires at the Stormwall and misses on snake eyes, the other two fire at Silver Line, killing 1 and missing the other.
The AFG moves up and fires a Rapid Fire shot at the Lances, but is out of range. I breathe a sigh of deep relief that Nick has forgotten about his Rough Terrain shot.
The other unit of Stormfall Archers move up and fire on the Lances, and they’re out of range as well. The shot scatters onto a Lance, but at POW6 against ARM17, Nick has basically no chance of damaging.
Ossyan casts Quicken on Invictors and Admonition on himself and moves up behind AFG.
His Invictors move up (+2″ inches from Quicken) and pop their mini-Feat (+4″ range on their guns), and as a result are in range by a safe margin. Man, I always forget about how ridiculous the range on those guys can be! Anyway, a 3-man CRA fires on a Lance behind cover, needs 7 to hit… and hits. Kills the Lance outright. Second 3-man CRA fires at another Lance behind the wall… again, hits and kills. Third 3-man CRA fires at the last Lance within range… and misses!
But wait… Combined Arms gives him a re-roll. Damn…
But he misses again! Woo!
Lastly, Aiyana and Holt run forward into the forest.

BR001-08-Ret Turn 1 BR001-09-Ret Turn 1 BR001-10-Ret Turn 1 BR001-11-Ret Turn 1 BR001-12-Ret Turn 1 BR001-13-Ret Turn 1

Cygnar Turn 2:
So, the death of the Blazers was expected (I mean, they were basically there to take bullets from the Silver Line and Stormwall). The death of 2 Lances was NOT expected, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little upset at that. That took a huge amount of firepower off the table… but the Banshee was on the far side of the table, so I figured I might still be able to pull this off.
Nemo upkeeps Failsafe (I keep forgetting that Caitlyn lets him upkeep 1 spell for free… silly of me!), the Journeywoman upkeeps Arcane Shield, and I allocate 2 to the Stormwall that automatically becomes 3 (at least I don’t forget THAT part!).
The Stormwall goes first, walking up 5″ and popping out a Lightning Pod directly behind a MHSF, vapourizing him. I then fire the first big gun at the AFG… but it’s sitting EXACTLY 14.0001″ away. We end up rolling for whether it’s in range or not, and the dice say “no”, so the shot misses. Curses! I fire the second big gun at a Stormfall Archer who’s a little closer, and splatter it authoritatively. I drop the 2 Covering Fire AoEs, but stupidly put them sorta in the way of my Silver Line… but oh well.
My Silver Line activate and get a Charge order. I got 2 of them to actually successfully charge 2 MHSF, 1 Failed, and the other 2 run up to be B2B with their buddies to deny charges (just in case). My first Charge attack misses, the other hits and splatters another MHSF. I drop the 5″ AoE on the closest 2 MHSF.
Caitlyn goes next. She walks up and fires her gun at the front Silver Line near the middle of the table. He’s immune to lightning, and I manage to hit due to the back-arc bonus… and roll 1 electroleap (1d3, sucky roll) which goes straight into a MHSF. Nice!
Reinholdt activates and gives Nemo a 2nd shot.
Nemo goes next, moving up behind Caitlyn and fires into the same Silver Line. The first shot gets 1 electroleap which goes into another MHSF, and the second shot gets 2 electroleaps, but due to spacing the first leap goes into my Lightning Pod (out of CTRL), and then the 2nd leap goes into a MHSF. Overall, more or less what I was hoping would happen… 3 MHSF killed without having to get either Caitlyn or Nemo anywhere NEAR the Strike Force.
The Lightning Tower I forgot on Turn one (oops) activates and runs forward towards the flag. I figure I can drop a Lightning Pod in that area next turn and use it to be shot by the Lightning Tower, which ALSO had 1d3 electroleaps. Hee.
Since the Silver Line are engaged, they don’t really need Arcane Shield any more, so I move the Journeywoman up towards my closest Storm Lance, but although it IS within 6″, it is also more than 3″ into the forest, so my Journeywoman can’t get LoS on them. Dang. Oh well.
Katherine, who was just toe-into the forest, activates and Assaults an Invictor on the hill. She hits and kills, but the electroleap fails to wound (ARM17 needed 8 to kill).
My Storm Lances activate next and receive Charge Orders. Sadly, they didn’t have Pathfinder (gotta get a Stormblade Captain or Runewood!), so the one remaining behind the wall runs up to engage 6 (SIX!) Invictors, while the other 2 Assault. One Assaults another Invictor, hitting and killing, and then getting a lucky electroleap to kill another. The other Storm Lance was completely in the forest and so could only get 5″ out of the forest, not nearly close enough to the Stormfall Archer it Assaulted. Frowny face.

