Podcast 003 – Retribution Vs. Khador, Garryth Vs. eSorscha

This week for the Podcast we are showcasing a battle between my forces of the Retribution of Scyrah and Aaron’s forces of the Khadoran Empire.

Battle 003-019

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We played 50pts single list this week. The reason I wanted to do 1 list is that I have never played Garryth before and I had brought a Garryth list as my second list for a few weeks in a row and, after I saw my opponents list I always found a reason to go with my other list. This week I decided I wanted to finally give Garryth a try so i locked myself in with him.

My list:
*Sylys Nailer of Wishes
Mage Hunter Assassin
Houseguard Thane
Max Houseguard Halberdiers + UA
Max Mage Hunter Infiltrators
Max Mage HUnter Strike force + UA

The way this list is supposed to work is Garryth hides behind his troops, his Chimeras move up as needed for him to arc “Death Sentence” and “Gallows” on choice targets, the MHA and Narn take out support, and the infantry does the rest.

Aaron has been concentrating on 2 casters/lists recently (Vlad1 and Sorcha2) to get out of the habit of overhauling his list every time he plays and instead only making minor tweaks from game to game. So I knew approximately what to expect if not which list in particular.

Forces of Khador:
Kovnik Joe
Winter Guard Infantry + UA + 2x Rocketeer
Max Man O War Shocktroopers
Widomaker Marksman
Yuri the Axe
Great Bears

This is a great well-rounded Khador list that provides ARM cracking through Sorcha’s Feat and the Great Bears, good tar-pitting with the ARM of the Shocktroopers and DEF of the Winter Guard with Iron Flesh, and great anti-stealth/hi-def with Winter Guard + Kovnik Joe.

We are playing the scenario Into The Breach (12″ zone on one side and Flag on the other). I’m not a huge fan of this scenario because there isn’t much reason to ever dominate the flag. You can control the zone and dominate the flag for 2 points a turn but if you are controlling the zone you might as well have you caster with the rest of your army and just get the 2 points from dominating it instead. All you need to do is throw a few models within 4″ of the flag each turn to contest if necessary.

I win the roll and pick the side of the table with the forest allowing Khador to go first.

Khador Deployment

Aaron deploys his forces as follows:
Yuri is advance deployed on the far left flank.
The Shocktroopers took the open area in front of the flag left of center.
Sorcha and her battlegroup deployed in the middle of the board with Winter Guard and Kovnik Joe to right and the Widowmakers and Marksman advance deployed in front of her.
The Great Bears deployed on the far right flank.

Battle 003-001

Retribution Deployment

I deployed Garryth and his drinking buddy Sylys in the middle behind the forest.
Disco went on the other side of the forest with the Mage Hunter Infiltrators to her right and Narn advance deployed in front.
My Halberdiers went to the left of the forest opposite the Shocktroopers and the flag, the Chimera and his Arcanist went to their left and the Mage Hunter Assassin advance deployed opposite Yuri on the far left flank.
Mage Hunter Strike Force advance deployed in the forrest in front of Garryth.

Battle 003-002
With that the stage is set for an epic battle!!
Battle 003-003

Khador Turn 1

– Sorcha gives 1 focus to Torch
– Widowmakers advance forward to fire at the Strikeforce because Aaron apparently didn’t know they were stealth.
– WM Marksman runs forward on to the hill

Battle 003-004
– Shocktroopers run forward. This is a big deal because normally Aaron advances them in Shield Wall all game and they never actually get to the fight because he is afraid of them getting killed before they can do anything. Either way they are usually wasted. But not this time! Possibly!
– Torch runs forward to the hill
– Beast 09 runs forward for free
– Great Bears run forward
– Kovnik Joe advances forward, recites Courage of Our Forefathers (Tough and Fearless) to the Winter Guard
– Winter Guard advances forward
Battle 003-005
– Sorscha advances, casts Iron Flesh on the Shocktroopers
– Aaron utterly forgets about Yuri and he stands there glaring menacingly at my Mage Hunter Assassin..

Battle 003-006

Retribution Turn 1
– Garryth gives 1 focus to Discordia
– Mage Hunter Strike Force advance forward and fire at the WM. I waste a few shots on the Marksman on the hill and then end up killing 2 of the normal Widowmakers. They pass their command check

Battle 003-007
– Arcanist advances and gives a focus to the Chimera
– Chimera runs up toward the flag to get in position for some arc noding next turn.
– House Guard Thane gives Desperate Pace to Halberdiers
– Halberdiers advance forward in Shield Wall and I forget to reform for my extra 3″. Whoops.

Battle 003-009
– Narn runs toward the center to the concealment of the forest
– Infiltrators run forward to get into the face of the Widowmakers and spread out across the right flank.