BR001-14-Cygnar Turn 2 BR001-15-Cygnar Turn 2 BR001-16-Cygnar Turn 2 BR001-17-Cygnar Turn 2

Retribution Turn 2:
So, I could see in Nick’s eyes that he was going to Feat. I can’t say I blame him… Ossyan gives 2 Focus to the Banshee, and chooses to drop Admonition and Quicken.
Aiyana and Holt go first, moving up through the forest. Aiyana gets far enough to cast “Kiss of Lyliss” on my Silver Line and hits. Holt fires twice, killing the 2 closest Silver Line.
The Banshee goes next, fires a boosted to hit shot at Silver Line engaging MHSF, misses. There are 2 other Silver Line and a MHSF in that melee, but the shot randomly goes into the MHSF (woo!), but still misses (DEF20, no real surprise).
Ossyan activates, casts Quicken on himself, moves forward (just ahead of the AFG to catch the Stormwall in his Feat) and pops his Feat.
Here it comes…
MHSF goes next. 2 that are engaged by my Silver Line move up and CMA one of the Silver Line successfully, killing him. There were still 2 engaged by his MHSF, and so his shots have a difficult time finding purchase (DEF16 isn’t bad), to the point that one shot actually killed one of Nick’s own MHSF. However, by the time the dust cleared, all but 1 of my Silver Line (in the middle of the table and unengaged by anyone) were dead.
The Invictors activate. 5 of the 6 that are engaged by the Storm Lance take stabs with their swords, but only 1 manages to inflict wounds (2), the rest of the sword blows either missing or bouncing off the thick armour.
The last 2 Invictors (with guns, ignoring the Standard Bearer) do a CRA on Katherine. Needing 5s to hit… they miss! But curse that Combined Arms re-roll… which also misses! Awesome. Huzzah!
The 3 remaining Stormfalls on the right side of the table open fire on my remaining Storm Lances and Katherine. All three hit, killing both Lances (4d6 POW12s are painful, yo), but only inflicting 8 damage on Katherine (not QUITE enough to dismount her, but close!).
The AFG activates and aims, taking it’s +2″ range from aiming (and, since we established that my Stormwall was JUST 14″ away, well within range). He rolls for attacks and gets 3, all of which hammer into my Stormwall… but at ARM21 against POW14, even boosted damage, he only inflicts 9 damage.
Lastly, Left Stormfalls run up to contest the flag.
In a surprise to both of us, Katherine is the only model in the big zone, and as a result manages to net me a Control Point! Woo!

BR001-18-Ret Turn 2 BR001-19-Ret Turn 2 BR001-20-Ret Turn 2 BR001-21-Ret Turn 2

Cygnar Turn 3:
So, Nick’s Feat turn may not sound like it killed a lot, but what he did was reduce me to 1 Silver Line, 1 Storm Lance (engaged by 6 Invictors), Katherine, the Stormwall, and my Lightning Tower. Oh, and Nemo and Caitlyn. Not a lot of guns against a LOT of angry elves!|
I realize that with Ossyan’s Feat up, there would be almost no way for me to actually kill enough of his troops to win the attrition game… but the trade off was the Ossyan was way out front of his army! So I decide to try for the assassination. Nemo upkeeps Failsafe again (paying for it like a chump), the Journeywoman drops Arcane Shield (there’s only 1 Silver Line left, and he’s Harmed… and the difference between ARM16 and ARM13 is negligible to melee attacks). I allocate 2 Focus to the Stormwall which becomes 3, and I spend 2 Focus to extend Nemo’s CTRL range by 2″ (I would have done more if I could, but that left Nemo with only 2 Focus to boost damage).
Journeywoman walks up to Nemo, casts Arcane Shield on him. If this goes south, I want to keep Nemo as safe as possible… probably redundant, but you never know. Nick is down to about 6 MHSF, and in a pinch I can probably clear out 3-4 of them if I need to… but hopefully it won’t come to that!
Reinholdt gives Nemo a 2nd shot.
I try to decide whether to move up the Stormwall and drop a Lightning Pod next to Ossyan to give me an easy-to-hit target for Nemo and Caitlyn to hit (Ossyan being DEF17 against shooting), but decide to go with Nemo first. Which, in retrospect, was the *wrong* choice… but such is life!
Nemo walks up and pops his Feat. I notice that the AFG happens to be within 16″ of Nemo… which means rather than trying to hit Ossyan, I can hit the AFG! Nice! I shoot and hit… and on 3d6 only inflict 1 damage (dice – 9, no surprise). Sadly, the electroleap (only 1) goes into a Stormfall Archer a TINY bit closer. It does kill him, though, which is the important bit. Nemo fires again, hits the AFG again (3 more damage), and get 3 electroleaps. Thanks to the death of the Stormfall, Ossyan is officially the closest model. I boost damage (4d6 POW10), and inflict 6 damage! Nice. The 2nd leap goes into Aiyana (vapourizes) and then into Holt (vapourizes). So overall, pretty happy about that!
Stormwall activates and I decide to aim at Ossyan (to try to get past his DEF17). I boost to hit, and connect. I boost damage (resulting in 2d6 after Ossyan’s Feat), and at Dice – 4 inflict another 6 damage. Sadly, the second shot doesn’t have Ossyan on the middle line and so I can’t shoot him again. Instead, I fire into the AFG and boost damage, but only inflict a few points (3 damage).
I decide to spit out the Lightning Pod next to the flag, hoping that it could control the flag if the Lightning Tower shot it to clear out the few Stormfalls and MHSF nearby (if I got 2 or 3 electroleaps, I was pretty sure I would get them all). Nick informed me afterwards that you need to Dominate the flag to get a point… but the effort was there!
And then I forgot to use the Metal Storms. But whatever.
The last Silver Line Stormguard activates and Charges Ossyan, getting distance (thanks to Reach). Needing an 8 to hit… he connects! And, even better… he rolls critical! Ossyan gets Knocked Down. Sadly, I whiff the damage roll (POW12 on ARM18), but I still drop the 5″ AoE on Ossyan for the bonus damage.
Katherine activates. She Assaults Ossyan, and hits on her shot… and I promptly forgot about the +2 Damage from the AoE. Oh well! 2d6 (from Nemo’s Feat and Ossyan’s Feat) POW14 against ARM18 inflicts another 3 damage, leaving Ossyan on 2 hit points.
Her Charge attack auto-hits, and at POW15, completely splatters Ossyan!
Victory to Cygnar!