Battle 003-008
– Discordia runs forward
– Sylys runs forward
– Garryth advances forward, casts Mirage on the Strike Force, giving them apparition
– Mage Hunter Assassin runs forward behind a wall to threaten Yuri.Battle 003-010

Khador Turn 2
– Sorscha lets Iron Flesh expire and camps all her focus.
– WM Marksman advances forward into Stealth range of my infiltrators and hits and kills one then Swift Hunters 2″ forward.
– Widowmakers advance forward, 1 attacks Strike Force and 1 attacks an Infiltrator, both miss their attack rolls needing 7s.Battle 003-011
– Shocktroopers advance forward in Shield Wall
– Great Bears charge the Infiltrators. They all get in range, two do Back Swing attacks.  Out of five attacks 3 hit and kill
– Beast runs forward and toes into the zone
– Torch advances forward, attacks Strike Force with spray, but misses
– Sorscha advances forward onto the hill, gives Desperate Pace to the WGI
– Kovnik Joe advances forward onto the hill, recites For the Motherland (boosted attack rolls) to the WGIBattle 003-013
– Winter Guard advance forward, and Bob and Weave
– 1st Rocketeer attacks an Infiltrator, misses, but the deviation hits and kills 1 Strike Force and 1 Infiltrator; Infiltrators pass their command check
– 2nd Rocketeer attacks Strikeforce UA, hits and kills
– WGI attacks Infiltrators with Grape Shot, hits and kills 1 Infiltrator and 2 Strike ForceBattle 003-012
– Yuri runs around to the other side of the house
Battle 003-014

Retribution Turn 2

– Sylys upkeeps Mirage and the Strikeforce move 2″ as a result.
– Infiltrators charge the Great Bears, 2 succeed, 1 moves too far through a front arc, takes a Free Strike which hits and kills; 2 attacks hit and kill Kolsk and Volkov.   The Free Strike probably shouldn’t have happened but I didn’t know the Great Bears had circular vision.  However Aaron also forgot they had Tough so maybe it evened out.
Battle 003-015
– Arcanist advances forward and gives focus to Chimera
– I move Garryth up  a bit and curse out loud because I forgot to put Arcane Secrets on him.  I decide to try to do my plan anyway and cast Death Sentence on Sorscha. I boost to hit and miss.  Try again, boost to hit, and hit.Battle 003-016
– Now that I have Death Sentance on Sorcha it’s up to my MHSF to try to take her out. The Strike Force aim and shoot and 1 moves and attacks.  It occurs to me at this point that I might have gotten a little over-zealous.  After doing the math I realize my aiming MHSF are going to need to roll 10’s to hit Sorcha on the hill. I get 16 attack rolls on Sorcha managing to roll the needed 10 just once and don’t even manage to damage her with that one shot! I judge the last couple to be out of range of Sorcha and instead fire on Kovnik Joe… who I manage to kill.
– Discordia advances forward, attacks with a spray against a Widowmaker and a Winter Guard and misses both.
– Houseguard Thane gives Desperate Pace to Halberdiers.
– Halberdiers charge Shocktroopers, 8 succeed, 4 are out of range and run up behind. I use their mini-feat (Gang) for the extra hitting power. The Shocktroopers are easy to hit but with their ARM 21 in shield wall, I only manage to kill 2 but significantly damage the other 3.Battle 003-017
– Mage Hunter charges Yuri but fails by a mile.
– scoring begins: 0 – 0

This turn I made a big tactical error by trying to take out Sorscha.  If I’d taken the time to think about the math first I should have realized needing 10’s on 2d6 even with re-rolls was going to be too much of a long shot. I should have used the Strike Force to take out as many Winter Guard as I could or whittle away at his jacks.Battle 003-018

Khador Turn 3
– Sorscha gives 3 focus to Torch and 1 to Beast
– Widowmakers aim and shoots at Infiltrators. They hit and kill one and the successful Widowmakers uses his Swift Hunter move to move 2″ forward.
– The remaining Great Bear moves back while remaining in melee with an Infiltrator, attacks and kills it; the final Infiltrator fails his command check.
– WM Marksman advances, attacks last Infiltrator, hits and kills him.
– Shocktroopers shuffle aside while remaining in melee with Halberdiers, one moves too far and dies from a Free Strike, other two attack and kill 2 Halberdiers
– Yuri charges Halberdiers, succeeds and is in range of 5, Thresher attack hits and kills 3 of them.Battle 003-019
– WGI advance, Bob and Weave. 5 man CRA attack on Discordia, hits, 4 damage to the forceshield; a Rocketeer attacks Discordia, misses, and deviates into 3 WGI, manages to not kill any of them; the remaining who are in range of the Strike Force attack with sprays and hit and kill 3.Battle 003-020
– Torch moves up to engage Chimera, but because of lack-luster rolls requires all 3 focus but manages to kill it.
– Sorscha casts Boundless Charge on Beast but after taking a closer look he doesn’t have a clear charge lane to Discordia and instead runs to engage 3 Strikeforce and Discordia
– score = 0 – 0

Battle 003-021

Retribution Turn 3
– Sylys upkeeps Death Sentence on Sorcha  because I figure even if my assassination attempt last turn failed it will probably still come in handy later.
– Garryth upkeeps Mirage on MHSF.
– Garryth allocates 3 focus to Discordia
– 2″ Mirage move for Strike Force disengages them from Aaron’s jacks.
– The Mage Hunter Assassin advances up behind Yuri. She hits (thanks to the back arc bonus) and kills him.
– Halberdiers Shield Wall and advance to engage Shocktroopers.  They break into two 3-man CMAs.  The first one fails to wound on ARM 17 and the second does 1 wound but not enough to kill.Battle 003-023
– Discordia advances to engage Beast, 1st attack hits, boosts for 10 damage; 2nd attack hits; boosts for 3 damage; buys attack, hits, 3 damage.  Ret jacks without an arcanist nearby are sad pandas. Battle 003-022
– Strike Force charge in next.  Three get in on Beast and 3 on Torch.  2 hit Beast for 7 damage (approx) crippling his right arm; 3 hit Torch for 15 damage crippling his cortex and right arm.  All in all pretty respectable.
– HG Thane charges Torch, hits for 2 damage.Battle 003-024
– Sylys gives Arcane Secrets to Garryth (although he doesn’t need it this turn)
– Garryth aims and shoots at WGI, hits and kills 2 with his 2 initial attacks.
– Narn charges WGI, both attacks hit and kill, and then he Sprints back into the cover of the forest.
– score = 0 – 0Battle 003-025

Khador Turn 4
– Sorcha allocates 3 focus to Beast-09
– Shocktroopers activate, 1 attacks kills a Halberdier; the other attacks and kills the MHA.Battle 003-027
– Torch attacks the HG Thane with a spray, hits for 3 damage; Uses his uncrippled arm attack against Thane hits and kills. His crippled arm can’t hit the MHSF who are engaging him.Battle 003-028
– Beast attacks Discordia who is Stationary (because of his bond with Sorscha) so all attacks auto hit and he leaves Discordia with 4 boxes.
– The last Great Bear charges Discordia, attacks with Backswing, auto-hits, 1st attack scraps Discordia and 2nd attack kills 1 Strike Force.
– Winter Guard advance, bob and weave, one 2-man CMA on a Strike Force hits and kills. Another attacks but misses. One attacks a stationary Strike Force, hits and kills; Rocketeer attacks Narn and misses, but rolls 1 on deviation distance and does 4 damage.Battle 003-026
– WM’s advance but don’t bother firing because everything nearby is Stealth.
– WM Marksman advances, attacks a Strike Force, hits and kills
– Sorscha runs to cover on the right side near the control zone.
– score = 0 – 0Battle 003-029

Retribution Turn 4

I know I pretty much have to kill Sorcha this turn in order to win this game. I’m just too far behind in attrition to win by scenario.
– Sylys upkeeps Death Sentence
– Garryth upkeeps Mirage
– Strike Force use Mirage to move out of combat
– Strike Force stand and shoot. 1 attacks WGI, hits and kills, 2nd attacks Sorscha, both shots miss including re-roll (needing 8s)

– I remember this time to activate Sylys to give Garryth “Arcane Secrets”.
– Garryth casts Gallows on Sorscha, boosts attack, hits, boosts damage for 8 damage.  He takes his initial ranges attacks on her as well.  He needs to rolls 12’s to hit and I miss all 4 attempts as expected.
– Narn charges Sorscha, narrowly succeeds.  I need to roll 8 to hit and I have 4 chances with Death Sentence.  Unfortunately I miss all 4 attack rolls and Sorcha survives another turn.
– Halberdiers attack Shocktroopers.  One CMA hit and kills 1.  The others can’t crack the ARM 17.
– score = 0 – 0

Khador Turn 5
This turn Aaron wants to put me out of my misery
– Sorcha gives 4 Focus to Beast.  She activates first and pops her feat and attacks and kills Narn.
– Torch attacks a Strike Force and Garryth with a spray but misses both; his melee attack on Strikeforce hits and kills.Battle 003-032
– Winter Guard Charge.  One each goes after a Halberdier, a Strike Force, and Garryth but all attacks miss.
– Beast charges Garryth, attacks, boosts to hit, and hits for 14 damage which is doubled from Sorscha’s Feat, splattering elf bits all across the field. He hits so hard that Garryth’s arms fall off and his paint vapourizes…Battle 003-031
Khador win by assassination!!!
Battle 003-030

Some notes:  Aaron admits he was impossibly lucky. Sorscha should have been dead several times over, first as a result of the Strike Force and then second as a result of Narn.
– I was also impossibly unlucky. Generally my hitting rolls were really low and not one re-roll as a result of Death Sentence hit.
-The biggest mistake I made was continually forgetting to pop my Feat which I might have used to prevent the destruction of Disco or saved myself on the last turn..

Here are our player ratings for this week. Listen to the podcast for more details on how we came by them.

Feat Use: 3
Tactics: 4
Scenario Awareness: 3
Luck: 4
Derp: 1

Feat Use: 0
Tactics: 2
Scenario Awareness: 3
Luck: 1

2 thoughts on “Podcast 003 – Retribution Vs. Khador, Garryth Vs. eSorscha

  1. Nice game! While listening I also thought “Well, Garryth wouldn’t have died had he feated last turn”. His feat is really annoying and a powerful safety blanket (if there’s not to much infantry still around).

    • Thanks. It was a fun game. I wish I was better at remembering things like Feats. I don’t think he could have killed Garryth (and maybe not even Narn) without focus which would have made a big difference.

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