BR001-22-Game End BR001-23-Game End BR001-24-Game End BR001-25-Game End BR001-26-Game End BR001-27-Game End

Post Battle Analysis:
Feat Use: 4
Tactics: 3
Scenario Awareness: 2
Luck: 3
Derptitude: 2

Feat Use: 3
Tactics: 3
Scenario Awareness: 1

13 thoughts on “Podcast 001 – Cygnar vs Retribution, Nemo3 vs Ossyan

  1. Well, this is from a lofty 2 games of experience against Storm Lances – both with Skorne – and no games against Blazers, but here’s what I got. Apply salt as needed.

    Heavy shooting is a solid answer to Blazers, as long as it’s accurate enough to kill them. Invictors are quite good at this with Rat 8 and rerolls on CRA’s. SFA and Mage Hunters can do it by sheer volume of fire, especially if they aim. Boosted ‘jack shooting works too.

    Heavy shooting can work on Storm Lances too long as they don’t have Arcane Shield on them. They’ll take a little more effort to bring down, but more of your army will be able to hit them. Since they can’t shake off Knockdown, the Banshee and the AFG can also disrupt the unit a little if they KD the front runners.

    All my success against Lances so far has been with melee counterattacks (because Skorne). The only problem with this approach is that it more or less costs you a unit. My preferred way to go here would be Mage Hunter Infiltrators backed up by Sentinels. The Infiltrators can keep ahead easily. Stealth keeps them safe enough against the Lances’ shooting, and they can actually do some damage on some damage as well on the charge. The Sents (or whatever – as long as it can finish off whatever cavalry is left) can counterattack the Lances who survive.

    Cygnar cavalry is good. The only cav unit that scares me more right now is Long Riders. Of course, if the Bane Riders do turn out to have Ghostly then my opinion might change.

  2. Hey Glasskin! Welcome to the Podcast!

    Interesting perspective on dealing with Cygnar cav. It’s interesting to hear that your proposed solution involves ranged attacks, since that tends to be the forte of Cygnar in the first place… but having now thrown my Blazers at Invictors two or three times, I think overall your solution is sound. Invictors and Riflemen are unquestionably solid solutions… CRAs don’t really care much about moderate-to-high DEF, and the ARM13 doesn’t protect them from many AoEs.

    I find the goal with Cavalry is not keep them from getting so far ahead of your own army that they’re wiped out without any chance of retaliation. Also, while they work wonderfully as a flanking force, the trick is to realize when you CAN flank your opponent (because they’ve bricked up in the middle or one side) and when you can’t (because they’ve evenly distributed firepower along the whole front, more or less). If you can’t flank, use the cavalry as the tip to your assault in one place on the line, rather than putting them off to one side to be ignored or picked off at leisure.

    Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions! I hope it helps other players out there think about how to deal with Lances and Blazers!

    • Thanks Marth! We’re recording the battle for this week’s report tonight (Aaron’s Khador against my Cygnar), and really looking forward to getting Podcast 002 recorded!

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